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  1. I didn't think about ordering new bar, was going to get oh to try and straighten but new bar would be better. Going to try again to get oh to make me a walkin run, it must be nearly 10 years since he said he would πŸ™„ And get eglu securely raised off the ground the way Cinnamons Henley run had. That would make an animal attack on the eglu harder. I'll sort a few replacement bits then. I miss the ducks, garden feels very empty
  2. Geoid, Clare, food for thought cctv sounds easier than I thought. I think I'll take a look. when I get more ducks I'd like to know when a fox visits during the night and how long they hang around when they don't come to any harm.
  3. I've seen a fox shake a bird to break its neck to kill it but there's always a wound from the teeth on the bird. And always lots of feathers. Much as I don't want to beliege it was a person there's too many inconsistencies for it to be an animal attack i find the idea of someone sneaking into the end of my garden almost unbelievable, it's so out of the way it would almost have to be a neighbour which is particularly upsetting. i don't have any power that far down the garden. One of my cousins was going to look at sorting me some power for outdoor lights. I hadn't thought of cctv down the end. The garden feels very empty without the ducks but I think I'd best leave it a while before replacing them and think about upgrading the boundary fences at the end.
  4. OH home so we went out again with torches and realised there were no more feathers than usual i.e. Unlikely to be an animal attack. He's adamant all of us always put the pin in. And thinking about it we realised that duck that had been part eaten had a broken neck but no wounds on upper body, she'd been eaten from one end more the way a scavenger coming across a copse might so we're coming around to the possibility it may have been a person who opened it up and killed the ducks. Which is far worse. πŸ˜₯
  5. Patricia was it a fox that pulled the top off yours?
  6. It does looks like a human yanked it off except I can't imagine it was a human vandal, our back garden is only accessible by people through the gates either side of the house that are usually bolted and the eglu and run are about 160ft down, the netting across between the house end of the garden and the duck area wasn't disturbed, garden backs onto a neighbours garden that's at right angles then a field and the deserted end of the allotments two gardens away. There's sheds half way down the garden with tools and bikes that weren't touched. In theory someone could get in the end but over fields/allotments and other Gardens It would just be so so odd for a person to go to that much trouble. One of the ducks half eaten copse was nearby. Of course if a person had let them out during the night they would have been prey. i was surprised the eggs hadn't been taken or even broken Clare one in the run near the eglu door was broken but that's all
  7. Only ever seen a badger in the garden once before many years ago when we kept quail, it was clearly interested and kept walking around the run but didn't try and get in. We've had fox attacks before but I'd expect to see bite marks on the eglu lid as it was pulled off,
  8. We lost our ducks overnight 😒something ripped the top of the eglu off. No sign of the pin that should hold the top on, I wonder if whoever assembled it last just pushed the metal tab through the slot in the eglu lid. If it had been me I always use the pin but my husband is less careful. The bar was through it and it's been forced back such that we can't just pop the top back on. I'm going to have to wrestle it into position the metal bar has been bent. No sign of claw or bite marks on th eglu. Signs of something trying to pull the run apart it's quit every dented in places but that held. Has anyone else had this happen? I don't think this is a fox, could it be a badger? It's something powerful
  9. So pleased Lewis. It has been a real pleasure to follow your progress from that 16 year old interested in chickens, thank-you for sharing it with us.
  10. I've not bought much on eBay but I have bought two Chinese rosewood dining sets that I was thrilled with the price and quality (why did I need a second you might ask as first set is now in the garage, it's complicated). I did buy a cupboard where the seller asked for cash when I arrived to collect and I nearly forgot I'd already paid by PayPal, took an hr for me to 'prove' I'd paid. The aggro tainted the cupboard and it smelt of smoke, so I gave the cupboard away to a charity and kept my ikea cupboard. On balance I think I've done well on my furniture purchases. Last lot of sellers were lovely, they helped us load the van, made us a cup of tea and when I sent a pic of dining set in situ to them to say how pleased we were with it they sent a lovely message back. I've never sold anything and the hit and miss of collectors when I freecycle anything puts me off adding a commercial element. Hope you get your shoes sorted DM, your feet must be tiny, 1/2 size would make quite a difference
  11. What a talented group of people we have here, my photo doesn't quite do my little beaded bells justice, they are perfect 😊
  12. Sorry last picture, not a great picture but you can see 1 of my 3 beaded bells, I ate the chocolate before taking a picture 😳
  13. I absolutely love my 3 beaded gold and red bell tree decorations in a lovely box 😍 (And sneaky bar of chocolate always appreciated 😊). I collect tree decorations wherever we travel (up to 3 Christmas trees now 😳) and for other special events so getting tree ornaments was perfect. Each ornament is a memory and now I have some for this forum and all of you.
  14. So my answers to the questions 1. Cats, I currently have a black cat and a young grey tabby with white chest and legs. Miss my beautiful caramely ginger girl who was hit by a car earlier in the year 2. Favourite colours are clear strong colours, red, white, black, strong pink, blue, purples. Not keen on pastels and not a fan of yellow on me but love it in the garden. My living room is governed by fab curtains a friend gave me because they didn't fit her new house and an old rug and is rust/terracotta and green which I wouldn't have gone for and I love it. 3. Love every season at the right time 4. Love mountains and seaside, never lie on a beach sunbathing but will sit all day on a beach with a book interspersed with walks. I like walking around cities looking at the sights too, not into night life 5. Lean towards more traditional except my Christmas tree is a mix of decorations I've collected whilst travelling so an eclectic mix. Mostly Reds & golds. 6. Don't mind, either has its merits 7. Anything, took part once before and it was the only present where I didn't know what it was/hadn't had to say what I wanted and it was lovely 😊

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