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  1. Gone through I HUGE deep clean today, just in, 3 eglus all cleaned, power washed and disinfected, run floor done, ladders, feeders you name it I've scrubbed it. One bit of vet advice I'm ignoring is keeping the sister away form the big girls, they all free range usually so felt it was pointless keeping them apart cos I feel it's 'closing the door after the horse has bolted' they all have avipro, garlic and spice to hopefully keep them healthy. We shall see what happens. I still think it was the moult that had lots to do with it,maybe weakened her too much
  2. 4 in lay but only the buff has ever squatted, poor thing gets picked up all the time and hates it lol. I got 3 when only about 12 weeks old inc the buff, the other was already laying when I got her.
  3. I Joined SW a few weeks ago and I'm getting on great, I've started making my own soups but what I really, really hate is the fact that me and my house stink for hours afterwards. I Hate the smell and am spending a fortune on candles lol. Does anyone have one, my friend suggested it might keep the smell in, any thoughts?
  4. Quick question, why do some chicks crouch for me and not others? I've only got one that does and alway wondered why the others didn't
  5. Chickabee, I so love the fact that you have a door mat to wipe your feet, your chickens must be so house proud lol. Glad the intros went so well, did you get them locally ain't? They are lovely looking girls
  6. I did have a folding step they are reasonably sturdy, mine broke, but then I am slightly heavier than my chickens lol. I have a small caravan step I sit on (and chickens!) a toddler step would work just as well.
  7. Many thanks for the reply Beantree, I've calmed down considerably, just got in a big panic when the vet said about losing the rest of my small flock, but I really don't feel it was mareks. I'm going to disinfect anyway, did my last vikron s deep clean before the eggs hatched. They were on Dobson & horrall growers, with veggie treats and mealworms for the moulting I've got my last chick (13wks) by herself now as the 4 older ones do bully her, she'll be lost without her buddy. What would you suggest is better, introducing another pullet or trying to get her into the WIR with the big girls ASAP? Again thanks for your wisdom, Nicky
  8. Sorry if this is long and rambling.. I hatched a Marans batam 13wks who last week showed signs of gapeworm,(she also started a really heavy moult), wormed all my flock and brought her inside so I could monitor her food intake and keep an eye on her, after 3 days she was hardly eating anything (even treats) but also started being a bit wobbly on her feet. I thought it was weakness so tried her back in her eglu run with her sister. Appetite increased being back outside but she started goose/high stepping and then kind of tired all the time. Took her to vets today who thought mareks. I hadn't even thought of that but panicked when she said how quick it spreads/expect more losses etc etc. came home empty handed If it was mareks she must have picked it up off one of my 5 originals so what's the risk to them? They all free ranged together and the 2 babies slept in sep eglu. I've now read of vitamin deficiencies which sound similar to mareks, I so wished I'd asked for them to do a blood test to confirm. Going to do a deep clean and disenfrct tomw but worried about my last chick on her own, (told to keep her separate for 2/3 wks but I'm kinda thinking the virus will be spread already so can't I just still let them mingle. I was going to get her another friend but not sure now what to do. She was having a pretty bad moult, eyes were bright and no drooping wings. Could it of been lack of vitamins and moult which looked like mareks. Feeling very guilty I couldn't of done more for her. Thanks for listening
  9. I've tried both and prefer nettex, it's fragranced which makes the coop that bit fresher. I use aubiose but have used easi chick in the past which comes in smaller bales and does the same thing, basically don't think there's much between them.
  10. We're on holiday with dodgy Internet or I would have offered I'm dying to see these chicks, they are on my wish list for the future. Are they easy to sex? Can't wait for the pics, hope someone comes to your rescue soon.
  11. After a (hot) 6 hr drive yesterday weve arrived in Chirk (welsh border) to stay for a week (then off to the Cotswolds). Been up to the information kiosk and are laden with brochures. It's our daughters 12 birthday on Friday so we'll have to plan something good, husband suggested Chester zoo, but with 2 dogs that's not that easy. Lots of national trust properties down here, so that's great for us but what about picturesque little villages? Or towns with independent sshops? Any suggestions? Will be following this thread with interest and will let you know of any gems we find.
  12. Yay, so pleased its all coming together for you (a roof is a necessity I'd say!) I sit in all weathers out with my chickens. Don't worry too much over all the things you read can go wrong, and if they do, that's what this forums for. Lots of friendly advice and help. Enjoy getting your chickens, they are fantastic fun. Good luck
  13. Bess, the proud mother of 4, six week old chicks has started laying again. At the moment they are staying seperated from my big girls but are out free ranging together most of the day. Bess is going into the main coop and gorging on layers pellets and oystershell which are out of reach of the chicks. Bess and the chicks are going on their holidays to my sisters for 2 weeks, will she be ok on just chick crumb again? I realise she'll prob stop laying again. Or should I send her with a supply of oyster shell, (I know the chicks can't have layers but what about shell?) advice much appreciated
  14. At the weekend I wait until they are 'asking' , well moaning to get out, around 7/7.30 ish. Try waiting until you hear them, bet it's not that early. 5.30 sheesh, you must be knacked, chicken keeping is supposed to be fun
  15. I do enjoy the holidays but up here in scotland they seem to have 7 weeks off this year! That's way to long in my opinion, 5 weeks would be better. But then I'm one of these grumpy mums that moans because p7 has been all about having the best year ever, than actually doing any work, grrr.
  16. I've got a steamer too and it drys quickly, if I need it dry quick I've got the microfibre cloths from asda which dry it super quick. The bigger 'wet wipes' for floors are great for a quick spruce up, the own brand makes are just as good I've found. Good luck, my parents have a lab that loves to guddle in mucky puddles
  17. I'm in the door closed gang, I take the food in at night and last time I left the door open they were up at 5 making a heck of a noise. I let mine out at 7ish (I can't do lie ins ) I have very close neighbours who are lovely and like a lie in so I tend to let them free range first thing as it keeps them quiet. They have me well trained..
  18. School hols start today Having a last cup of tea in the peace and quiet before going to pick up my daughter from school. Expecting lots of teary faces, she's going up to high school after the hols and asked if I'd pick her up at the door in case she was "emotionally drained and needed support" lol. Bet lots of the mums will be in a worse state!! Not me, I've already told her she'll be a latch-key kid by the start of high school. Woohoo.
  19. What a lovely friend you must have, the last gift I got from a friend was a trivet!...chickens win hands down
  20. Lee, I've put a pic on of my female marans, your marans looks more black than brown, is it? Prob a boy if so.
  21. Another pic of the p.rock It is soo tricky taking pics of chicks, they never seem to sit still for a moment!!
  22. This is my choc marans bantam female (not the bonniest lol) This I'm also hoping is a girl in a strange colour, seem to be same size legs, comb, body etc I'm hoping this is a girl Plymouth Rock bantam, she is much more feathered up than any of the others although same age Lastly we have a silver pencilled Wyandotte bantam, this I think may be a boy as it isn't feathered up as much as the others and generally more confident, having a wee sunbathe So, got all my breeds all sorted out now, just need the sex of them lol
  23. I was going to buy a new triangle summer shade for the run but noticed theyre now a more rectangle shape, I like the old one as it fits over the clear rain cover, does anyone know if the new shape fits over? Lack of actual sizes on the various shades I thought
  24. They sound like a lovely mixed bunch, I don't think you'll have many problems in them getting over, when mine were young I did catch them on my decking handrail but that's only about 4ft. They never even attempt going up now, too much to keep them busy with on the ground, mine are loving this wet weather and all the worms around. Good luck, bet you're super excited. Nicky
  25. I've not used a vacuum cleaner for mine but did use a garden vac to try and get the aubiose out from behind the wire. I can't see of any problems as our builders used one for just about anything. I would get one but would be ridiculed by the family as I do like to have a tidy run, they say OCD but I just like cleaning They all had a field day when I vacuumed the decking...but I was painting it and the brush was useless did come up beautiful

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