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  1. aww their feathers are coming thru then - same as ours - they were all baldy when we got them a month ago but they are also now having a moult too....BHWT said same to us (rang them cos of the feather eater) the new black quills coming thru are like sweets apparently...... We did have a problem with the feather eater before we got the ex bats - but the bumpa bit has defo done the trick good luck xxx
  2. yes we did start at the same time and yes it must be so awful for you when all has been well for so long. We on the other hand have had one thing after another I just say "bring it on" now Wouldn't change any of it though... Ur sure the picked on one isn't poorly and just hiding it ? Sure it will all be fine xxx Bet u don't sleep tonight though BHWT are brilliant aren't they x
  3. oooh don't get me wrong I still consider myself a newbie that's for sure ! but nothing surprises me with chickens anymore !! I wouldn't bother them tonight - once they are in and sleepy/sleeping I doubt anything will happen. I would try and let them out in the morning as soon as possible though just incase Just keep an eye on them tomorrow - it was like all out war when we introduced our newbies to the old uns - you just feel terrible for them. Might just have been a one of attack but because it drew blood it might have made the others join in as they are attracted to it Lots of luck and keep us posted - sure someone more experienced will come along with some advice. It usually best to remove the bully if needs be, bring them down a peg or too...Let them all free range as much as poss then at least she can get away if she needs to xx Hopefully it will all be fine xx
  4. you have done all you can do - I would just suggest to get up early and make sure they are out and about as soon as possible. There shudnt be any nonsense overnight. Its hard but its all part of the great chicken keeping life. Just keep an eye on them and see what happens. Constantly learning that for sure - I guess because u have had no problems so far start its more of a shock and seems so random. Cos we have had constant problems from the start things don't faze me as much
  5. have u got a cat carrier or something that u cud let her sleep in but put it in the walk in run ??? (that's if you want to keep them separate tonight) Bumpa bit as suggested is also a good idea - one of ours has a bumpa on due to her feather eating - its done the trick for now good luck xx
  6. Oh dear - its shocking isnt it. my lot attacked one of ours and it was shocking to come home and find her sooo poorly. We had a reason for ours though - she was poorly and they obviously knew and were picking on the weak. We had to have her PTS but that was because of the illness not the attack. Is your girl likely to be poorly and u havent realised - chickens do hide it very well
  7. We have just intergrated with exbats with 2 POLs. We kept them in a WIR run but fenced off from each other - did 10 mins of FR together slowly increasing time - took about 2-3 weeks then all in together. We had sure there was lots of food / drinks / perches to escape - was easier than i thought it might be but still quite a worry - definately the slower the better and yes an old animal crate would defo do the job Good luck and let us know how you get on - think we have had ours about 5 weeks now and they all seem to be friends now xx
  8. just to show me up, again ! Both POLs are now laying - cheeky chucks !!! Not worried about the exbats as they are moulting and regrowing sooo many new feathers at the moment and they desperately need a break anyway so all is well in our world again - for now at least
  9. Im in Coventry too, we use Broad Lane Vets, only had to go once but they were very good
  10. Ok thats great thank you, and as we thought really, just good to get reassurance as only had them since June so its all still fairly new x Thanks so much for the reply x
  11. some times mine do and sometimes they dont - chucks are weird !
  12. Well POL Gwen is happily still laying away - every day Our 3 exbats have stopped laying but they are all moulting and regrowing lots of lovely new feathers so im happy they are having a break our 2nd POL has stopped laying ?? Any ideas why ?? She stopped laying when we fitted her bumpa bit - she went into a massive strop and stopped eating - we refitted it and shes been eating again for over a week but still no eggs ?? Shud we be worried ??
  13. Yay sulky girl is now eating and drinking with her bumpa bit on, such a relief !
  14. The Dogmother We refitted the bumpa bit - changed it so it was slightly higher (near her eyes) - we did give "old grumpy" a few mealworms inbetween removal and refit and she gobbled them down - she refused them again once refit was complete !! Then she went off to sulk - so we will see how it goes tomorrow thanks for all your help today xx
  15. I think you probably know your chuck well enough to know what is right for her Its sooooo nice to come on here though and get help and encouragement. I think if she is happy, eating and drinking then just see how it goes - if in a few weeks/months you think she is getting worse reassess the situation We have done that with a poorly hen before now - not a good outcome for us in the end - but a totally different problem - in the end we knew what was right and what was best for her. If shes happy enough - go with it xxx good luck xx
  16. We bought POLs in June and then added 3 exbats 3 weeks ago - we would go ex-bats all the way from now on xx Good Luck - chucks are the best and these Forums are fab for help and advice
  17. Great - thank you once again i will go and investigate poultry tonic and Biotin powder we already put cider vinegar in water - shud we put tonic in too or just the tonic on its own thanks for your time
  18. We only had the POLs in June - didnt think they were meant to moult yet ?? Are the exbats likely to be moulting do you think - obviously we only got them 3 weeks ago so no idea on age but i guess there are around 12-18months.. oooh i do love my chucks but there is SO much to learn Thanks for all your help The Dogmother x
  19. No she hasnt been able to claw it out and it has been on a fair few days now. We are wondering now if the other POL is doing it too as there are still lots of feathers in the coop in the morning BUT this hen also has feathers pecked from her back so we originally assumed it was Matilda doing it. The exbats dont seem to have lost anymore feathers on their backs but they now have bald patches on their throats - really not sure whats going on at all
  20. haha well thats reassuring !! haha i hand feed her some peas last night and she had a few - i personally just think she is in a sulk !! I will check tonight about the nostrils though - thanks very much
  21. We dont think the Bumpa Bit girl is eating - its been fitted for a few days now - she never eats when she comes out in the morning and we have seen her attempt to eat later in the day but not manage it Any ideas ?? should we just stick with it a little longer ??
  22. yup we have that 2 - our ex bats are less that half the size of our original two POLs They hang around the door of the Eglu - and half go in and then come out again - cos they know the big bad bullies are in there But they do eventually make a run for it and hide in a corner inside !! Hoping they will all become good friends eventually - they arent too bad but defo not best mates yet !

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