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  1. My quails

    He is getting even more tame Polly wanna cracker?? lol
  2. My quails

    This is buttons our male - he is pretty tame I love his call that he does as soon as the female is out of eye shot And here she is http://www.blipfoto.com/entry/3354636 They are kept separate but if they can see each other they are quite happy - they have runs next to each other cos they are in luuurve Getting eggs now - here is the very first one http://www.blipfoto.com/entry/3403866 I love keeping quails and hope to find some more girls soon when I have got the money together for a taller and better run
  3. Quail and chickens??

    Got eggs from my little girl - just had to share!!
  4. Quail and chickens??

    Brilliant! Thank you very much =D I will get some on my next trip to SPR
  5. Quail and chickens??

    Hi, Thank you so much for the advice its really appreciated. Is there a specific quail wormer as they are that much smaller than chucks or can they have a smaller dose? I feed garlic powder (kinda assumed it would be useful as with chucks) is that okay? I love my birds, I laid in bed this morning - my son got the birds up - and just listened to the boys calling =D so sweet!
  6. Quail and chickens??

    Hello, newbie here! I am new to quail, having had chickens for several years but not for a while I had the opportunity to have a few quails. I see the logic in not run sharing with chickens, especially as I am hoping to re home some ex bats- but is there anything else I should know? Can they use the same land albeit at differing times? Cross contaminating or disease or anything? My intention is to have 2 runs one for quail and one for chucks, currently I have a couple of quail in an apex run which I move around the garden and another bigger static run. I was hoping to get another bigger static run ( the ones about 6ft tall with attached box) but I would like to move them around the garden to keep the weeds down. They cant be free range just yet as I have a dog. ( in the future the chucks would roam) So can they go on the same areas? or do I need to keep one side chuck one side quail? Can I see to them one after the other or should I wash hands etc first? Also any other quail do's and donts would be appreciated! Many thanks