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  1. thanks mimi - i hadnt thought of that - we do need to check one of them over actually - so might try tonight at bedtime!!


    it wasnt me that let them FR - hubby !!! say no more !!!


    It was fine until we tried to get them back i n - took 30 mins and needed both of us !!


    Hubby wont be doing that again quickly !!!


    Last night i just sat in with them for a while - slowly slowly is how its got to be x

  2. thanks Mimi5


    yes they are separated in the WIR but can see each other - we got them yesterday and they all FRed today for a very short time and it was all quite calm really - only trouble was it took 40 mins to get the newbies back in !!


    Our plan is to try and sit in with them as much as poss and slowly win their trust but i think it will take a long long time.


    We have trained ours to come back in when the mealworm tub is shaken so again that is the plan for the newbies - but no corn - they are proper huge !!!


    Can believe 2 years ago we had 4 chucks and now we have 10 !! oh my goodness !!


    Pics - sorry I'm not very good with technology but i will try


    thanks again x

  3. Hi there


    We have just adopted 3 more hens - we think they are around 2 years old - that seem to be totally feral and doesnt look like they have been handled much at all.


    Its quite a shock for us as all our hens have always been handled and so let us pick them up (even the fussy ones)


    We realise it is going to take quite some time to tame these new girls - any hints or tips to make things easier ??


    They seem quite overweight too and I think they have been over feed on corn


    thanks in advance

  4. we have 7 chucks (soon to be 10) and i can say that only 1 of them is noisy and only really when she lays an egg. My neighbours have told me they like the sound of the chucks and I think its like anything - you will probably think they are noisier than they are because you are listening out for them...


    good luck - getting hens was the best thing we ever did x

  5. we have a feather pecker in our gang too - bumpas bits are the only thing that has worked for us - she had one on for about 3 months and then we removed it - had to refit a few months ago when we got 4 more exbats but we will remove it soon - its a habit that needs to be broken


    They never look comfortable to be honest but she doesnt mind once shes stopped sulking !


    good luck

  6. Hi there


    This might be a silly question but does anyone know if a chickens preen gland will grow back ??


    We picked up 4 exbats on Saturday and one of them has obviously had some sort of injury/attack as her preen gland is basically not there/sort of healed over.


    any ideas ? and will she be ok without it if it doesnt grow back ??

  7. we got a rabbit hutch off gumtree for £15 - refelted the roof and waterproofed it and its as good as new - we put our oldies in there and gave the new ex bats the luxury of the eglu ! We have very feisty oldies so its helped to knock them down a peg or two !! haha


    good luck - our 4 newbies ( got on Sat) are doing fab and put themselves to bed last night - so lovely giving them a new home x

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