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  1. It is reassuring to read of other's broody chickens. My three chickens seem to be having a broody relay. Fluffy was the first and it took her four and a half weeks to snap out of it. Then immediately (the same day!), Mrs Miggins decided to go broody. Of course, then we were down to just one egg a day. Mrs Miggins has been broody now for four weeks and not showing any signs of letting up. Now Lily, the third chicken, although still laying thinks that sitting around in the nest box is the thing to do. Is this normal for chickens to go in relay? Is it something I'm doing that is making them do this? I have just picked up two eggs and have shut the eglu door. They are all happily taking dust baths now, but am I being cruel? Surely it's not as cruel as dipping their behinds in icy water (although that is next on the list!)?! Funny thing is, when Fluffy was broody, I couldn't figure out how the others were laying. So I sneakily had a look in the Eglu and found Lily in the nest box laying with Fluffy sitting directly on top of her, like a chicken pyramid. It was like something out of Aardman Animations!
  2. It's been a very sad day today since our three chickens have all been massacred by a fox. The saddest part was telling my three young children - they were devastated. Just felt that I needed to share this with someone. I know that it is a horribly common thing, but it still feels nasty to think of them coming to such a violent end. They were great characters and produced fab eggs. I will get more chickens in the new year, but would appreciate any anti-fox advice. Is it wise to wait a while until we get some more? Will the foxes be back sniffing around over the next few days? Thanks!
  3. My lovely red Eglu arrived last week (Wednesday) with three plump chickens ('the girls'). We love them! They immediately established a pecking order and have entertained us for just over a week now. So why this post? Well, this afternoon when my eldest daughter went into the garden to say hello to the ladies, she looked in the Eglu and found an egg! She said is made her legs go all wobbly with excitement! We are so thrilled, although I can't quite believe that one of them laid it. Could it have been the cheeky neighbours next door 'planting' an egg? There is no date stamp on it... Is this unusual to have an egg so soon? I wasn't expecting one until the end of the month. It is great timing, though, since we are holding a Hen Party on Monday, with tea and cakes in the garden. I can use the egg for a cake! Cheers! Liz and 'the girls' (Hetty, Penny and Madeline)

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