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  1. Thanks to ANH for the heads-up on loading pics - no stopping me now! Thought I'd join in here too ...
  2. Cool Maybe I'll get adventurous and get photos of the ducks and the camera-shy araucana too! The run goes back past the Cube, round the side of the playhouse you can see. Its sort of 3 metres by 5 metres with a bit chopped out. The eglu is where the ducks reside and their paddling pool is down by the side of it, and I have a couple of eglu covers hooked up to give shade - one of them over a baby bath that gets filled up for dustbathing in ... then emptied by the ladies looking for a mid-bath snack!
  3. Ok. Hope this works - here goes! Please let me know if you can see it - I'm such a techyphobe about these things ...
  4. Just tried to read the instructions and whited out - way, way too complex for this time of the night. Not at work tomorrow, so if I have a chance to get out there tomorrow and get some snaps I'll do my best to get one on - don't hold your breath!! (believe me, my WIR is nowhere near as funky as some on this forum - but it has been up for a while )
  5. Mmmmm, nice. Wish I could ... no, OH would kill me if I proposed to take his work of art down
  6. Hi, I have two runner ducks in an eglu. We took out the roosting bars and put wood shavings in and they love it. We have to keep the wood shavings quite well stocked or they will lay in the middle of the run (ducks are notorious for doing that if you don't shut them up at night) and the shells are quite porous so if they lay in water chuck it away to be on the safe side. Runners are great! Mine have a shallow tubtrug for the winter and a small solid kids sandpit for the summer. I change the water every couple of days. They share the feeders for the chickens, and the water, which needs changing each day as they are messy but I have 3 drinkers so it doesnt get too bad. They share a WIR with the chickens, love to free range in the garden and can be very destructive, will eat any frogs or toads but also loads of slugs, and we had much less crane flies last September as they and the chooks ate the larvae (leatherjackets) out of the lawn through the summer - holes in the lawn a small price to pay!!
  7. We (well, OH) built a WIR year before last when we got the cube. We (he) sank in whopping great poles, lined it with lambs wire and slabbed it round the outside to stop foxy loxy from getting in. Then we lined the bottom 3 ft with chicken wire when a friend told us about their German Shorthaired Pointer bititing the heads off the chooks that put their heads through their run. Then we got fed up of feeding the entire wild bird population, so lined the whole thing inside with mesh. 18 months later, no fox breaches, very few wild birds get in, its still up (minor miracle in itself) and its doing fine. We hooked up a hose extension inside the run for ease of topping up, and put a double door on so we could roll out the cube. Olny slight problem was with the massive 6 inches of snow in Feb (thats a lot for here!) when I had to go out and sweep it off as the top was sagging. Slabs round the bottom, much cheaper than getting a builder in. If I can ever work out how to upload a pic, I'll get one on this thread ...
  8. Thanks for all the advice - Lucky is now back to her normal self. I don't know if it is sour crop, but I did the turny-upside-down thingy and gave some bio yoghurt (wow!!! they surely love that stuff ) and she now seems to be fine. I'll deffo get some daktarin, sounds like a plan, and can go in the chicken medicine cabinet. Pip pip! Many thanks again, I now remember why I used to while away so many hours on this site - must keep more of an eye on it!
  9. An absolute star. I'm off to the shops for some live yoghurt and some maggots - yum. I'll keep you posted ...
  10. Just had a look on t'interweb and it sounds like sour crop. Tomorrow I will be turning her upside down to make her sick ... good call!
  11. I'll take her, but I'll get that 'mental bird' look again ... Thanks for that though, I'll look it up now ...
  12. Nah, she isnt 4, she's an unknown age adopted from the neighbours who moved to France (lucky them!) Her crop seems full, but when you feel it, its llike a balloon filled with water. I wonder if theres a cyst in there. Today she is looking a bit more perky and her comb has pinked up a bit, but she is still making the funny upwards head jerk every so often. She's not wheezing. She did take some strawberry from my hand earlier and actually ate it before the other velociraptors got to it - that is an improvement.
  13. Thanks for the sympathy. I'm at a loss. She's picked up a bit today. After 4 years you'd think I'd be able to answer all the questions ...
  14. I'd like to be able to get in to last years posh frock on Friday to save the last minute dash to get a replacement ...
  15. What-ho troops. Been a long time, life gets in the way and all that. Hoe everyone is well. To business... I've had chickens for over 4 years now and the current flock varies in age from 4 to 18 months. About 10 days ago I had one get very lethargic, losing weight etc and she died overnight one night. Bless her, she had been badly attacked by the others when she was young and only just survived that, so I put it down to her maybe being weaker than the others. Now, I have another one exhibiting the same symptoms - she is hunched over, lethargic, comb beginning to get pale. She looks (this evening) to have a full crop, but is lifting her head as if making swallowing motions. They are all regularly wormed with flubenvet. I rescued some from a neighbour last year and they came with lice and scaly leg mite, so they have all been treated for that too (poorly girl is one of the rescued ones). I'm reluctant to take her to the vet as the last time I did the vet looked at me like I was mental (I live in a rural area where chickens are 10 for a tenner ...) I wonder if anyone has had similar problems of two chickens being poorly within days of each other. Does flubenvet deal with gapeworm too? I don't know what to do.

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