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  1. Hello Red. 23 is excellent. Do you mange to sell them easily? Who to?
  2. I doubt mirrors will help. It's just their annoying egg song. My girls seem to do it before AND after laying eggs, nice and early in the morning. Any ideas to stop this, much appreciated Xx
  3. Hallo chicken lovers After a year of giving surplus eggs away I have just started selling them. I only have 5 hybrids but they are producing 4 to 5 eggs a day which is too much even for this cake lover. I can't believe how high the demand is though. I sold half a doz to a few colleagues and they came straight back demanding a doz each! Aaah my poor girls are suddenly in demand. I charge 1.50, but it's nit really a money making idea, just a practical one. Does anyone else have any thoughts on selling eggs. My only gripe is having to fork out for egg boxes Xx
  4. Our local fox isn't much scared of me so not sure human urine would be any better! Concrete base and supervised free ranging. Xx
  5. I have always kept the coop door open (actually I think I have lost it!) . When they do their egg song it is loud and I go outside to tell them off, but realise they are still in the coop, so the door would make little difference! The point made about them getting a few hours extra sunshine is a good one. We have 5 girls, all laying an egg each now (2nd winter), so I swear by tough love, few treats and no coop door! If its good enough for the Robins and blackbirds.... Xx
  6. Way too much corn for 3. Chickens. They will be happy with just layers pellets in their run and corn when they need a treat. At £5 for 5 kilos of corn here, I wouldn't want to spend that much money on treats! Xx
  7. Aw what a lovely blue becca. My sage ones are only blue inside
  8. That's weird Milly, all five of my hybrids also laid today, having all gone on strike last week cos of the weather! It must be the first day of sunshine that's done it. I better start baking... X
  9. Great photos, especially the new laced one. Xx
  10. My 5 hardened girls have been faithfully laying 3 to 4 eggs throughout the dark winter, but in the last few days they have totally stopped. I tried to explain to them this morning that I can't do anything about the "Ooops, word censored!"py weather but they have gone on strike they must be dreaming of indoor dog crates while their wooden coop is being battered by yet another storm. I can't even let them out as the fox has reappeared after a 6 month holiday. Not sure i could deal with smell inside the house though, even for the sake of a fresh omelette! Xx
  11. Ok quick science explanation coming up.... Red cabbage is a natural ph indicator. That means it goes red in acid and blue/green in alkali. Chicken poop is decidedly alkali as it has ammonia in it, but urine is acidic ( ureaic acid) all making for funky poop. How cool. Will mention this to my science class at school Xx
  12. When I went to the national poultry show I talked to the bigwigs With their white coats and farmers crooks, about red mite. They were pretty certain NONE of the products on sale were fool proof and the majority were useless the old creosote being the only true remedy. One suggested that spraying coop with disinfectants is as good as DE. Apparently there's no proof that De works, it's just one of those chicken myths that get perpetuated on the web. Very interesting. I happen to rely on Detoll so i guess his answers cheered me up. Xx
  13. It sounds like I have a similar set up as you and I used to put the oystershell grit mix out. However the girls never ate it and so for the last year I have stopped using it at all. I think they have enough calcium in their pellets anyway, and they pick up enough grit free ranging. X
  14. Newcountry, you should have said it was a sick fox...the RSPCA spend £100,000s on that particular creature!,
  15. I wonder how many they would sell if they stated the organ on the packet! It just says .....beef roasted in its own juices and 'not for human consumption'.
  16. Btw I realise I have made a complete 180 degree turn on my original view...but it was the effect of looking at one of the dFRA websites. There were photos of various foodstuffs that are imported and legislated for. Including dog chews. One is a well known chew called paddy whack sold in the uk and I recognised it, anyway it is from china and is actually dried cattle penises. Who knew??.?. What else is in our food??
  17. Ooh it's all about the food chain isn't it. Keeping it as natural as possible. So even if mealworms are natural their diet might not be, In which case theres a market for organic mealworms. who would have thought it? Mind you the regs did say that the mealworms coming into the country have to be microwaved in order to kill the worrisome bacteria, so prob a very low risk. Thanks omleteers, back to corn for the chickees.
  18. But..if any animal based protein can carry a TSE, then our chickens shouldn't be allowed to free range as live insects can also be hosts? Unless carnivores stop eating meat won't there always be a risk? confused. BSE happened because a herbivore (cow) was fed meat (sheep), which would never happen naturally,so screwing up the food chain and natural immunity etc. chickens are omnivores and natural scavengers so far more able to deal with the associated ABP microbes etc. I do wonder if there are any scientists working in DEFRA! Btw. I read the EU reg - and pet food is highlited as not being fed to farm animals for the same reason, some of our members should take note. Xx
  19. Hmm if avian flu reaches all the way to my girls in deepest surrey, from Asia...then everyone in UK is already in deep trouble so dont worry yourself about it. Xx
  20. I think you have to be careful on a popular website like this to start saying something is banned when it isn't. The law is in DISPUTE as I understand it, so please don't start an Internet rumour. Before long people will think they can't feed mealworms to their chickens when that isn't the actual law!, It's like the ridiculous list of plants that chickens aren't supposed to eat. It flies around the chicken websites getting longer and longer, when 90% of it is nonsense! Xx
  21. Chickadee aren't you saying its illegal to market them for chickens. Is it actually written that it is illegal to feed the egg laying chickens with mealworms? Xx
  22. I think you are unlucky with the rats as they are not the norm. We definitely have rats in our compost bin but they don't seem to have worked out that there is food left out in the WIR. We have a slug problem too, so have hung the feeder by a chain above the ground so the slugs can't reach. They still manage to squeeze into the plastic food bins though don't know how they do it. Xx
  23. Good egg, they do sound lovely, and I see the blue eggs at sainsburys in the posh section, promising myself I must get them. But not sure if there is a breeder nearby me. Are they expensive? Do you think I could get some fertilised eggs? My broody will be bored by spring and I would love to Give her something to do. X
  24. I really wonder, as before chickens we barely bought a half dozen a week but this weekend my family of four surpassed ourselves. The maximum number we had was 19eggs when i was contemplating giving some to a friend but i have just realised i only have a remaing...2! Have worked out we used them in pancakes 3, French toast 3, boiled egg 1, Swiss roll 3, chocolate brownies 4 and an omelette 3 in just 2 days I know eggs are healthy but can you have too many? What will be the signs X
  25. Sounds fantastic. Well done you, wish I could help on the next one. Will look at the website. X

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