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  1. Buffy my Buff Sussex has managed to hatch of 3 foster eggs which are Pekins (hopefully Frizzles !!). I have read in books and seen on forums that an early days sign of the chicks being hens are that they tend to develop their wing feathers early. The chicks hatched out last Fri evening/Sat morning (28/29 June 2013) at I noticed on Wednesday of this week the chicks being 4 days old that they all had wing feathers showing, now at Friday being 6 days old the wing feathers are obvious. None of the chicks at this stage have comb development. For all you experienced pekin chick hatchers out there - can you confirm whether it is a given that chicks developing in this way turn out as Hens or is it wishful thinking on my part. Thanks
  2. Thank you all - will let you know when they hatch !!! Any day now ....
  3. Just candled eggs for very first time at 9 days from incubator, 5 out of the 6 appear to have faint vessel in, which I presume is a good sign. One of the eggs appears to be empty. How long should I leave it to cancel again to see which ones are developing and which aren't, should I destory those that aren't developing or leave to see what happens - have hatched under brooder before but never in incubator so a bit new to me. Thanks
  4. Can anybody give me a guide on how to tell a she from a he when it comes to Pekin chicks please and at what age will this become obvious. Also at what age are the cockrels sexually mature, as I will need to put them all in same pen from 8-10 weeks with other Bantams and obviously don't want more broody hens and chicks than I can cope with !!!
  5. The only house I had to put my broody hen in has go its nest box up a ramp !!! She is in there quite happy with her four eggs but want to know from those who have been at this alot longer than me - do I put her in shut down from about 4 days before hatch with food, there is an area to walk about in, or do i keep her as she is with access to the ramp to lower level - just worried about chicks falling down ramp and getting lost etc.
  6. 4 eggs under a Buff Sussex Bantam with 6 days to go and 6 eggs in incubator with 15 days to go - all very exciting - looking forward to more Pekins - hopefully Frizzles.
  7. Thank you all for your friendly welcome, I will look at the Pekin link too. How do you add photos on here and do the egg/breed score. Also can't do my Avatar as it says its disabled ?? Fairly computer literate but this is foxing me (sorry for the pun).
  8. Hi, I'm new to Omlet - hope I am writing in the right place?? Want to hear from like minded people who are as mad about bantams as I am. Been keeping Bantams for about 2 years now on a very small scale, started with 3 Wynadottes which were older girls, however moved over to Pekins now as my son wanted a fluffy chicken - which I must admit I was not keen on to begin with but they have taken over my life. I have 2 Frizzle Pekins, and a Buff Sussex which I hatched under one of my Wynadottes last year. The Buff Sussex is currently sitting on 4 Pekin Eggs (Frizzles I hope) and I have 6 Pekin Eggs in my incubator (virgin incubator user !!!) Look forward to hearing from other newbies on Omlet.

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