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  1. Hi my WIR is on earth. I put down a membrane at then attached steel mesh on top to cover whole base of run and stop any thing digging in. I then put about 3 inches sand to cover the mesh and then 3 inches of Aubiose on top. I put 2 paving slabs under feed area so I can sweep up spilt food to discourage mice. My run is covered with coralline, and 2 sides are covered for protection. I have been really pleased with result. So much better than the wood chips I had in classic run which were wet and smelly in winter and needed changing every month or so. I poo pick daily and refresh aubiose if looks a bit thin in places. Did one complete clear out after 6 months and took old stuff to recycling. There is no smell and I'm sure chickens are happier to have dry feet. I sprinkle ground sanitizer powder around every week or fortnight. Is easy to look after so I hope this helps.
  2. Hi - just to say my chicken Doris gets a purple tinge to her comb when she goes broody. This happened twice last year and she is still here
  3. Hi I used to have the mark one classic. I put a Sheet of galvanised mesh under eglu leaving a skirt of about 8 inches all round then attached it with cable ties to the mesh under the bars. This prevents digging in. Or you cAn buy special squares of mesh from omlet in their spares department. As for the tray , this pulls out quite easy on a mark one. I always kept a granite block behind the eglu so you had to move that before pulling tray out. The clAssic is now inside a walk in run.
  4. I line eglu tray with newspaper. I don't put shavings on top. In winter I change daily but in summer every few days is fine as stays clean much longer.
  5. I feed mine marriages layers mash. For some reason they wouldn't eat pellets when they arrived and I was worried they would starve ! They ate the mash so I left them on that although they do throw it around sorting out the good bits.
  6. I have a buff Orpington for a year and she is now in 4th broody spell ! I do sAme aS what you doing close eglu door in morning and reopen at dusk. Need to keep eye out in case other chicken wants to lay An egg. I also put large heavy flower pot in nest during night which stops her sleeping in nest All night And let them have a few hours free ranging to take her mind off it. She is usually back normal in a week or 10 days depends on how well you discourage the behaviour. She the. Stops laying for a couple of weeks though.
  7. I have a mark 1 and I made a few spare sets from wood I would love some plastic bars if you find any let me know !!
  8. Will make this tomorrow. Will keep me busy if not the chickens!
  9. Hi I have 2chickens in a wir. They get out for at least an hour a day so I don't give them mixed grit but I do give them oyster shell which they peck at In their run. I put it in a separate container a cup that hangs on the bars. The apple cider vinegar is for the pH levels And I put a teaspoon in the water in the glug once a month but not sure if it does anything. They also have a hanging water feeder and I put poultry drink in that one. They prefer that to the glug. And I think it's a tonic. I use the diatom powder to dust under bars but dust the chickens with red mite powder. The diatom is brown and muddy but the mite powder is like talc and smells nice. I also spray total mite kill weekly as the Eglu is inside a Wendy house. I Also use ivermectin spot on for mite control. Also need ground sanitising powder to sprinkle on aubiose weekly. How often you change aubiose depends on how often you poo pick, if it gets wet, and what's underneath. I have my run on sand with aubiose on top and poo pick daily. It is well covered and I would say every 4 or 5 months. I just dump at bottom of Garden or dump. The sanatizing powder keeps it fresh. You will need a wormer. Flubovet is best. I use the powder as my chickens eat mash but you can get pellets already dosed. I also use garlic granules occasionally in their food but add poulty spice most days. I give them brocolli or cabbage on a hanger and a Hand full mixed corn before bed. Oh yes meal worms are the best treat and good to get them back in the run. Hope this helps. You just accumulate chicken stuff once you look online!
  10. Hi I have noticed my big fluffy buff orp doing same thing. They free range for hour or more each day. Have dust bath etc. eating fine. Then if she spots me eating or drinking she will run/waddle at speed to try pinch food and just look at me with mouth open. She has only done this the last 2 hot days. I think it is the heat as smaller chicken is ok and she is fine if not in sun and running about. Luckily the wir is in shade until about 3 which is when they usually get out. I will give them some ice cubes and frozen corn but they will probably ignore it as they don't like new things!! They won't eat grapes!
  11. Hi. I have 2 chickens one of which Mabel was broody 3 weeks ago. Took a week to get over it. I shut the coop door but kept an eye out for Doris waiting at the door to go in and lay. I just kept turfing Mabel out the nest every time she got in there. Put gloves on if she pecks. I also put an upturned flower pot in nest a big ceramic one so they can't move it. My 2 don't peck each other when broody but do sit on top of each other trying to get in nest box! Just need to persevere and keep opening the coop, moving the flower pot. Turfing the broody, closing the coop etc -is quite exhausting . Keep the broody off the nest and collect any other egg ASAP
  12. I would say a boy. The comb is much bigger than my 2 girls
  13. Just ordered swiss chard bright lights seeds!
  14. My 2 buff orps were noisy when I first got them and one neighbour said they sounded like a cockerel, but this settled down after a couple of weeks. Now they hardly ever make a noise - Only when excited (peeps), upset when moved into new run (grumbling), general chit-chat (bok bok) or just laid an egg (announcement). Not sure how long you have had him/her but hopefully will settle down.
  15. Hi Things have settled down now and had one egg today and one yesterday laid in the . The aubiose is still looking good and they love the new hanging drinker - I've put poultry drink in that. They were out for few hours having a nice dust bath today so a lot happier! They haven't managed to go up the ramp onto their 'shelf' yet. Will wait a few weeks and them tempt them up with mealy worms. They do manage to get up the 8 stairs onto my wooden deck by the house. Once they learnt how to hop up the steps they are doing it all the time! Look funny hopping down though So I'm sure they will get onto the shelf one day.

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