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  1. I do wonder if it was something else. But she did seem in excellent health!
  2. We were out for about an hour this afternoon. My flock were shut in their 3 metre run whilst we were out. Plenty of shade, plenty of water- I made a point of checking both before we left. We returned to one dead nearly 6week old chick. I can only assume it was the heat. She had been 100% fine when we left... No injuries- her mum was in the pen with her. None of the others show any sign of attack/fighting. We were all so upset and it was my 9year old son that found her. I strongly suspect she had died only minutes before we got home. I have since saturated a hazel tree which shades them so they got the drops and gave them frozen sweet corn. Have NEVER had a chicken die suddenly like that before. Feel guilty too, tho I had checked conditions - feel as tho I should have done something else!
  3. Whereabouts in West Sussex are you? I am in East Grinstead. There seem to be a fair few places locally where you can get Hybrids, but I haven't found many places with bantams. Middle Farm near Lewes was useful for me with a bit more variety. Do let us know who you go to eventually!
  4. Good luck Mimi - I hope one is a girl! I thought possibly from the pics there maybe 2 girls.. But I am certainly no expert! My lone chick is now 2 weeks... Currently (fingers crossed very tight)looking like a hen... But maybe it's far too early to tell! I wonder if you could please message me the rehoming organisations you have found. I will probably need to rehome Ron (not to mention the chick -tho that might be a dispatch situation).. I do have a possible home for Ron - but I'd like to have more than one option... tIA . X
  5. Hi Mimi The chick is doing very well!! Always surprised by how independent they are so quickly! I didn't think you could get pekins sex-linked either- but this thing did come up on Google about a wyandotte crossed with a pekin - a pekadotte- which I think is what my chick is!.. Ah- nice to hear a partridge crossed with black may produce a partridge- I know nothing about colour crossing! Glad you got at least a couple of ladies- look forward to seeing pics.. Afraid I've failed the posting pics on here test! I can't seem to do it!
  6. Hello! I have an extremity hazy knowledge of genetics.. Can anyone help please? I have read a little on this an other forums. I have one little chick who I believe is the offspring of a pure breed pekin cockerel and a pure breed Wyandotte hen. Should I already be able to tell the chick's sex by it's markings? He/she is 10days old and is mainly yellow with a couple of black/grey stripes on back and already has the pencil lacing of the Wyandotte on the wings. Also does anyone know the colouring produced by a black pekin hen and a gold partridge cockerel? Would it be black? Thank you in anticipation!x I've had a quick look at the Menkel(?!) genetics calculator but it doesn't seem to include the breeds I'm discussing.,,are there any other similar charts?
  7. So despite the predicted grimness of today, mama and chick doin ok.. Fingers crossed it lasts!! Will try and get a pic tomorrow.
  8. Thanks Mimi5 . I put hen and chick near the feed bowl and both had some... Chick is feisty! Not looking forward to tomorrow. Cold and wet! Hope Mama Hen ups her game!
  9. My lone chick attached yesterday- possibly Sunday. It is with mama hen in a classic eglu. I've tried to leave alone, but today removed the final egg that Mama was still sat on. (It was empty).. Chick is chirping lustily and hopping about.. Meanwhile Mama hen has not left nest (to my knowledge) since saturday!!!! I pushed her out about half an hour ago I lifted her and pushed her out and she went and had an enormous poo. I also put a dish of crumb next to her this morn and she ate some. Haven't seen her or chick drink tho.... She is showing no interest at all in chick but apparently still trying to brood.,. Chick meanwhile is tugging at Mamas wattle! Pecking her eyes and ears!!! Is this all ordinary??!! I don't remember this when I did it before... As soon as chicks arrived my mama hens were out and about mothering!
  10. Yes Mama is a pekin and when I hatched with pekin broodies before, they were faultless mums. Pleasseeeee let it be a girl!!!!
  11. From what I was told, I believe Ron is about a year old. He is in with 7hens, 2 Perkins like him, 1 pekin cross, a Wyandotte and 2 legbar crosses and a Maran bantam. They all seem very contented, but I think at least 2 of the hens are too big for him, ahem.. Also, although he is the only cockerel he is the youngest of the flock and I think has quite low ranking! Lucky you Mimi! Wish we'd managed a couple more chicks.. I'm worrying about my loner as mama hen has so far shown no inclination to show chick food or water. I hope removing the final (unhatched- if that's the case!)egg will galvanise her to do some mother hen things!....
  12. Funny you should say that. I've removed the broken shell and on closer examination I had written. " w" on it. Which would suggest it was an egg from our Wyandotte bantam. Which means I've got a Wyandotte(silver laced?), pekin partridge cross!!! I think it's going to be wait and see anyway!! I did contemplate getting some day olds, but the whole point was to hatch "our own" eggs, so probably won't. I have set 5 more eggs under another broody hen, with vague intentions of putting them under this one if the entire hatch had failed... They are only 6 days along tho. I candled them this morn and I would say only one is fertile.. Again!! So I will give them a few more days, but probably give up if more not looking good.. It would seem Ron is perhaps not the most potent!!! .... I admit the one time I did this before I had 6 out of seven hatch - even the one that didn't had developed- that's why I didn't set too many this time, as wd have accommodation problems if hatched too many! As for the blue/gold partridge- I get very confused! I have one gold partridge pekin hen and one blue partridge pekin hen.. Ron was sold to me as a blue partridge(but Iike you I was only aware of the gold previously!) The chick is yellow with I think done grey markings- but I didn't get a very good look!
  13. Hey! So I just managed to get a glimpse, 5 mins ago and I have one super cute, fully hatched, fluffy, yellow chick!!I have removed the egg I thought was dodgy and it was indeed infertile. I have left the blue one in there, as it is very dark by torch light. I will remove it tomorrow tho as I am very doubtful of a good result!! The one that has hatched is a purebred partridge pekin- so really hope it is a hen! Yes Mimi5 Ron's progeny! One of the reasons I did this hatch was in the hope we'd get some of his offspring as I expect we will have to rehouse him soon. Fingers crossed for lone chicks progress now!! I had forgotten how small chicks are!!
  14. Also wondered if the fact it has been quite cold here today wd make a difference...

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