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  1. Rory Stewart has been talking a lot of sense generally. It's a shame he had to stop his spending a night with Londoners, whilst it only gives you a snapshot I thought it was a great idea to get to see a variety of people. Too few politicians have any idea about real people's lives.
  2. Interesting point about tracker apps Jude. Although I'm going almost nowhere I don't trust the government with my personal data so won't be downloading
  3. My patio has too many pots but it does mean they help hide the black spot on my sandstone from when I used to let the duck free range on the whole garden. Doesn't matter how much pressure washing I do the black spot remains. The path where they never pooed on is fine i also have a gazebo over my patio furniture, it looks a little bit makeshift but it's transformed how much we use the furniture
  4. Just went on Facebook to be told I'm one of La Ferme Sauvage's top fans 😂 And did I want to display that badge when I comment - I said yes obviously 😎
  5. I miss family the most, my spare room used to get regular use by one of my sisters. I have a baby grandniece I'm missing, nephew and niece in law are good about sending little videos but it's not enough. I'd planned to go see some cousins in Ireland in March, not seen them since last summer. Perhaps perversely I also miss having some time alone. I liked having the odd evening to myself with microwave meal and glass wine in front of the tv
  6. That blanket is beautiful Sarah. OH and I are enjoying your Facebook updates, they are a topic of admiring conversation in our household everytime there's an update.
  7. Thanks DM I hadn't thought of fencing off just the meadow area at times (menopause brain 😂) It's not going to be a big space so that's doable. After I don't know how many years my oh is finally getting closer to building me a walk-in run. He ordered the wood for the panel frames just before lockdown & his order was cancelled I'm hopeful I may get it by the end of the year
  8. My duck and chicken runs are beside an area with a number of trees that I'm cultivating as a woodland garden, it naturally has a clearing that at the moment of a mix of scruffy grass and weeds. I'm thinking of clearing this and sowing wildflower meadow mix in the autumn. Due to a persistent fox problem the ducks and chickens only free range when I'm gardening down that end now but I'm wondering if even so my vision of a wildflower meadow is daft?
  9. If you need to make bread and have only plain flour make soda bread 350g plain flour (I use a mix of plain white & wholemeal depending on what odds and ends of flour I have) 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 285ml buttermilk (or sour milk, or mix milk & plain yogurt, or fresh milk with some vinegar or lemon juice added to sour it) Mix dry ingredients, add liquid, mix together into a ball of dough, if sticky add some more flour. knead for couple mins, form into a flattened ball and place on a greased and floured baking tray using a sharp knife cut a cross right across the dough almost to the bottom 180C for 30mins
  10. Merlel looks wonderfully healthy. I got 3 rescue ducks (I wasn't going to until that end of the garden was done but then my nephew booked my kitchen to bake a friends wedding cake and she's allergic to hens eggs) and 3 rescue chickens in the last few weeks. The ducks have gone through their moult and look lovely but no eggs (we had a couple just after we got them) the chickens look very tatty at the moment but they are very confident around people and two are laying now. Wedding has been postponed until next year so I'll need to get at least one non rescue ducks before then to ensure we can provide the eggs. It's been ages since we've had chickens as my husband felt they wrecked the garden more than the ducks, it's lovely having some again
  11. I watched it with one of my sons, end of each episode we were 'well they can't top that for craziness' and then they did - everytime Odd how a programme with only one likeable character can be so compelling. The rest are varying degrees of awful with a lot of grooming of teenagers going on
  12. Not much sitting on the sofa going on here except right now with my coffee 😂 About to go shift the load of compost sand and slabs that B&q just delivered off the drive and down the garden (I wasn't expecting that would still happen so that was a bonus) Slab and sand are to provide firm base for my walkin run that after years of promising it my husband's got as far as working out plan and ordering the wood, wood order was promptly cancelled but it will take me a while to level the area
  13. Gosh that Silkie is photogenic! Re worming Best to ask your supplier as they should have an idea when they were last wormed. If you've a spare cabbage or similar you could pop that in for them to peck at.
  14. I'm also quite enjoying the quiet, the feeling of not needing to go anywhere and having both my sons home. I prefer us being in lockdown than the way things were before, feels like something is being done. I feel for those for whom it's financially difficult and people living by themselves. Realised I didn't miss Waitrose as much as I expected. Gone back to baking bread which I'd been meaning to for ages but was being lazy. Went back to veg and meat box deliveries as well. Right now I'd say we're eating well and more healthily but may not last, it means I'm spending more time planning meals and cooking. Made broth for lunch for the first time today, it was really nice
  15. I've kept runner ducks in eglu & run before, I put in a shallow trug for water so they can hop in as well as drink from it.

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