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  1. Thanks guys. I too have shut the door after the others have laid but to no avail and yes, the cage was on bricks - ditto! I'll try her on the tinned tuna today, fingers crossed, but so far she's ignoring the treats she would normally fight for. I have to stay well out of the way because every time she sees me she expects to be hoiked out into the cage! She is, unfortunately, our most intelligent hen! 13 weeks - hmm...
  2. Thanks chicken bark. Why cat food, does it need to be fishy?? I have tinned fish I could try and lamb hotpot with veg dog food, but I don't think you are supposed to feed meat to hens?? Such a worry! OH would go mad at the idea of the cage in the lounge, favourite hen or not!
  3. Dotty goes broody 2-3 times per year and was placed in a broody cage at the beginning of April as soon as she started sitting. I've just given up on this as there is no sign of her snapping out of it and we needed to mow the lawn! So she's now back with the others and I troop out frequently to remove her from the nest as she keeps the others who are laying, out. In the past I've also tried dunking her in cold water but nothing has worked. However this is the longest time she's been broody for and has become very thin and weak. She ignores food, even treats and earlier I noticed her having difficulty standing up. Does anyone else have experience of broodiness well after the 21 day 'incubation' period, and how on earth can I build up her strength? She's my OH's favourite so I daren't lose her.
  4. Thanks both -Egluntyne, is that a big cube size grub please? I actually use a traditional green & white plastic feeder as my WIR wire isn't strong enough to support the Glug & Grub (pity) but can compare sizes. Cheers
  5. Ok - so I got the flour today with no instructions. Can anyone tell me exactly how much (in proportion terms) to add to the layers pellets and how much cod liver oil to add too? I have one plumped up limping chicken and an old girl laying softies with three others healthy. Sorry to be so dense but I want to get it right.
  6. Thanks Tom but unfortunately the list doesn't specify colours and I've already contacted Barbara. The nearest she knows of is about 90 miles away from me! Hence the plea for anyone else to come out of the woodwork. Cheers
  7. We live in Warwickshire and have a red telephone box in our garden. We'd like to buy a red cube but want to check the colours don't clash too much. Does anyone in Warks or borders have one we could see? Cheers

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