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  1. Hello, Thanks for replies! The size of the run was the problem I had initially with my two girls. Felt they didn't have enough space so got another metre. I do let them out everyday, but I stay there because of the foxes. I wouldn't say they are out for the majority of the day. I was contemplating getting a walk in run aswel. So if I did decide maybe that would be a good plan. Let the ex-battery hens settle in and recover in my Eglu Go, and put my girls in the walk in run. Also if I did that I could get four ex-battery hens and then get a cube with a walk in run. Put them all in together. I think for now I will just research it and keep on enjoying my girls. It would be a shame to change my eglu though. I do love my Eglu Go and my girls. Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hello chicken enthusiasts, I am considering adding another chicken or two to my eglu flock!! I want to get a couple of battery hens, as many friends have told me how lovely they are, and they really do need new homes ! Unfortunately, I only really found out about battery hens after I got my two girls. At the moment I have two chickens (Hettie and Courgettie ) in an Eglu Go with a 3 metre run . I just wanted to ask a couple of questions: Firstly, does anyone have four chickens in their eglu Go? (I have a three metre run). If so does this work okay? Secondly, how easy is it to introduce new chickens? Would I be able to just put the new hens in the run straight away? I know a lot of people say you shouldn't. Again, any tips would be FAB. Thirdly, would I just be able to add one battery hen to my flock? Or do I need to add two? Thanks for any help, it's really appreciated!! Frances x
  3. Hi, thanks for all your answers. I have just been turfing her out and letting my other hen in when she wants to lay an egg. She doesn't seem to be pecking anymore either! I have put a football in the nesting box, but the broody hen just sits on the roosting bars at night as well . I am just going to continue what I am doing because she isn't sitting in the coop except for at night, and I am making sure that she eats and drinks everyday and has a bit of a scratch around for bugs. So her health condition hasn't dropped, but am hoping she will break out of it soon!
  4. Well, I shut the door and put a nesting box in the run which Hettie has laid her egg in and now they are both happily scratching around together. Im not sure about making her sleep outside as I only have two chickens and wouldn't want them to get lonely...instead I am going to do what most books suggest and put a large football in the nesting box. Thank you for your help!!
  5. This is the problem I am having at the moment. I don't really want to stop either of them going in, but feel sorry for Hettie not being able to get into the nesting box. So now my broody hen is just finding other spots as well. So I think I may let them in but then make sure I keep the other box there for Hettie to lay in. I have also just ordered some anti-peck spray..to try and stop her getting pecked. Thanks for your help
  6. Hi guys, Courgettie - my Maran Cuivre seems to be broody! Over the past few days she has spent huge amounts of time in the nesting box - puffed up and making unusual noises - which I haven't heard her make before. All books and websites say that this would be indicative to a broody hen . So yesterday afternoon after my other hen - Hettie had laid her egg, I shut the coop door in an attempt to stop Courgettie being broody in the nesting box. In the afternoon she still seemed a little different to her usual self but at least she was out scratching about looking for little crawlies to eat. So then in the evening when I let them back in again I put an upturned flowerpot in the nesting box again in an attempt to stop Courgettie going into the nesting box. Courgettie (Broody hen) went straight in and kicked it out . I couldn't move her as my usually friendly and cuddly hen has turned quite vicious . So Hettie has quite a large embarrassing bald patch on her chest which - I think is when she has tried to get in to the nesting box to lay an egg and Courgettie has pecked her. It isn't red however so I am not sure what it is exactly. So today I put in a shallow box with wood chips so that Hettie can lay an egg there if she needs to. And have shut the coop door. Now Courgettie just seems to be being broody in a hole shes made in the coop run. So my questions are: Do you think its likely that Courgettie would be pecking Hettie to stop her getting into the nesting box? May you have any tips about breaking the broodiness in Courgettie? Do you have any other tips that may help with the situation? FYI: -They are in a green Eglu Go -And Courgettie has been sleeping in the nesting box for the most of winter - I never thought to stop her . Sorry its such a long winded story... but I will be most grateful for any help! Thanks xx
  7. Hi, I am still quite new to keeping chickens so am still learning a long the way. So I would be grateful for somebody's input on the matter. Over the last week, whenever I have cleaned the coop I find grey feathers, which are presumably from by bluebelle . But when I went down this morning, my other chicken (who is a Maran Cuivre) has a small bald patch by her comb. Do you think they are both moulting? My maran cuivre is still laying everyday, but my blubelle has been much more infrequent over the last week. But yesterday evening when I went down to shut them in, I found two of her eggs under the bark in the chicken coop. One on the surface and one underneath (which had obviously been kicked under from another day, this has been the third egg i have found in the chicken run this week! Why do you think she maybe laying outside?!? Thanks for your help! I am just feeling a little unsure! I am also thinking of bringing my chickens to sleep inside tonight, because of all the fireworks! Do you think this is wise?
  8. Hi, Thanks for all your posts, I have just ordered a couple of coop cups! Should have asked sooner! Thanks again, Frances
  9. Hi. I have had my girls a good couple of months now. I have tried various methods of making grit containers. The lady whom I bought my chickens from said you can make one out of a plastic milk bottle. This didn't work because the girls just pecked at the string and the plastic. Which caused the grit to fall out and milk bottle to fall down. Then tried the same thing with a plastic butter container. They did the same thing! I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas. And if not can anyone recommend where I can buy one from - I don't want a big grit feeder (Like the one on the omlet website) because I have only got two chickens! Any help would be kindly accepted! Thanks, Frances
  10. I have had my girls (Also POL 18-20 weeks) about the same amount of time as you! My blubelle, Hettie started laying within about 8 days (First egg was a double yolker - very exciting). It took my Maran Cuivree, Courgettie quite a while longer. (We found her first egg in her run ). We think she started laying later because, from our understanding, she is quite a bit younger, because her comb isn't as big as Hettie’s and she hasn't filled out as much etc. Also each chicken does vary. I should imagine you will get eggs more or less all year round from your Rhode Island Red, because they are quite prolific layers . I couldn't say about a speckled Sussex, but I would imagine, that you will get eggs from both before next year! But I hope you do get eggs soon, as you will probably know all ready it is very exciting getting your chickens first eggs! - Especially if it’s a double yolker!
  11. I have to admit they are getting alot better with being handled!!! Even when I just stroke them they don't run away! Thanks for all the really helpful posts!!! They really do help!
  12. I think I might just go out and try a few of these things - because 'You will never know if you never try'! Thanks for all the really useful posts!!!
  13. Hi, thanks for all your posts! These all really help. I think I am going to have to try different things until I find the best way for me! And until the chickens get used to me picking them up! - Even if they don't particularly like it! Thanks again for all your posts - they really help!!!
  14. All this information helps! Mine do squat down when they are near the door and I stick my hand in! So I can pick them up to do various health checks etc. And they are about 20 weeks so should be coming into lay within the next week or two!!! I will just have to hope that they settle down a bit and make it a bit easier for me, by not flapping around as much! Some people say that going into the back of the coop and picking them up after they have gone to bed is a good way of getting them used to you! But I think that's a bit unfair because they are all comfortable and snuggled up with their friends!!! I also think it freaks them out a it because they can't see anything! What do you think? Thanks for all the information, it really helps!!!
  15. Thanks, this really helps!!! I've actually got an eglu go, but I do only have two girls! I am looking to FR them when they are little more settled! But we do have a LOT of foxes in the area! So will only let them FR when I am out in the garden, but I still feel the run is a bit cramped for them so am looking to buy an extension in the near future! Thanks again, this has been a really big help!!! Francesx
  16. Hi, As I am still really new to chicken keeping, I would really love some advice from the many chicken experts out there!!! If anybody has any tips on how to do various things, because no matter how many books you read it is always nice to have some information first hand!!! Or if you have any useful cleaning ideas on the I would love to hear from you!!! Thanks!!
  17. Hi, I have got two girls, I have picked them both up a few times - without any difficulties. People say that you should see the bird become more used to being picked up? - I have seen no improvement! I also find it a bit tricky to get hold of a chicken - because they are in the Eglu Go, and I can't bend down for a huge amount of time because of a knee issue. I usually wait until their head is pointing in the opposite direction, then pick them up before they make a fuss. But I am just wondering if anybody has any suggestions on these two topics?!? Some information would really help because I am still quite new to this! Thanks!!
  18. Thanks, that really helps! I have already put slaps around the run. But hadn't though of putting it under the eglu! Thanks!
  19. Hi, I have had my two girls home about three days now. I love them and the eglu go, and I am convinced that the eglu go is keeping my girls safe!!! But just earlier on today I saw a fox walking round the outside of the eglu. And so I felt I needed some reassurance that the girls are safe - because I am still very new to this!!! Have any foxes gotten into your eglu go? Or what have you done to prevent them? Thanks a lot!!! (I also Can't work out how to get the little icons of my chickens and eglu in my signature!!! - Any help welcome)

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