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  1. Thank you. Another question. I'm turning the lamp off in the daytime now as it's quite warm in the brooder for them as my house is warm and they are very feathery already. One of the chicks gets very noisy when the (red) lamp is off (literally the second I turn it off so it's still warm in there) and tries to hide under the other chick. Surely she can't be cold already? When they're outside together this doesn't happen so I wondered what could be making her upset? If I turn the lamp on she stops immediately. I can see the other chick getting pee'd off with her if she keeps getting undernea
  2. Hello. I'm new to here and to looking after chickens. I'm sure similar questions have been asked before so I do apologise in advance. I have a year old Cream Legbar who I took on as she was being bullied by my friends older flock. We've had her about four weeks. She's very placid and I wanted to get her some company. I currently have two gorgeous 4 week old Pekins in the brooder that I got last week. What is the best way to introduce them to each other? The weather has been quite nice here over the past few days so I have put them out in a small enclosed run, inside the large run for

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