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  1. Good point Geoid, having it plumbed in is essential
  2. Congratulations on the new home Lewis, very exciting I love our filtered water & ice dispenser (at least I did until it stopped dispensing ice recently) downside is they take up quite a bit of freezer space. i'll be buying next fridge freezer with an ice dispenser but we do have extra freezer space in the garage.
  3. Willow

    Pet Frogs

    No helpful advice, just a wow I had no idea these could be kept as pets they look amazing
  4. Hi Janty glad to hear transplant went ok, I remember you having lots of chickens and quail. I am still waiting for my WIR promised to me by my husband many years ago 🙄 I am about to go out into the garden to shift more soil around to level the area for it so getting closer. Otherwise it is quite quiet here these days, Cinnamon is keeping those of us on Facebook uptodate with their amazing French barn conversion and as Lewis said above he's now qualified 😎
  5. This Site has lots of ideas https://www.notanotherbunchofflowers.com/collections/chemotherapy-get-well-gifts
  6. I'll probably look for a pretty lightweight shawl next, hospitals can be chilly with the ac
  7. I'm trying to send regular useful things to a friend going through very intensive radiotherapy + chemo at the moment so have been looking into what might help various places sell queasydrops which are sweets designed to help with queasy feeling good quality ginger beer can also help with queasiness I sent this when she first complained of queasiness https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Belvoir-Fruit-Farms-Ginger-250ml/dp/B07TG56TVD/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-p13n1_0?cv_ct_cx=Ginger+beer&dchild=1&keywords=Ginger+beer&pd_rd_i=B07TG56TVD&pd_rd_r=9bc7a947-7621-4c7e-88df-919699da4b6b&pd_rd_w=VFFlF&pd_rd_wg=tqzbb&pf_rd_p=fd5dad59-261a-423d-9e6c-7be719d7fb65&pf_rd_r=9FJHAAE6GH93DXJQ7FGZ&psc=1&qid=1594037107&sr=1-1-91e9aa57-911e-4628-99b3-09163b7d9294 For Radiotherapy you have to be careful what you use on your skin, not sure if it's the same for chemo but I'd avoid non scented. I sent creams from MooGoo which were very well received as her treatment started so quickly she hadn't had time to buy any. https://moogooskincare.co.uk/ your local pharmacist may have other options in store non scented natural soaps (lots out there) my friend is now having problems sleeping so I sent https://www.thewhitecompany.com/uk/Sleep-Diffuser/p/SLDDF?swatch=No+Colour (search online for current discount codes, I got 10%off with code) There are chemo gift packs out there as well, another friend sent one (which included the queasy drops) Be careful about books particularly if buying off Amazon and not able to check the blurb, my friend was sent one book on positive thinking for cancer 🙄 (by someone else) where the blurb on the back talked about having terminal cancer I'll be checking back in for everyone else's ideas
  8. We have periodic rodent problems but it's been a village wide problem. Finding an old fashioned rat catcher made the difference, much more effective than professional pest control companies. You'll find them word of mouth if you have one locally. silkies are gorgeous
  9. Looking good, I have wondered about turning the front garden into a Japanese/zen garden but I'm a bit concerned I'd need to keep it very tidy. I'm doing a big push on back garden this year so may come back to the idea next year, sedum instead of moss is such a good idea, my front garden gets a lot of sun so maybe 🤔
  10. Most sedums take like crazy as cuttings so you should be able to buy a small number of plants dotted around and keep sticking cuttings in (and when I say cutting, for sedums you just stick a bit that's broken off into the ground) Please keep posting pics sounds like a lovely idea
  11. Rory Stewart has been talking a lot of sense generally. It's a shame he had to stop his spending a night with Londoners, whilst it only gives you a snapshot I thought it was a great idea to get to see a variety of people. Too few politicians have any idea about real people's lives.
  12. Interesting point about tracker apps Jude. Although I'm going almost nowhere I don't trust the government with my personal data so won't be downloading
  13. My patio has too many pots but it does mean they help hide the black spot on my sandstone from when I used to let the duck free range on the whole garden. Doesn't matter how much pressure washing I do the black spot remains. The path where they never pooed on is fine i also have a gazebo over my patio furniture, it looks a little bit makeshift but it's transformed how much we use the furniture
  14. Just went on Facebook to be told I'm one of La Ferme Sauvage's top fans 😂 And did I want to display that badge when I comment - I said yes obviously 😎

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