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  1. cool, but it's not just non bio washing powder ALL washing powder has irritants in. If she buys up a bulk load of bicarb and uses JUST that in her wash, really makes a difference. Hope she gets better soon B
  2. watch what her clothes are washed in as well, maybe your DIL could try just using bicarb in her machine for little ones clothes, and ditto the porridge oats in a cloth - I do that for me! It's lovely I don't know how old she is, she sounds quite young still so it's difficult really, sunshine (without sunburn) can be beneficial, as can bathing in mineral salts, but those will only treat the external symptoms which is fine if it's topical and down to an intolerance of something external. If it's something resulting from an inner imbalance there are different deocotions and teas that can help, but I wouldn't like to suggest those if she's really tiny. Chamomile oil can be really soothing, but don't put anything herbal etc on her skin if she's really tiny without checking with the dr.... Hope she grows out of it, my eldest had some behind her knees when she was little but luckily it disappeared by itself, I actually don't think anything the dr gave her helped really, just made us think we were doing something about it BeckyBoo
  3. I don't know how old she is but my eldest had repeated urine infections when she was about 4-6 ish and it turned out it was because she was "lazy" about going to the toilet. She would be so busy doing whatever it is 4-6 year old children were doing she couldn't be bothered to go, which made her bladder lazy and her urine built up and became, well, yukky I suppose. I had to make her a sticker chart and really encourage her to go to the loo ALL the time. She grew out of it eventually but it was a real worry then. Proper homemade lemon barley is supposed to be good for some urinary stuff I've just read, worth a go....anyway, hope all your littlies and not so littlies get well soon, my youngest has a croaky throat, the joys of "back to school"! BeckyBoo
  4. Not forgotten you missus, "Ooops, word censored!"ody on here has. Always here if you need a virtual shoulder to cry on, or to rant, or just to talk. Hang in there, still thinking of you BeckyBoo
  5. Terminal 5 is easier than the other terminals because it has it's own slip road in from the M25! The other terminals are off the A4 and can be quite confusing, especially with a million aggressive taxi drivers trying to get in the lane you want to get in!! But terminal 5 is signposted from the M25, has it's own slip road so you can't easily end up at Gatwick or terminal 2!! And yes, parking is a bloomin' rip off - collected a friend from terminal 3 last week and my dad from one of them a month or so ago - £6 for an hour and half or something with my dad!!! BUT, if it's a Sunday, you can always drive to Hatton Cross railway where you can park for NOTHING and catch the shuttle bus in!! I've taken the kids there before (sad I know) because the planes virtually skim the top of your head as they take off and land - you can almost read the menu sheets in first class BeckyBoo
  6. Hello Teabag, I don't know you and I don't get on here as much as I used to so I've only just seen this. But from one human being to another, lots of love. I hope love is keeping you going and the thoughts of everyone here can help to support you and your family at this terrible time. There isn't anything else to say except I am thinking of you and your family, all my love BeckyBoo
  7. it might be a horrible inquisition, but some of what they "allegedly" did isn't just immoral, or a bit below the belt. It's positively criminal. According to the papers (if you can believe anything any of them say) they hacked into Milly Dowlers phone after she went missing and deleted some messages. Her family thought she was still alive because her phone was being used. Presumable the Police ALSO thought she was still alive. Lets hope it didn't have an impact on the investigation..... Murdoch might be 82 and frail, but one of the privileges of being worth £5 billion is that the buck stops with you. No he can't be expected to know every little detail that goes on in his immense corporation, but if there is no one accountable in a position of seniority then he has to take the fall. As for Rebekah Brooks, don't get me started, never mind the convenient "suicide" or non-suspicious death of the former editor, Hoare or whatever his position was...... BeckyBoo
  8. I always thought that Madonna _ La Isla Bonita said - "young girl with eyes like potatoes...." And Kim Wilde sung about "view from a pig" instead of View from a Bridge.... BeckyBoo
  9. That made me laugh out loud!!! I shall be telling that one at work tomorrow BeckyBoo
  10. Why can't they strike on an inset day? We've had notice of inset days since the beginning of the school year and I've taken leave to cover them. Luckily my three are all at one school and there's no disruption there, but I would seriously object to having to take a precious days leave merely to cover for industrial action. We keep being told - "inset days aren't days off you know" - so strike on an inset day then? Or maybe part of the idea IS to inconvenience the customer so that they will put pressure on the government to capitulate? BeckyBoo
  11. (my personal favourite.... ) What's brown and sticky? A stick BeckyBoo
  12. I would LOVE pigs, a friend in Wales has a smallholding and had two BIG pigs which had piglets - she said it was like owning a yacht - you might as well stand there and tear up £50 notes!! So that rules me out then BeckyBoo
  13. Hmmmm, I think I agree with you Ziggy. We ARE by FAR the biggest "pest" that has ever inhabited this planet, if it weren't for us Mother Nature would arrange things as she saw fit and the fittest and most adaptable would survive. That, however, is how we came to be here, in the position we are now in and unfortunately there are a lot of things we now consider "pests" which are really just animals or plants being in a place in which we don't want thm. I'd go ahead with your allotment. Deer are only to be "discouraged" and I think that is fair enough - imagine getting to harvest only to find out they've been in and eaten everything you have sweated and toiled over. A high fence and good gates should solve that and, if there's a reserve next door, then they have plenty of other space to forage. As for rabbits, I am totally opposed on the one hand to culling creatures for our "convenience". BUT. Once again, if you are planting rows of lettuce and cabbages then you really DON'T want rabbits otherwise you might as well not bother. I've never had to explore humane rabbit deterrents, but if there are any and you're on the allotment committee or community, then at least you are there to promote it. Think of it another way, you wouldn't leave your chickens out all day and night free ranging and leave them to take their chances with the fox, you lock them away to protect them. Same with the allottment and deer. Hope you get a "lotty" I've been on a list for over two years - nothing BeckyBoo
  14. I know what you're saying Cinnamon, but taxi drivers don't just lose fares on a regular basis, they are very VERY often victims of assault and robbery themselves, he may well have thought Sadietoo's son had come back to have a go. It doesn't excuse it and yes, technically it could be considered robbery, it was certainly common assault. I wouldn't be a taxi driver on a Friday night or any OTHER night to be honest, there isn't enough money in the world. Hope your son is not too stressed by it, and hope his friends reconsider, they're probably all laughing it off as "one of those drunken pranks"......right up until the consequences catch up with them BeckyBoo
  15. Maybe you SHOULD hatch ostrich - that'd give you something cheerful to focus on!! (I was so excited when I read this, having seen our chicken perched on top of two goose eggs the image was TOO much ) Hope things pick up missus, in the mean time, like you say, you have to laugh otherwise you'd cry BeckyBoo
  16. good for you. Sometimes it's hard to be even civil without sounding rude, but to be honest if that's his attitude you could be Mahatma Ghandi and he'd think you were a trouble maker I've started the wheels in motion to get something else legal sorted today, just one more little tiny box ticked, but it makes you stand taller, hold your head up higher. Your house is YOUR territory, he should ASK to come in. How very dare he Hope he takes note, if he runs true to the same form as my ex, even from a polite but firm notice, you might end up hearing "something" back, but don't let it knock you. His anger and his rudeness just shows his inability to move on and accept that, actually, you're doing quite nicely thank you very much, and without him as well!! How very dare YOU??!! BeckyBoo
  17. I've just had a run in with my ex too - asked him for some pocket money for the kids so we could afford to go to the fair and he peeled off 3 x £10 notes - so £10 each to spend on the fair! He hasn't given me maintenance for weeks and now owes me over £800 - when I tell you he's only supposed to pay me £46 a week you can see homw many weeks he hasn't paid! But do you know what, much as I was furious, and miserable, and bad tempered and upset by it this morning, in the grand scheme of things I don't really care. Because my life might be skint, and you might not be able to afford the boiler repair, and we might both be having to rely on family to help us out, but I don't know about you but my life is FANTASTIC compared to what it was like when we were together. I am broke by the 3rd of EVERY month, I can't afford ice creams when the van comes round, we eat out of Asda and Tesco basics, but I wouldn't swap it and go back, not for anything in the whole wide world. You're soooooo much better off as you are. These financial hiccups are merely that, hiccups. You have to be tested along the way so you recognise when things are great BeckyBoo
  18. hmmmm, I remember getting involved in a discussion over this once, might have been on here Personally, and I haven't any direct experience of the company, whilst I understand the school wanting to do it - oh look at the cute fluffy chicks - I actually think the main educational value would be in watching the chicks mature, showing them the responsibility of feeding and cleaning, and seeing the hens begin to lay eggs. Not just hatch them then dispatch them. To me it's actually a very IRRESPONSIBLE way of showing children animals. In fact it makes life dispensable. Hatch it, then put it away out of sight when what's about to happen becomes unpallatable. But then my children know we cull our boys and eat them (we don't do it often) and although they don't like it they know where their meat comes from, they see our hens live and die. To me that's education, Just my two penneth - I'll get off me soap box now BeckyBoo
  19. Well done you - am very impressed. Personally I wouldn't have let him in either and I think he's got a darned cheek walking in and being nosey. But on the OTHER hand, he saw you being nice (offering coffee) looking good (fat tummy hiding cargos) AND trying your best to get his sons to talk to him, which they were having none of. So he has to go away knowing you are a) fine, b) better than fine and doing well, and c) that his kids still haven't forgiven him - and best of all, he can't blame or criticise you for any of it!! I have moments when I'm a really bitter ex I'm afraid so I'm VERY impressed that you kept your cool and handled it so well. Deserves a glass of something nice for you I think - they do say the best revenge is living well.... BeckyBoo
  20. someone from here put it on their Facebook page which is how I first saw it. I'm one (of many by the replies I go!! ) who spent an evening e mailing various organisations to see if they would help. (cos I'm a busybody and a nag. ) There were about 300 or so followers if that when I had a look first of all, two days later she's up to nearly 8000!! Her post today says she's now going to see Take That which she didn't think she would and loads of other things on her bucket list are happening! So pleased for her and her family - a truly awful thing to have to go through, at least she's making some happy memories and living til the day she dies BeckyBoo
  21. Hello everyone new, haven't been on this bit for ages so sorry for not saying hi Hope you're all enjoying your hens and welcome on here. If you're new to actual chicken keeping this place is fab - someone on here will ALWAYS know the answer to whatever question - even if it's nothing whatsoever to do with chooks! And hellooooo Jasperaliceuk, I'm just up the road from you BeckyBoo
  22. don't forget tea, coffe and sugar, I can manage most things once I've had a cup of tea in the mornings Crocs or similar to just slip on and off as you go in and out, and lots of layers to put on and off - 4 in the morning can be chilly any time of the year. Don't forget a chair to sit on, makes things all right with the world if you're not always balanced on an air bed to eat and drink. The best (and sometimes worst) bit about camping, I reckon, is first thing in the morning. I always wake up MUCH earlier than normal, about 5ish, and you creep out of bed, put on your fleece, stick your head out of the tent and breathe that absolutely, fresh, clean, never-been-breathed-before air. It's like drinking the purest water straight from a glacier, absolutely wonderful. Everyone else is still snoring, and you have your first cup of tea all alone in the world (apart from all the other mums doing the same thing!! And of course it's NOT so nice if it's been chucking it down all night long! ) Enjoy, you absolutely HAVE to go camping at least once in your life, hard work, but brilliant BeckyBoo
  23. They're already far more independent than chicken chicks are at this age - they come out of the shed in the morning - Mum first, then they barge past and off they go to eat grass. They don't mind leaving her to go for a swim either which is new this week. They're more friendly to us this week but they do still love their Mum. She seems totally nonplussed by the idea that her babies will soon be bigger than her and they're only three weeks old! Her sister is currently hatching four eggs for us - hens this time... due in a little under three weeks time... BeckyBoo
  24. Well you did ask..... Here we are with our Mum Here's us getting bigger! We were given them - goose eggs of fate! They poo even more than chickens but we love them BeckyBoo
  25. ......because I cannot actually quite believe my eyes. Ok, so the goose weigh in - this is getting REALLY ridiculous. Hatched 17th May at 4oz each. Weighed 30th May - 1lb 4oz. Weighed today (that's 6 days later folks)........2lb 6oz. So a gain of 1lb 2oz each in 6 days - OMG, how big are they going to be??!! Seeing as how they have a "Mum" albeit she's an Indian Game Bird chicken (and they're nearly as big as her!!) I have to say they are now really getting friendly. All stomach led obviously - they will run up the garden for a spinach leaf although they've yet to learn how to differentiate between fingers and green leaves :rolleyes: We are LOVING our goslings, Glorias foot (she was born with it curled over and walked on her ankle) is completely fixed and the only way to tell them apart is by staring at their toes!! (Like they stay still long enough!!) I'm marginally concerned about the amount they poo - they seem to have an infinite capacity to take a poo EVERYWHERE they go, even more than chickens but still really hoping we can manage to keep them in our back garden. It was hot here yesterday so we had our kids pool up - they had a great time in that! Although only one of them dives, the other just likes to bob about up top. BeckyBoo

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