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  1. Actually two of mine are called Arwen and Galadriel (though we normally call her Gladdy or Gladys, since Galadriel sounds quite grand). They share a run with a pair of Sablepoots called Merry and Pippin
  2. We lost Rosa this afternoon. She'd gone through some hard times. As an ex-batt she'd been through one major change when a friend of ours rescued her. Then last Autumn one or more foxes took her flock, and she was the only survivor. She wasn't happy, wouldn't leave the dog's side, so we agreed to adopt her and added her to our young flock - which she promptly beat her way to the top of! But then she settled down and proved to be a real babe, sometimes seen mothering a sablepoot under her wing at night! We don't know how old she was (her previous owner couldn't recall which "generation" she was from), but guess she was at least 4. The last few days she became very apathetic, lost interest in food, even treats, and today she just wanted to sleep. There was no sign of illness otherwise. I think we gave her a happy few months. RIP, dear girl.
  3. Congrats! Two of my bantams are laying now (very effectively - we get 2 eggs/day). Not sure whether the third will start before their laying season ends. Our big girls are a little younger, so haven't started yet, so still that to look forward to. The bantam eggs are of course tiny, but really cute.
  4. Beautiful My LF are about 12 weeks old, but as they share the run with 3 Sablepoots they don't look tiny at all!
  5. We clip our at night, when they are a bit more docile. Also easy to catch if they are already in the cube
  6. My daughter had been talking about trying vegetarianism for a while, but made the step when we got chickens. What she says is that she expected them to have moods, but didn't think that they'd have distinct, consistent personalities. Chicken used to be her favourite meat, so giving up the rest was easy for her.

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