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  1. Are forsythia and hebe toxic to chickens? I planted one of each in the chicken run as they are both tough plants, chickens stripped them so at the moment they are protected by a bit of old omelet run on it’s side so they can get a bit bigger
  2. It can be upsetting to watch but it is normal and will settle down. It's good she's learnt how to manage nighttime herself. Advice above covers it really.
  3. As well as moving it to more light try not watering until the compost is dry. Trouble with plants that droop when too damp is its counterintuitive & we water them even more
  4. That doesn't look great. How damp is it? It should dry out completely between watering so I wonder if it might have been overwatered? They tend to thrive on some neglect which is why I wonder if it's had the opposite. Does it have enough light? It doesn't necessarily want to be directly in the sun in case of scotching but it needs quite a bit of light.
  5. My niece-in-law is a teacher in the U.K. I'm similarly frustrated about the lack of measures in schools. Some tape has been put around her desk forming a 1 m exclusion zone in each direction that (in theory) the pupils are not supposed to enter and she has to take her own lunch and spend all day at her desk with no interaction with colleagues. It must be very stressful for teachers. Since the various governments have now realised how vital the childcare provided by schools is to keep people working they could justify expenditure on measures in schools as supporting the economy.
  6. Oh that's useful to know, I've been using the powder but there's always more than I can use and I never know if the quantity is right. thank-you both!
  7. That 30 inside 4 outside rule is bizarre, did they explain the reasoning? Ive been very cautious about contact with people as I want to be able to see my mum. Still distanced, I sit outside and she sits by the patio window. I bought her a sheltered garden seat (for me really) so that she fretted less about me getting wet. It's an hr & qtr drive so I can't go too often and I don't use the toilet there.
  8. Lovely pictures, my granddaughter is not very interested in our chickens but is fascinated by the ducks and loves to hear them quacking (quack was one of her first words). I'm envious of your lovely stone walls around your garden
  9. Gosh new poster resurrecting a thread on knickers that is over 4 years old with 6 posts, that's odd er keen 😬
  10. Noooo I know it's irrational but I have a real problem with 🐍 didn't realise before being on social media, so many people post random snake pics and gifs (shudder)
  11. I'd like to join in again, would be very happy to receive home made soap πŸ˜‰
  12. My local pharmacist is very good and as one of his measures is how many people he can persuade to have jabs I try and give him the business. I could get mine at my Drs as I'm eligible. I'll try shopping around though as you suggest for son that hasn't gone back to uni yet, thanks! OH is unlikely to be bothered, he came along as the rest of us were going but it's a bit of a hard sell usually
  13. Tried booking family flu jabs at local pharmacy before sons return to uni but pharmacy have been told they can only do over 65's at the moment. I'll have to keep popping in to find out when they can do my jab, which is annoying as I'm rarely going into the shops at the moment. Guess I'll wait until I need next lot of meds and hope they still have supplies.
  14. Went into Reading yesterday (ES needed to take his laptop in to be repaired) and it really wasn't fun. People were generally wearing masks but hard to avoid getting close to other people. I tend to go shopping when it's a necessity rather than for fun so don't think I'll be doing it again for a while (except for collecting ES laptop)

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