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  1. I have no males. The 5 remaining ones are all hens and the one that was culled was also a hen. I have heard of loads of people who keep female only groups and they seem to get on fine Mine are all from a breeder and they were kept together from hatching. Since the really vicious one has gone-it is much calmer in there and being honest, since my post this morning I have not seen any more trouble. It just turned my stomach this morning when I saw them s"Ooops, word censored!"ping as I thought it was going to end in another day of eye bathing and gore I would think that a 4x2 ft run would be fine for them and I do give them things to peck at and hide in so I have no idea why the other one went so mad and I don't want it to happen again so any tips really appreciated xx
  2. Had a huge quail problem recently. One of the quails went mad and started attacking all of the other quails. It was awful-there was blood everywhere. All 5 quails have some degree of eye damage and leg bruising because quail number 6 was pecking at them. One of the quail had both eyes closed and blood tears streaming down its face. I truly thought that it had lost it eyes. (I have been having to feed it and give it water as it couldn't really find its way around) I tried to seperate quail number 6 but it was not a practical solution and when put back in the group she still chased and attacked everyone. I ended up getting my brother to come round and cull the quail. Very sad but I felt that my choices were limited and I had to think of the happiness and safety of the rest of the flock. Things settled straight away and the run was peaceful and calm. The quail with the bad eye damage is now recovering and has both eyes, although I am not sure of the quaility of vision in one of them-but she is doing fine. Anyway-I have just been watching them and it seems that there is more trouble. They seem to be fighting and chasing agan. What am I doing wrong????? The run is 4ft by 2ft. They have Aubiose on the floor. 2 water bottles, a large feeder, millet hung up, greens hung up, a seed ball on the floor, plastic plant to hide in as well as real plants, boxes and pots to jump in/on etc. I give them meal worms or wild bird seed as a treat in the evenings. HELPPPPPPPP Please I am starting to think that I am more of a 'chicken person' as the quails are driving me mad!!!!!
  3. Silkies are really hard to sex but that little 'un does look like my Diana at that age and thankfully she turned out to be a she and laid her first egg a couple of weeks ago. My other silkie-Lea was the complete opposite of Diana. Different hair, much larger wattles etc-but she crouched a few days ago which means that Lea is a she too. We are over the moon but they really were complete opposites so we were convinced that we had a boy and a girl. I'm going to guess at girl for no other reason than I know I have a 50% chance of being right And 'she' is gorgeous by the way
  4. You have my sympathy 100%. I have an awful neighbour and it makes life miserable at times. Luckily she cannot walk into my garden but she seems to have her head over the fence a lot or they take their fence panels down and stare into my garden. I recently found out that she has taken audio recordings of my hens on her mobile phone. They are not nice people and I have been told off by them quite a few times. The one thing which really angered them was when I had my sprinkler on and it got their fence wet. I was in big trouble for that and the husband didn't speak to me for 2 years!!! I am also a shy person and really want to get on with my life. I hate not getting on with people but some people just enjoy making life difficult. I don't say anything or stand up for myself-I just get sad I hope your neighbour leaves you alone soon
  5. Oh my goodness The cheek of some people eh? Is there no way that you can section off the area she needs to cut through to prevent her wandering around all over the garden?? Just a fenced walkway or something?? I would be very angry!!!
  6. Just a quick update......... The quail all seem fine now We are getting 4 eggs every day which is great and I have already had enough eggs to pickle some. I just bought some silk/fake plant from Ebay so that they can go behind or under it and they absolutely love it!!! I am going to get loads more so that they have plenty of cover and the good thing is that when it gets mucky I can give it a quick wash and it'll be good as new
  7. Aah, shame about the beheading but the new safety measure looks great. Really good idea. Hopefully he will clear off now he can't get to them!!
  8. Excellent I am really pleased that you had a re-think and changed your mind. Sometimes an idea seems like a good one but when other people voice their opinions it gets you thinking about it and helps you make a better choice. Good on you for accepting the opinions of others and looking at things from a different angle. Sadly many people don't do that and will become hostile if everyone doesn't agree with them and they go ahead and do what they want out of principle-even if deep down they do understand that there are other/better ways of doing something. Not that I am saying that it's good to always do what other people say you should do. Sometimes in life we have to stand alone if we feel we are right, despite what the majority tell us. However, in this case I feel that you have made a better choice for the sake of the future frogs
  9. I was a bit worried about the reaction I would get from my post when I disagreed with the whole idea I wondered if I would stand alone defending the tadpoles/frogs I'm pleased to see that even those who do not really like frogs mean them no harm.
  10. It's one thing if they happen to get them out of the pond themselves but why the heck would anyone want to actually take tadpoles out of a pond and feed them to a chicken?? Frogs are not garden pests like slugs or snails so why would you want to kill them? If it's protein you're after-there are other protein rich foods which you could feed them rather than resorting to this!!!
  11. Aah, bless them. They look very happy
  12. I have no idea where the breeder kept them The 2 that were shivering do seem better and the shivers did coincide with the more chilly weather so possibly they were just cold. Beyonce still looks a bit bedraggled though compared to the other 5. Will just keep my eye on her. Still only getting 2 eggs a day again but no doubt they will all get into the swing of it soon enough. I really do love them-they are great fun
  13. Aah, sorry to hear that you lost your other trees As for the vine weevils-bit late now but you can buy nematodes which you water into the soil and they kill the vine weevils. Better than using sprays and poisons. My Mum has recently bought some as she has a vine weevil problem in her garden. Anyway, I have removed every diseased leaf from the tree in the hope of stopping the fungus spreading too much and I guess I will just have to wait till autumn and spray it. Poor thing-I just hope it'll be ok Thank you for your help
  14. Thanks Jan The red spouts are from Ebay. Paid about £4.00 for two and they come with two springs to hold the bottles onto the wire. You just use your own bottles. (Small coke/Dr Pepper bottles). The quail love them and the water stays clean. It's also easy for me to take two full bottles outside and just swap them rather than having to take the bottles off and refill them I have a quail question which I might as well ask here instead of starting another thread............... Saturday I had 4 eggs so- two extra's. However, yesterday and today we are back to two eggs but the worrying part is that two of the quail are a little shaky and fluffed up. I'm thinking it could be the two that laid for the first time on Saturday and they are having problems laying?? I have put a tiny bit of citricidal in the water, they have recently been wormed etc. I cannot see any obvious problems (no prolapse etc), so any ideas what it might be? Or do they sometimes shiver for no reason? Or could it be as simple as them feeling a little chilly? Sorry-I know it's long Thank you

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