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  1. Is anyone selling an extension for a MARK 1 WALK IN RUN? Pleeeeeeeease!
  2. I have a mark 1 walk in run which i want to extend to give my girls more room. I've emailed omlet to ask for advice but thought I'd ask on here too in case anyone has experience of this issue! I'm wondering if a mark 2 extension would work? Or better still does anyone in or near Bristol have a mark 1 extension to sell???? Thanks! PS it's sooooooooooooo annoying when omlet 'upgrade' and stop selling the mark 1 stuff!! Alice x
  3. Thank you so much for your replies, you have put my mind at rest! She is 2, so not that old, but has never laid softies before. They have access to oyster shell & grit but ive never seen them eat it! I bought some limestone flour a while back so will try that, and some cod liver oil mixed in with the food. Im flubenvetting them this week so i know they are only eating the pellets (& whatever beetles and slugs they are finding among the woodchips!) Thanks again!
  4. Im worried about one of my girls... recently a couple of her eggs have been soft with a funny long bit attached. Then we had several completely normal ones. I also found a little piece of something in the nestbox which i think was a lash. Shes been behaving normally but then about an hour ago she was looking a bit funny and my other chicken was following her around, looking at her bottom and pecking it. Then all of a sudden an egg came out of her with no shell or membrane, just the white and yolk, all runny. Her friend then ate it! What could be causing this? Should i take her to the vet? thanks
  5. I took felicity to the vet and unfortunately she has a large tumour in her tummy. I had my son with me so didn't want to have her pts today . Also she seems so bright in herself it just didn't feel right. I will see how she is over the next couple of days and come to a decision.... poor felicity, she is a lovely lovely girl
  6. Thanks for your reply. She is eating normally and hasn't been laying softies either. I will keep watch on her poos and pop her to the vet if this continues...
  7. Hello, just looking for some advice about one of my ladies, Felicity She went through her first mount last autumn and hasn't laid since. Lately she's laid a few lashes, mostly tiny ones but a couple of big. Most of the time she is behaving normally but occasionally she goes a bit quiet and hunched, just as she does before she lays a softie. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do to help things along? Will my favourite girl ever lay again? Thank you
  8. Hello, I haven't been on here for a while as all has been running fairly smoothly.... but now I need some advice about my run please! I currently have sharp sand over a membrane which has worked well but there is one area which has got VERY smelly so I've removed all the stinky stuff right down to the membrane and am now thinking of changing over to hardwood chips. Should I remove all the sand first or would it be ok to put the wood chips on top? I'm also wondering whether wood chips are better on bare earth or on the membrane? Flyte so fancy seem to favour bare earth whereas newlands poultry use a membrane... I would love some advice as I really want to get this right! thank you x
  9. My girls used to eat neatly from their grub but have turned onto messy little monkeys and now sweep it all onto the floor which makes a big mess and I'm worried will encourage rats! Is there a better feeder option which would discourage them from Doing this? Thanks!
  10. Thank you all so much for your replies. I will wait to worm. Hopefully there will be a gap before another one starts moulting! Alice x
  11. Looking for some advice please... My girls were last wormed in may so are due to be done again. I was going to do it a couple of weeks ago but then one chicken was ill & not eating so I waited... Then she got better so I was going to do it but then I noticed piles of feathers everywhere and the same chicken is now moulting! The other two don't seem to have started their moult. So should I wait? Or flubenvet them anyway? I'm worried if I wait for all 3 to finish moulting that the worming will be long overdue! What to do????
  12. Thanks for the reply Maryhen. On Sunday felicity made a full recovery, much more perky & upright and vocal! Eating more and pooing normally! I don't know whether the bokashi bran & pellets warm mash and poultry tonic in the water helped or whether she just 'self cured' but I am Very relieved!! Alice
  13. She had some tuna a couple of days ago but wasnt that fussed by mealworms earlier today. She had some corn & a bit of eggy rice though and a bit of warm mashed up pellets. Will give her tuna again tomorrow. Thanks x

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