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  1. Haven't noticed any bullying. Have bathed bottom in warm water. Seems to have picked up abit today and eating some food. Some of the other chickens appear to also be loosing feathers around vent area and skin in that region looks quite red and abit swollen. Difficult to seperate as these are my brothers chooks who are away on hols. Tried to bring her over to mine so she be seperate for a while but she got stressed out so thought it best to return her back to the others. Tried looking these symptoms up in a book to not get anywhere. Wondering what this may be?
  2. Have a sick chook who's been poorly for 2-3 days now. Vent area defeathered and red and swollen. Looks sorry for itself, not feeding and keeping apart from others? Could this be peritonitis? Can anyone please advise me what it may be and how I can help. thanks
  3. Thanks for your replies. It's reassuring to know that hopefully things will eventually settle down. Sounds as if 1 month rather than a week is going to be a bit more realistic though! There has been no blood drawn yet, so hopefully it won't get to that stage. It just seems so horrible that the new girl is having to endure this unwelcoming bullying, but thats how they sort themselves out afterall.
  4. I introduced a new chicken to my original two girls last friday. I hoped that the hen pecking might have started to ease up abit today but I think today was the worst day for it! I've been told that it usually takes about a week to settle down but what are other peoples experiences. Bit worried that as I've had the other two girls for about 10 months now that maybe they are too established as a couple so to speak? Its the pepperpot thats doing the bullying. The gingernut isn't too bothered. The beating up is happening in the eglu now and tonight was quite bad at bedtime. The new girl just put her head down and took it poor thing. I have let them out free ranging together its when they are in the run its at its worst. I know that its early days still but I can't help feeling sorry for the new girl as she is such a cutie.
  5. I have my eglu on a permanent run which originally had chip bark inside. Due to the fact that I don't think I made the bark layer thick enough and that my 2 girls just love to dig, the chip bark soon got mixed in with the soil. The more bark I kept putting in, the more they dug, flicked it out and mixed it in! I'm just abit concerned that the soil the run is on might become unhealthy for them as the poos just get raked in or dug in. Should I try and take away the top few inches of soil and try with a deep layer or chipbark or hemcore? Should I try and put abit of lime down at the same time or is this a bit risky bearing in mind how they love to dig? Anyone else out there had the same problem or able to advise me? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your replies which are cheering me up. I AM happy with my eglu and the chickens ARE happy and healthy with it and thats what matters, eh!
  7. I have been warned that there are some people who are anti-eglu and had my first experience of this today I was speaking to a breeder as I'm hoping to add in an additional chicken when I was asked where did I keep them? Awful silence and a huff. Well of course chickens aren't meant to be kept in plastic. The Eglus are small and can only really hold 2 chickens and they can't perch properly and he has heard of lots of chickens in eglus being ill where they have soft eggs that burst inside them AND the fox proof mesh isn't as fantastic as they make out! OH DEAR. Don't fancy another encounter with the anti if I can help it.
  8. I'd say go for it and get 5. I have an eglu and debated whether to get 2 or 3 chooks and thought I'd stick to 2 as I too was a beginner. I'm really regretting that I didn't get 3 and am considering getting a 3rd chook although now of course it will be much more difficult to introduce a new hen. If you've got the cube then they'll be plenty of space. Good Luck
  9. Point taken, I did wonder if a bantam would make a easy target for bullying. I was considering one as they are smaller and it wouldn't be so tight in the eglu run as 3 large chickens as I don't want to extend the run. I know there has been previous postings on how many chickens are comfy in the standard run. Do you keep your latest 3 chickens (love their names by the way) in a standard run? I do allow mine to free range but only for an hour or so a day.
  10. I've had my 2 omlet chooks + eglu since early May BUT am considering getting an additional chook in the way of a bantam which will probably be in the region of 12-14 weeks old. I understand this is going to probably upset the pecking order and wonder if maybe I should just leave things as they are or just go for it. As I only have 2 chooks and the new one will be youngish, will this mean things shouldn't be too bad or will it not make any difference to the trouble it may cause? Any advice or tips would be gratefully received.
  11. My chooks are always trying to get into the Kitchen to check out the dogs bowls. His drinking water obviously tastes so much better than theres!!!Meanwhile the dog will be checking out around the eglu to see what they've been eating.
  12. Excellent news! The first find of an egg is really egg-citing! We have a green eglu too, delivered the day before yours and I couldn't believe it when my son shouted out "Mum, look there's an egg!!!!!" I couldn't believe my eyes when he lifted an egg out! We only have one laying at present and she too seems to be laying around lunchtime, but she's still in her first week of laying.
  13. Thanks folks to those of you who've replied. I was going to have a go leaving it open tonight, but after carrying on reading down the posts, I'm not so sure now. I hadn't realised that the run wasn't 100% foxproof. I don't have heavy soil and although I haven't seen a fox, there obviously could be one about. As someone said, the closed eglu is the safest of all.
  14. I was wondering how many people don't shut the eglu door at night? What with the warmer summer months and holidays ahead of us all. I have asked my neighbour to look after them for a couple of nights when we are away. Not sure whether to ask them to come in each day and open/close door as its extra trips around for them and what if they forget to open it one morning? I am closing it a the momment but I suppose does it come down to your confidence in the eglu proof run as regards to a fox and the likelyhood of one being about?
  15. I line the droppings tray with a sheet of newspaper which I then scrunch up with the poos inside and throw in the composter. Apparantly scrunched up newspaper does help to provide air pockets. I do also have to throw it in the household as bin aswell though else the composter would have too much paper in it

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