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  1. Getting the new chooks isn't a problem money wise, i was more worried if we ended up having to sell the house. Looks like we'll get a couple more girls shortly as I really don't want my little girl being miserable. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  2. Is it too cruel to keep one on her own? We had been planning to increase our flock this year, but due to uncertainty at work with reduncancies we decided to put these plans on hold for a while. Both mine and my fiances jobs are uncertain at the moment and if either one of us finds ourselves out of work we will most likely have to move house. We thought it better not to complicate things by having a larger flock of chooks to think about. However we didn't anticipate that our flock of three would become one so soon. Two of our chooks have died suddenly in the past month and so we find ourselves with just one. I would rather wait till we know our financial situation etc before getting any more (infact we've talked about maybe being chook free for a year before starting again), but I would not do this if it really is too unfair on our remaining chook. I don't want her to be miserable, but it just feels like the wrong time to be getting more! Could she be ok on her own? So far (although it's only been a few days) she seems ok. She is eating, laying and behaving normally. Would it be ok to just see how she goes? Honest opinions please.
  3. GEB

    I'm Confused

    Thanks for your replies. I'm feeling a bit better about it now. I guess I just have to accept it as one of those things. At least I feel I did everything I could for her, and as you say, I know she had a lovely life. Its strange without her today, and the other two seem lost without her. Chucky Mamma I worm with flubenvet.
  4. GEB

    I'm Confused

    She was about 2 1/2 years old. I thought if it was old age it would be more of a gradual decline and then passing away in her sleep, but all the liquid she was passing out her rear end I feel sure something was going on, just no idea what!
  5. GEB

    I'm Confused

    Last night my favourite chook Sweetie died She was the most tame docile girl I've ever come across, our top chook and even those who claimed not to like chickens couldn't help but love her as she was so very sweet. I'm confused how she can have gone from seeming to be completely healthy to dead in under 24 hours. She had displayed no signs of being unwell in the lead up to yesterday. She last laid a softie a few days ago, but this was normal for her at this time and she was laying less and less and we assumed she was stopping due to age. She had never had any crop problems, worms or mites. However when I went out at about 4pm yesterday she was clearly feeling under the weather. She had adopted the sick chicken pose and was very slow to walk down the garden. I brought her inside initially just to assess her. I couldn't feel or see anything wrong except that her crop was pretty empty and she was pooing lots of milky liquid with absolutly no faecal matter (sorry for being graphic!). She wouldn't eat anything, not even her favourites, but was drinking alot of water. I then kept her in and stayed up through the night keeping up her fluid intake and also giving her sugar water intending to take her to the vet first thing this morning. I went to bed at 2.30am for three hours, but when I got up to check on her at 5.30am she was dead. I've looked her over and still no obvious cause so I assume some fast acting infection? Does anyone have any ideas? Without knowing why she died I am nervous for my remaining girls. Not helped by the fact that this seems incredibly similar to the death of my previous chook( although this was over a year ago now). Sorry to ramble on, but I'm upset and I feel so deflated that I couldn't save her. It's like she waited for me to leave and then just gave up
  6. My girls get the pulp from the juicer. They love it all. Have never given them citrus fruit, but they go mad for pineapple and it has never caused me any problems.
  7. This sounds sooo yummy! Do you have it on its own, or what do you serve with it?
  8. I've got three apple trees in my garden, so always a few apples to freeze. I fill a bowl with water and add a pinch of salt and a few sqeezes of lemon. Peel and chop apples to desired size. Dunk apple in the bowl then throw in a freezer bag and freeze. Works well and you don't get any discolouration.
  9. One of mine, Ginger is exactly the same. She has had this problem ever since we got her, and diet, worming etc have never made a difference. We bathe her when it gets too bad, but have had to learn to relax about it a little otherwise we'd have to wash her every day. She is our most difficult to handle chook (probably because we're always trying to bathe her) so she finds the experiance stressfull, consequently we try to keep the bathing to a minimum and have accepted she will always have dirty knickers. I do worry about flystrike so I try to keep a close eye and as I say we do bathe her occasionally. I try to make sure they always have a dust bath available as she will clean the worst of it off in that. I don't let it worry me too much, she is healthy and happy.
  10. My girls get through a sac in about 5 weeks, and I only have three of them. The amount of food you're getting through doesn't sound excessive to me.
  11. i definately think there should be an age limit. I found watching Hollie upsetting, and definately not entertainment! I agree aswell, that Simon would not be so understanding to an adult, but he's a softie when it comes to children and animals.
  12. My three get through a sack of feed in approx 5 weeks. They have eaten this much since they started laying, and i definatly don't have any other pellet eating visitors. the only time they eat less is when they are getting more than normal free rangeing time and they fill up on grass.
  13. Definatly bottom! Lightly toasted, with butter.....Mmmmmm!
  14. I've written to them aswell. Fingers crossed for this lovely couple and their girls!
  15. Before we had chooks I would only of poached eggs using one of those special pans and was never that impressed to be honest. Now that we get such lovely fresh eggs i find poaching them straight in boiling water (no need to add anything) no problem at all. Just keep the water gently bubbling, drop in the eggs, two and half minutes later take them out with a slotted spoon to drain off all water. Perfect every time. Poaching is my favourite way to eat eggs now

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