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  1. I'm afraid I am really out of touch but if I knew who the retailer was I would be giving them a wide birth ...FROM NOW ON TOO!!. I am always glad when the shops close at Christmas so I'm not able to spend any more!!!...To expect staff to start work at that time Boxing day unless VERY well rewarded is totally unexceptable . Just smacks of pure greed to me
  2. They were all wormed last month I'll have to just hope that it is the stress and they will start again soon.
  3. Didn't know whether to put this in the clinic section but decided as they are all Ok it would be better just inthe general area about chickens. Last week I managed at long last to get my two seperate groups of Ex batts to cohabit .... To cut a long story short they have been taking it in turns for about 9 months to free range seperately as there were lots of sqauabbles and fights going on. On Bank holiday Monday I took the bull by the horns so to speak and sprayed Margo Angelica and Hero with some purple spray so that if things got REALLY NASTY again I could identify who was living happily with who..... Well they all seem pretty much OK together ...a bit of scuffling etc but nothing as bad as before when I tried but I am only getting 1 egg a day now....from 6 chickens when I was getting 3 a day before... I am not bothered about the egg number drop but wonder what can have caused it....Is it a bit of stress do you think?? Will they start laying again in a while...they all seem fine and healthy but I'm wondering what is happening to all the eggs that would have been laid if I hadn't put them all together....Are they all back logging inside the chickens and will it make them ill.?
  4. Many thanks...she seems back to normal this morning...will continue with the antibiotics and worm correctly
  5. I found one of my ex batts looking decidedly glum this morning....sitting hunched and with a length of soft shell hanging from her otherwise clean looking vent..... have had Baytril administered by injection and will continute to give for a few more days....she is perkier this evening and has come forward for a few meal worms and a hug ...Is there anything else I can do please? ps have put Flubenvet inthe water to worm them all too. any suggestions appreciated as I go away for a week on Sat and don't want to leave a half dead chicken with my chicken sitter.
  6. lol Thats really nice I'll send that to two good friends of mine thanks.
  7. Helga was still with us this morning but I have made the decision to have her put to sleep as it's just pityful watching her fade away...
  8. Poor thing is still hanging on!! Wil have to log off now. But thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. xx
  9. Thank you all for your replies...I must be getting soft or something in my old age! !lol It awful but I just wish she would die as I know she is going too. [sorry to be such pathetic woooos]
  10. One of my exbatts Helga is dying and I am absolutley distraught!!..she hasn't been herself for a couple of days...her comb is blue now and she is lay on her side . I just feel so blooming helpless ... I keep stroking her to let her know I'm here but her eye keep closing and she is all puffed up. [A shot of Baytril hasn't worked and I fear something has gone seriously wrong inside. [someone has been laying softies for a few days and I now fear it was Helga] Please all say a ittle prayer for her .

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