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  1. sorry i meant Verm-x - its what the farm gave us to use ?? and what Omlet sell ?? Isnt this any good ?
  2. we did wonder about worms - so we started with Vertex yesterday no we didnt pay for her - and yes maybe - not bothered about the eggs really so thats not a problem. Just want her to brighten up again xx thank you
  3. Ok so she is not broody then Sorry - yes she is definately older - sorry i didnt mention that. The 3 others are POLs and then we wanted a ranger and they didnt have a newbie so we had one that was wandering around the farm.She is definately older and the farm advises us about the loss of feathers etc - so we know thats not a problem
  4. Shes not very active at all really - she is still peeking the others and trying to be the boss but she very slow....Shes still going mad for mealworm treats and drinking. Her tail does still seem to be up and her eyes are bright. Maybe she is broody I dont know ?? Thank you for the reply - its just nice to be able to ask and share the worry !
  5. Hi there We are new to keeping chickens - had them 3 weeks now - love having them but not finding it easy going. We had 4 girls. All was going well. Then our Sussex, Matilda, had a funny turn, went all wobbly, looked like she was drunk, then her head dipped down to the ground and she stayed like that for 5 mins or so. She is totally fine now and we reckon she may have eaten something she shudnt have ?? Next incident - our copper black, Marmite, was doing well, no probs at all, my hubby was in the garden and heard a lot of sqwaking, was going to check but didnt then when he went to put them to bed he found her at the other end of the coop, dead : ((( such a shock and no idea why it happened ?? He thinks maybe there was a fight (?) she flew out the hen house and maybe into the wall ?? Then our boss, Doris the ranger is obviously not quite right, she was very fiesty when we got her, defiantely the boss, always first out in the morning and always first to bed to get her spot. The last 3 or 4 days she has been very quiet, not moving much and just not right. Any ideas ?? She is older than the other 3, has no feathers underneath as the farm said she was getting ready to be a mum and feathers wud return after her winter moult. She hasnt laid since we had her either. She has passed a few poos that basically look like egg white ?? It seems to be one thing after another and just wondering if its anything we have done wrong ?? Any words of support would be great thank you x P.s. our 4th hen - Gwen a Blue Haze is totally fine and no trouble at all (so far !!!)

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