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  1. I am now the proud owner of a second eglu - yippee! The girls that I have are banties-pekins,Poland and an arucana. What would you get if you had a spare eglu? I kknow nothing about any other breeds so would value your suggestions.
  2. I really like the look of Orpingtons. Would it be okay to keep one with 4 bantams?
  3. It sounds like you have noisy neighbours! I have one like that- she appears all nicey, nice and caring, but she usually has alterior motives. It sounds like 2 do-gooders, who think they know better. If it was me, I wouldn't want to upset Bella by moving her from where she knows. But thats just me, they might be genuinely concerned
  4. Yip, we had 4 cockerels at one stage. We managed to rehome 2 and i'm hoping that the second breeder will keep to her word and take those 2 back. I could never keep 2 boys with only 4 girls. besides we wanted to tame the chicks so the kids could hold them but the boys have all been aggressive to the point where 2 would peck and attack me. Boy, am i feeling sorry for myself right now
  5. We are newish to chicken keeping, and after intially getting 3 'growers at 10 weeks' we decided we wanted to get more but younger hens to tame. Anyway we decided on pekins, found a breeder (some distance away) and paid her a visit. The chicks she had were too young, so we paid a deposit for 3 hens. Anyway the time to collect them came, she bundled them into a box, I was so excited that I didn't look too closely at them- big mistake! When we got home my 10 year old says, I think 2 are cockerels. No way was my reply, the breeder is sure that they aren't. To cut a long story short 3 days later 2 did start crowing- at 6 weeks! The breeder wouldn't refund/replace despite saying she would replace them if she was wrong. So I found another breeder, also miles away. Again I get 2 chicks to accompany the single hen that I have left. Now after 2 weeks I'm pretty sure that these are boys too So 4 boys in 5 chicks. The kids are heart broken, I'm out of pocket and very disallusioned So now I want to move away from pekins- we have have too much heartbreak from them. Any suggestions as to what to get (this time from the original farm but at pol). Silkies, polish? any ideas?
  6. Okay heres my quandary. I'm pretty certain that I've been sold 2 cockerels instead of hens. One is crowing the other fights alot. The brown one has a red comb and crows, but the white ones comb is more pinkish, but is the same size. They are 7 weeks old. Both have fluffy tails, whereas the brown ones 'sister' does not. Although I have the suspicion of them being cockerels , I'm not 100% sure of the white one. What do you think? Sadly they both have to go if they are, I tried rehoming but no-one wants them Lastly the brown one was supposed to be a millefluer (but is brown with a couple of black spots on its wing) and the white one is supposed to be a mottled but is predominately white. Is this normal colouring? I think the breeder has offloaded her 'duds' on us, knowing that we are newbies and not knowing any better
  7. Are tail feathers any indication? I have 2 boys with 'bum fluff' but their sister already has properly coloured up tail feathers. Also one on my boys has stated to crow at 6 weeks
  8. I currently have a classic eglu with 3 bantams, hopefully in a couple of weeks thy will be joined by another 3 tiny bantams. I have morehens disease, so i think that i will be getting atleast another 3-6 bantams. I can't decide whether to buy another classic or get a cube. I doubt that I would get anymore than 12 hens in total - this is my maximum. The hens would free range all day and only use the eglus at night or if we go on holiday. This may sound stupid but can you have 2 hen houses - will everyone know which is their home LOL! ...or will they all try to squeeze in together in which case I should get the cube.
  9. Buff Columbians.....rare colours.....oooh you have got to get them. I feel so compelled to collect all the colours! Theres not much choice around here
  10. I must have the Fussiest chickens going. I have tried them on broccoli,cabbage,apple,cherry toms,raisins,porridge but they turn their beaks up to all of it. They eat a few pellets in the morning and free range for the rest of the day. Yesterday they even refused to eat their corn. Mind you, I think the kids have been spoiling them with mealworms. They are going on to 11 weeks old now, is it too late to introduce new foods? PS. I know that feeding s"Ooops, word censored!"s is illegal,all the foods I have mentioned have been specially bought for them and are not left covers.
  11. Congrats!!! ...we need to see proof- please post some piccies!
  12. The first picture is a mottled and the next 2 are millefluers, hopefully they are girls! They are 3 weeks old so not qute ready to come home yet. But when they do...they are going to get spoilt rotten with love!
  13. I'm only very new to chickens - I've had my babies for 3 weeks. They are 11 weeks old, an arucana, a polish and a Pekin. Of the three the Polish is the tamest and friendliest bird, then the Pekin followed by the very nervous Arucana. Since getting them, I've been told that the Polands are nutters- in fact when we went to buy more hens, 2 breeders refused to sell any to us because we wanted them as pets and have young children. Yet the one we have is adorable. I probably regret getting the Arucana- she just so skittish and unfriendly. I guess it depends what you are looking for- we want pets, any eggs are a bonus. I'm not bothered by broody hens that refuse to lay. Needless to say we have 3 more Pekins arriving in a fortnight!

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