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  1. Thanks Lewis, that's all really useful My existing insurance is through the aa and they said they never do that for young drivers. I didn't know if that was normal. It is due for renewal end June, if you've been able to do it I'll look around for a policy that allows that when it's up for renewal. For my 21 yr old I did wonder if it might be better for him to have a car and his own policy, useful,to know costs come down if you have parents as named drivers. He's still a student but switches between uni and work so at home more at weekends rather than a long stretch. My 19 year old will be taking test this summer, he's more likely to be home over the summer and is home less at weekends so a temp policy on my car would work best.
  2. So one of my sons has recently passed his driving test and I tried getting him added onto my driving insurance as he won't be using a car enough to warrant his own car. Discovered that's not an option with my current policy 😳 So i was wondering how does this work? Is this why so many young people get their own cars? my other son will be taking his test over the summer and similarly it would be useful for him to drive occassionally on holidays and weekends home but no point him having a car at uni so ideally I need a soon that will let both of them drive occassionally. Hoping for advice from those that have already had to navigate this. Thanks
  3. Our dear friend Docsquid

    Sad news, I never met her but do remember her posts. Lovely that some of you did.
  4. I'm wondering if it's just me being a grump. I really mind people letting their children stand inside shopping trolleys. They are putting their dirty shoes all over where I'll be putting my food If the child is too big for the seat they are old enough to walk around the store. I had two boys and never felt the need to put them inside the trolley. It bothers me even more now I'm reusing shopping bags more as they are getting dirty.
  5. Who is feeling festive?

    I don't usually like the Christmas ads, mystified why we're supposed to anticipate them as their purpose is to fuel consumerism. but I must admit to being charmed by the Heathrow ad with the bears and I do like the Tesco ad.
  6. Christmas disasters!

    Not a disaster but I was worried it would be, many years ago I was friends with the elderly lady down the road and realised her only daughter would be working Christmas Day so invited her and her husband. OH and boys didn't know her really and none of us knew her OH well. Before Christmas my youngest said 'Remind me again why are we having the old people Christmas Day?' Snowy that year so she rang in a panic Christmas morning to say they couldn't make it as they were afraid to walk on the snow and ice so OH drove the few metres to get them and he and boys made sure paths to and from both doors ta car completely clear. They were absolutely delightful guests all of us, small boys included enjoyed ourselves immensely, sadly she died week before Christmas last year and I miss her but happy memories.
  7. Who is feeling festive?

    I hate the commercialism and thinking of presents. My FIL is the worst, I have to think of something to give him (and he's well off so buys what he wants), and think of present ideas for him to buy us and our boys. He wants to buy us all something we'd like which is nice but actually the hard work of thinking up the ideas falls to me My boys are both at uni and between monies earnt, both have bursaries, student loan and don't have expensive tastes are ok for money and fully up to date on electronics so especially hard to buy for this year. Actually everyone over 10 is hard to buy for This year as I'm recovering from an op I'm not working so I am enjoying starting preparations early. Decided to take part in the village advent calendar and since the house is set back from the Rd with small panes of glass it will need to be a display in the garden so have been happily tidying the front garden and thinking up ideas for the display. Not done any Christmas baking yet. I think I still have an unused fruit cake from a few years ago I should make a Christmas pudding though.
  8. Replacement kitchen cabinet doors

    Oh good point about the hinge holes luvachicken I hadn't thought of that at all and I wanted easy replacement. Please thank your OH from me as he's saved me from turning this into too large a job I think it's back to B&Q Grandmashazzie Not sure if this is the right definition but foilwrapped is a type of veneered door. I had shakerish style mounded doors (cheaper than their shaker doors) and the veneer was mounded around mdf. It's delaminated at the front whilst still being wrapped around the door (if that's makes sense). I'll take a look at B&Q more expensive doors this time. Thank-you both for your comments very helpful
  9. OH fitted out the laundry room with B&Q cabinets a few years ago. I noticed many of the doors the foil wrap has 'blown' and the surface is no longer adhered to the door. The cabinets are all sound so all I want to do is replace the door and drawer fronts. There's loads of online companies and I have no idea how to chose I'd like cream/ivory shaker style and would be happy to paint the doors if that would get me a longer lasting door, not keen to have foil wrapped again. Don't want to spend too much Has anyone any recommendations? Or people to avoid?
  10. Village Advent Windows

    I love these, people put in so much effort. Tempted to do one myself but our front windows are back a little way from the public path so we'd need a display you could see from a distance. Has anyone on the forum done one? Pics please
  11. To get a wood burner or not ?

    I love our wood burner it makes the room cosy in a way central heating can't. Our fireplace was a mess, so it was lined in a heat resistant liner that was painted charcoal grey before the burner was fitted, looks very smart. It was quite expensive to get the whole lot fitted but worth it. It is important to think about output, we have quite a high output stove as we have downstairs configured so it's quite open plan and heat goes up the stairs as well. We've had to have quite a few trees down in our garden so have masses of wood, do scavenge wood and get a decent log store in your garden, it's surprising how much wood you can finding when you have a burner. As we use it so much I've just treated myself to an ash vacumn cleaner, as it's only used for that the ash will continue to go in the compost. Bit extravagant but I was managing to get ash on the rug in front of the fireplace when I emptied the ash pan and this makes it much easier.
  12. changeing energy suppliers

    Check reviews as well as price. I'd changed to a company whose name started with Eco once and they were a nightmare to deal with, sent though a series of inconsistent bills (time periods, units used and charge per unit different each bill but final amount always the same ) after we'd agreed a final bill and I'd paid up they came back to try and get more money a year or so later.
  13. Dr Foster

    Very good twist
  14. Strictly 2017 *No spoilers please*

    First time watching strictly, delighted but was not at all surprised at Debbie's performance. She is disciplined, hard working and a very professional experienced performer as was Paul. I was surprised when I heard she was on it as not having seen it before I thought the programme was looking for celebrities to try something they would find a challenge. Glad the show explained why people were famous as I only recognised some, although still no idea who the blond older guy is. Bewildered by Claudia's make-up, looks a little like the sort of look I'd have tried as a teenager. I've never seen her or Tessa in anything before and they come across as lovely but the make-up
  15. Need to get myself out of feeling fed up

    Turns out some of my feeling under the weather was due to gallbladder problems which on reflection have been escalating the last 2 years as I soldiered on. Resulted in emergency admission and it whipped out - just in awe of the NHS workers from NHSdirect operator onwards. Ironically only bit that didn't work so well was when ambulance deposited me at a&e and waited with me as long as they could I was then neglected for a while due to the chaos caused by and the demands of the too vocal drunks and addicts.