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  1. Saying a very quick hi (as im at work !!!) Try not to be overly worried - if you only got them on Sunday they will still be sorting out the pecking order - give them abit longer to settle in first. When you are able to supervise them and see bad behaviour you could use a water pistol to "shoot" the offender - sounds funny but it works...Also you could try seperating the "bully" for short periods of time to make her realised she is being mean ! Vaseline is definately worth a go for the combs. Eating - i would say set up more than one feeding/drinking station - as PEcky cant be in 2 places at once so giving the others a chance to feed Just try and enjoy them - they will take a while to settle as they are also recovering for battery life but it will settle down im sure. Im by no means an expert and there will be others along soon with much better advice. We have had our chucks a year now and they are just ace
  2. Bumpa Bits are the ONLY thing that worked for us - we have never fitted them before but it was really easy - i held them hubby fitted the bumpa - it really is the only way !
  3. We kept ours apart for about 2 weeks but with lots of supervised free ranging - there were still fights after that but they soon settled down....can u create any places they can escape too - high perches or an old chair they can hop onto to get away from the oldies ?? good luclk x
  4. Hey congrats RedBug - ex bats are the best we got ours from Cov too - last year - wonder where you live !! Might be close to us - we are in Earlsdon x
  5. Hi there HarrisonFamily I think this is pretty much a rare incident - we had 3 exbats in July last year and they have been lovely. Yes you get the initial intro problems with existing birds and a few squabbles while they sort out the pecking order but generally everything goes well. It does sound horrid but please dont let it put you off - they really are a joy (on the whole ) xx good luck
  6. I would defo ring BHWT - they offered us brilliant advice and help when we got our ex bats Good luck
  7. i use a hen hotel too - its fab - chucks arent fussed by it at all - mine worm them too !! FAb Dont worry just enjoy ur hols
  8. thanks guys - i will check the calcium supplements out. They have grit and we buy a good quality feed but will check the calcuim content in it As long as they are healthy and happy thats fine with me - i dont care if they lay or not i just dont want them to be in pain or suffering in any way They do seem perfectly fine so its all good : ) thank you
  9. One of our hens (dont know which one) is laying shell less eggs. We werent too worried to start with but now it is happening regularly - any ideas please ?? Wondering if it was one of the ex-bats they are coming to the end of their laying life ?? They are all looking fit and healthy and none of them are off their food Thanks in advance
  10. we have had a straw bale in the WIR on occasions - the chucks love it - they peck it and use it to jump on and off. Yes they poo on it but we just turn it over every so often
  11. Fitting them isnt actually as bad as you think its gonna be. Defo recommend 2 people though - I held hen in towel, hubby put them on We have had ours on for probably 3 months and are just gonna leave them on until they fall off and then reassess. Good luck
  12. how wonderful - we love our ex bats to bits and wud only ever have exbats again its amazing how quickly they plump and feather up - was only thinking today how big and healthy ours look just a joy enjoy yours xx
  13. my 3 exbats are Dora Dotty and Daisy and my 2 originals are Gwen the hen and Matilda xx I love thinking of names - let us know what you decide
  14. we put a bay in the run - chucks love it to jump on and it also divides 2 areas and so keeps "some" of the mud at bay
  15. Your chucks will be feathered up in no time - I was so surprised how quickly ours feathered and put on weight - probably only took 3 months max....they are feistier than other hybrids and have loads more character. Would always have exbats from now on in xx
  16. They do hold their price very well - we were lucky and managed to get one for about £180 - it was being marketed as a rabbit hut and although it had the nesting box it didnt have the roosting bars so I think that put people off. We managed to pick the bars up cheap from another seller, so we got a bargain....You just have to watch and wait !!
  17. we always leave the door open now - cudnt go back to closing and opening up every night - makes it all so much easier xx ours are abit noisy but i just give the neighbours extra eggs and they say they like the sound of the hens anyway !!
  18. We introduced our 3 newbies to out 2 oldies after a week of being in seperate runs but being able to see each other. We did daily supervised free ranging and then put them together at night time after a week Good luck xx Ex bats are ace xx
  19. We have had feather plucking and eating problem - big time ! We use Bumpa Bits and its all been sorted out now - are there definately none out there small enough ??
  20. get them if you have room - mine dont care about the weather - and the nights are already lighter - 5pm last night before it started getting dark xxx Spring will soon be here xxx
  21. we leave food out too - did bring in all the time but we dont seem to have a problem so dont bother now x
  22. haha i have only had my lot since the summer and constantly learning - i have stopped worrying so much now though !! sure your doing everything just fine
  23. I use Warwickshire Chicken Coop for holiday care - Jenna is lovely and very knowledgeable - they have had a burglary but are still open for business. We tend to get out feed etc locally but her little shop does seem well stocked

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