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  1. Our darling crazy girl Liquorice passed away today. She will be greatly missed. It won't be the same looking out the window and not seeing her marching back and forth because there is a starling 3 gardens away. She was a little nutcase but we loved her all the more for it. Fly high our sweet crazy girl.
  2. I've had the girls for coming up to 2 months now. Before we got them we used to eat chicken (organic free range) about once a week, since we got them I think I've had chicken once and that was when I went to my mum's for lunch. My girls are pets. We love them to bits, my son is obsessed with them but we'd never think twice about eating the eggs. They are beautiful gifts laid with love much as cats bring dead things home for you (or in the case of my house cats till receipts lol), I know what I'd rather have. I had them on a weeks course of flubenvet just after I got them and as we eat organic as much as possible I decided we weren't going to eat the eggs for that week. I felt so so guilty like I was letting them down. Thankfully from now on we'll be using Verm-X, I just wanted to make sure they were in good health after buying them. They also have garlic powder in their food daily, Bokashi and orego-stim in their water so hopefully they will have a healthy balance internally and I can stick to the herbal treatments. If not hopefully their weekly (or twice weekly if one is under the weather or probably in winter too) yoghurt, Bokashi and meal worm treat will help. They get a few meal worms every day as a treat and grape, sweet peppers, dandelions etc. We spoil them rotten but they're pets not livestock to us. It was weeks ago and thinking about wasting those beautiful eggs still upsets me now
  3. I ordered a compost bin when I first decided to get the girls. It's only been a few months and it's filling up quickly but I'd recommend getting one. Free compost and saves room in your rubbish bin especially when alot of councils are considering reducing the amount of collections they do. Well worth having especially if you drink coffee with grinds or tea as both of the waste products are good and if you have vegetable peelings and actually have enough grass left to cut with hens (lol who needs a lawn mower) grass cuttings can all go in too. Have a look on your council's website as they often sell compost bins much cheaper than if you bought them from a local DIY chain.
  4. I freaked out too. Wasn't sure if she had a growth, or some sort of weird feather follicle infection lol I thought maybe one of the other girls had pulled one of her feathers out and it was growing back with an infection. I was so relieved when I found out it was just a preen gland. The dust bath never freaked me out but I have seen both my mum's girls and wild birds dong that however the first couple of times I saw my girls sorting their crop out I freaked out thinking that they had gape worm. Thankfully someone on here put my mind at ease. Lol I guess we are all mammals so keeping mammals as pets most things they do seems normal to us birds however have different anatomy and habits and it takes a while to get familiar with what is normal and what isn't. Caecal poos also got me a bit concerned. I'd seen them in the run but never seen who had done them so not knowing what they were assumed they were all from the same hen and that she had a digestive problem or worms lol. I think with their habits you never feel more like a novice but quickly learn. I've had my girls just over 2 weeks now and have already had to deal with red mite, an egg bound girl and one who I swear had man flu (no signs of what was wrong as everything felt and looked right she just looked really really sorry for herself) who is better now. Lol I'm still no expert but have learnt ALOT in a short space of time. Welcome to a fun adventure lol.
  5. I second that about tipping it upside down and shaking it then squeeze hard and it puffs out. I usually have to shake every 2 or 3 puffs. I think with it being such a fine powder it gets clogged up even when dry and just needs shaking to give the individual particles room to get through the hole.
  6. I've just started putting garlic powder in the girls feed after one was a little under the weather and I thought it may give her immune system a bit of a boost. She's on the mend with or without is's help so that's good but the added bonus is the smell of the poos. I was just outside when 2 of my girls did caecal poos (which any of you who have been around their girls when they do one know that they stink something rotten) and they smell of garlic no nasty caecal poo smell at all. Hopefully it will deter biting insects too. Anyone who loves their girls but doesn't love the smell of their poos that stuff is great (especially if you're unfortunate enough to have one do a caecal poo ON you whilst handling the lol. I know some people don't like the smell of garlic but most I think would prefer it to hen poo smells. I do a daily, sometimes twice daily poo pick to keep the run and house as fresh as I can but I imagine the neighbours would rather the faint smell of garlic too.
  7. I hope your girls sort themselves out soon too. The heat has been a bit much for animals recently.
  8. Hi thanks. I didn't see how they'd help with her being egg bound either but I read it somewhere. The tips online about a warm bath worked wonders though. 25 mins in the bath and an hour or 2 later out came a slightly rough put otherwise perfect egg. She laid again with no problems yesterday although the shell was a little thinner than normal egg shell so it cracked a little when it hit the nest box (more a dent than a crack as it didn't break the egg). Hopefully she'll settle into laying soon as it's only her 3rd egg. I'd never give them anything without checking on here or with a vet first as I know there are all sorts of things online and not all of them give good advice. Good to know that you can buy avian electrolytes if I ever need them for anything in the future though. Pleased to have a happy hen again.
  9. Cheers. It's a weight off my mind. I'm just so happy she's back to normal now.
  10. Good news Beetroot was egg bound and the bath obviously helped. She's just come out of the nest box and there was a slightly larger than average light coloured rough egg. So pleased that's all over and hopefully no more dramas now atleast for a while lol. Hopefully she'll not have any more problems with laying bless her.
  11. Well still no egg yet after her bath but she's back in the run with the others and so far seems back to her usual self. She's been eating her food, pecking around, preening etc. and she seems more energetic than yesterday afternoon. She's not been straining or shutting her eyes and hasn't been going off by herself. I'll see how she seems later but fingers crossed she's on the mend whatever was the problem. Thanks again for the advice. You could be right about the softie thing as I would imagine if she'd had a proper hard egg ready from yesterday I imagine she'd seem like she was in some sort of discomfort but she seems ok at the minute so maybe the bath just made her relax a bit and hopefully she'll lay it later.
  12. She's had her bath. Took her out after about 25 minutes so we'll see if it helps. Fingers crossed it'll help her.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I didn't see how electrolytes would make any difference either. You read all sorts though don't you lol. She's been separated from the others but they can still see each other. I'm just running her a bath now. I tried in a washing up basin thinking she'd squat in it but she now only has very clean feet and legs as it wasn't deep enough. Thanks for the tip off that she could be brewing a softie. Time will tell as to what exactly is the problem but I'm going to give her her bath for 20 mins and if after an hour she's the same I'll try one more bath then if still no egg or change by 10.30 I'll give the vet a ring. Hopefully the bath will help though. She's still the same as she was, pecking around now and then and then sat lethargic and looking like she's straining. She maybe seems normal about half of the time. I just hope she's better soon. We may only have had her a week but we love her to bits.
  14. One of my girls may be egg bound and I read somewhere that electrolytes my help. Is it ok to give dioralyte that is designed for humans or would I need a special one. Obviously it being a Sunday if I order anything online it will be Tuesday at the earliest before anything arrives. I put a post on the clinic part of the forum to see if it does seem like she's egg bound but forgot to ask about this.

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