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  1. I would also do everything I possibly could to keep them alive. We were so lucky that within only 1 day of having our neighbour tell us how the noise was bothering her and others, I had spoken to the breeder and they were gone. We were prepared for a trip to the vets if we couldn't find them a home. It turns out that who they went back to will benefit, But I don't care as long as they are well looked after. I adore animals and always have, Every time one dies it breaks my heart x
  2. Yeh gavclojak think i will look into that, thanks. Think because you can't definitely tell the sex of silkies I worry I will get too attached.
  3. Lol chickabee. I know I need to get into the culling thing but I'm a massive softy, think I'd cry my heart out. Wouldn't have a clue how to do it, I've read a little bout it though. Maybe by the next hatch i will have toughened up.
  4. So everyone was right, it just got louder and louder! It was starting to upset the neighbours and it was really annoying me. Thankfully the breeder we got the fertilised eggs from took 3 of the boys back. Deciding which boys to keep was a very hard decision but we had to do it. We've lost out on some beautiful boys, the breeder was well made up and said he was goin to enter one in the next show! Oh well! But I made myself feel so much better as i came away with a beautiful buff silkie hen and a blue partridge silkie hen! The 2 remaining cockerels are only crowing now and again, every couple of hours.
  5. I love it how the follow me too, as soon as they hear my voice they come running, if I sit down they all crowd around me,or sit on me. The chicks met the big girls when they were about 8 weeks, only supervised though. It's hard work but it's worth it when you see them digging and cuddling up with each other.
  6. Hiya, the chicks are now completely mingling with the bigger girls. So after about 6 weeks or so of having the runs connected they are pretty much one group. Having 1 of the chick cockerels that took a bit of a fancy to the big girls helped immensely The chicks are now 20 weeks and we know (think) we have 5 cockerels and 9 hens. It has taken a lot of perserverance and patience. As the chicks follow me wherever I go I sat with the big girls daily so they would follow, they didnt fight that much and it was mainly with the big girls and the boys. They bairly fight at all now
  7. Our plan is to breed from them. We found it so difficult to find any silkie breeders in our area so wanted to keep our own cockerels from this hatch so we can hatch our own eggs in the future. With silkies being hard to sex early I will find it hard to cull any boys as inevitably I will become attached. I love the look of silkie boys and love seeing how they protect the girls, they adore them. We have also thought about showing them in the future. Yes we have been lucky with only getting 5 boys out of the 14 and I'm sure you are all right with saying we can't keep all of them. We will separate and move them if there is any need to, we have plenty of room to keep them until we find them new homes or maybe to keep them. Maybe with time I will be able to dispatch but I'm too much of a softie right now.
  8. We have another 6 silkies that are between 1 and 3 yrs old, so 15 girls altogether. I was thinking of keeping 2 or 3 with the girls. If they become a problem them we will separate them straight away. They're not oining the girls that much at the minute so we're still Ok. They seem to have some days where they are really noisy and not on others. No we won't be eating the boys and I'm not into the culling side of keeping chickens, I get way too attached. We will be either selling them on or moving them to another part of the land we have them on where they can't see the girls.
  9. Yeh Chrissie I agree, they aren't louder than the girls until they all go at the same time! I think they are competing with each other but why are they constantly doin it when they are locked in. Their run is massive and they have plenty of room to dig etc. They are very attached to me and follow me everywhere, so maybe that contributes. I'm just not sure how to brake the habit.
  10. Hi all, I've recently hatched 14 silkie chicks, 5 of which are boys. They are just coming up to 20 weeks and have already been cock a doodling for weeks. I don't let them out of the coop/ house until after 9 and they go straight into their run. The problem is that the boys constantly doodle until I let them out to free range. They come out most days but only when I'm home. I'm bothered about when I need to go out and they're looked in? Is there a way I can try to break this behaviour or does anyone have any ideas to try minimise their noise?
  11. Would love to get into the genetic side of colours etc. couldn't cope with the culling involved in developing colours. Something for the future methinks, only at the beginning of my chicken journey
  12. Here's some pics of my beautiful silkies! 17 weeks old!
  13. They are all very much contented and a little too spoilt! I've tried mealworms a few times and they just eat them and again just go back to their own side. Perseferance it is then
  14. I was thinking exactly the same thing 2 years ago pixiedust but everything falls into place. If you keep things clean and give them what they need nutritionally they'll be fine. I started with just 4 silkies, I now have 20! I also have 3 ducks, so along with the 3 cats we already had I have a crazy farm yard! But I wouldn't change it, I absolutely adore each and every one of them. They are amazing little things, they all have their own beautiful personalities. The horrible side for me are illnesses/ diseases ( we didn't know until it was too late about the dreaded Mareks. But we hatched our own and vaccinated them). And foxes!!! My hubby wee's in bottles and pours it around the whole garden. The cats help with scenting too! We have a fox watch that sends out a frequency that they don't like. And lots of fencing and galvanised mesh! I'm thinking about getting a electric fence too. Make sure you've sorted out a good vet just incase! You'll love it! They are ace! We don't have children either, I'm 32 and I have 26 fur babies! Xx
  15. Hi all, I have 6 older silkie hens and 14 silkie chicks ( 15 weeks old) that I'm trying to introduce to one another. The chicks have been outside on the opposite side of the older chickens coop and run for about 6 weeks now, we joined the runs together with a pathway but they're not mingling. Every time we have tried to put them together one of the bigger chicks/ cockerels have pinned down one of the older ones and hurt them. So I have now blocked it until it's better. When I let them out into the garden the chicks stay at their side and the hens stay at theirs. I've tried various things such as bringing chicks up or hens down but they just go back to their own side. Does anybody have any ideas?

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