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  1. Wormed up to date, and I check for red mite etc every time I clean them out, and give the coop a good douse of red mite powder every couple of days (after last years disaster, where I got so fed up with the red mites I got rid of my wooden coop and replaced it with an eglu). They are losing a lot of feathers underneath, and are always sitting on the nest, so I wondered if it was broodiness, but I didn't think hybrids really got broody, I thought this was more a pure bred thing.
  2. So after my 3 girls giving us an egg a day each for a about 18 months, gradually over the last 6 months or so, egg production has reduced to about 6 eggs a week in total, and then we recently lost poor Wilma . We were still getting 2 or 3 eggs a week from our 2 ladies that were left, however, over the last week we've had nothing, not 1 egg my hybrids are 2 years old now, I'm wondering if that's going to be it now for the eggs.
  3. I have had my hybrids for over a year and they all laid all through the winter. In fact I have always usually had 3 eggs a day, occasionally 2. Wondering what might happen next winter p.s. I only have 3 Chickens
  4. So it is now a month since I first posted, and the red mite infestation is no better. I am currently furiously bidding on e-bay for a second hand eglu. I feel like I have tried almost everything, but will continue to fight on until I manage to get an eglu, and then the coop will become firewood!!! I really didn't realise how difficult they would be to get rid of, I imagine they are living under the felt and in every nook and cranny they can find. I have just had a conversation with one of my friends who wants to get a couple of chickens - I've told her to get a plastic coop!!! Thanks for all your advice, but for me I think the red mites have won , and a plastic coop is now the only way to go. Do those of you with a plastic coop still put down red mite powder weekly as a preventative measure? Thanks Pam
  5. Thank you all for making me feel a bit better about this problem. And yes the bin problem is probably because when I clean them out I put the waste in the bin - this actually makes me feel loads better, as I has convinced myself that they had infested my entire garden. I need to dispose of the waste in a much better way it seems. So tomorrow I'll clean them out, put down more powder and see what happens.
  6. Just to add - I used gravel at first - it was awful, messy, smelly, and they'd just dig it up into great big heaps I then put down a few paving slabs with the coop/run on top, and I put down wood chips (equine bedding - the large wood chips), which I change once a week. It's sooooo much better then the gravel.
  7. Don't be put off. I have 3 Chickens in a 'Cottage coop' with built in run (look them up on e-bay for an idea of sizes). It's pretty small but they are happy. I do let them free range for 20 mins - an hour a day (most days but not all - they stay in the coop/run if it's raining). I wouldn't put more than 3 in a coop that size though.
  8. So I've successfully kept chickens for just over a year now, but in the last few weeks I have somehow got an infestation of red mites in the coop. I have been putting down red mite powder, which has killed a fair few, but as they were still there, last weekend I actually painstakingly took the whole coop apart, pressure washed every part, covered every part in red mite powder, and screwed the entire coop back together. The red mites had not been erradicated, but there were certainly a lot less around, so I've just kept on putting more powder on wherever I still see mites. Anyway, I was pretty happy with the progress we were making (that is until today), it was bin day, and when I came home from work I brought the bin in. I didn't notice until I looked down, but the wheelie bin is infested, there were hundreds (possibly thousands) of (grey) red mites running up my cardigan sleeves - it was awful. I lifted the bin lid and around the inside, directly under the lid of there bin were, well there had to be, millions, and that is no exaggeration. I felt like crying, I just don't know how to get rid of them. Please someone tell me there is an easy way of getting rid of them, and why have they infested the wheelie bin. My biggest worry is that they'll get on the clothes of my kids (who play outside all the time), and that they'll end up in the house, and I really can't cope with that. I've loved keeping chickens, but this is really making me consider giving them up
  9. Thanks for the response. I haven't noticed any pecking, but the broody thing might be a possibility. I did notice last week the other 2 out in the run quite a bit without Belinda, but just assumed she must be laying. I'll keep my eye out a bit more, and see if she's in there more then usual.
  10. Hi all, So I've had my 3 hens for about a year now, and never encountered a problem. But today when I picked one of them up I noticed that she had lost a lot of feathers on her underneath & chest area, and has a large patch of bare skin. Most of the area looks fine but there is a small patch that looks a little aggravated. Just to look at her you'd never know as her feathers everywhere else are fine. I've checked the other 2 and they are fine. And I've checked the coop and can't see any evidence of mites. I don't think they're fighting as I got them all together and they've been together for a year now. What could be causing this? How can I prevent it from getting worse and get her feathers to grow back? And should I be worried/take her to the vets? Sorry for all the questions but I'm fairly new to chicken keeping. Thanks in advance Pam
  11. Just read your thread and wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your chicken. We have 2 cats but they are scared of the chickens. I would have never even thought about a cat attacking chickens. There are loads of cats around where I live, I will now keep more of an eye on my chucks when they are free ranging.
  12. Hi all, So, my naughty chickens have started wasting food and it's driving me crazy!! I give them layers pellets in a feeder (and this is always full up for them to have as much as they want), and I also give them approx. 2 mug fulls of corn a day in a small feeder (trough type) that hangs on the inside of their run. They eat the pellets (without much mess), but the corn they spill everywhere (and refuse to eat any once it's on the floor), yet they make a racket demanding more corn in their feeder!! I think they like certain pieces out of the mixed corn and the rest they simply discard. Am I spoiling them? Giving them too much food/too much choice? I only have 3 chickens, am I giving them enough corn for more then that? The coop is on concrete slabs & wood chip and needs cleaned out a couple of times a week and I'm sick of cleaning up/throwing out loads of feed. Any thoughts welcome Pam
  13. Hi, Thanks for the replies. What material do I need for a membrane between the gravel and wood chippings? The size needed per hen is pretty confusing as I've read both 1m sq per hen but I've also read 3 sq feet per hen, and if you convert the size to feet it's approximately 5 by 2 aka 10 ft sq, hence being suitable for 3 hen. (And when I bought it, it was actually sold as being suitable for 4 large hens or 8 small ones, however after I've seen it I would definitely put no more then 3 in it). I like the idea of increasing the space by using the height - it is definitely high enough to put in some benches/tables I also plan to only buy small/medium sized hybrids. Thanks again for the replies
  14. Hi all, So this weekend I'm finishing off my base for my coop then I'm going out to buy my first chickens so excited!!! I only have a little coop so plan to buy 3 chickens, medium sized, and ones that will make good pets. I've done my research but there seems to be so much choice out there. So come on guys, let me know, what are your favourite breeds? Pam
  15. Hi all, So I'm planning to get a couple of pet chickens, and am currently setting up my coup and run. I have a perfect sized space in my garden for the coop and run to go, and I plan to keep my chickens in the run rather then have them free range. 2 issues really: 1) My run is approx. 190cm x 75cm, I plan to buy medium sized chickens. As I want to keep them in the run all the time, what is the max number of chickens that I should have. I really want 3 but I'm worried that the run is too small and that I should just get 2. What do you think? 2) The area that I want to put my coop and run is currently a gravelled area (with pretty large rough gravel). I thought I'd dig out all the gravel as I felt it would be too rough on the chickens feet. However, after some rain all I have now is a big muddy puddle (clearly the drainage is rubbish and the gravel was actually draining the area!!). My plan now is to put the gravel back, and then put on top of the gravel wood chippings. Will this be ok? Or do I need to put down something instead of the gravel? and if so what? Any suggestions welcome, as I'm desperate to go and buy the chickens but obviously I need to sort out their living quarters first!! Thanks Pam

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