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  1. Great names, hoping they venture out soon for a proper photo shoot session!
  2. i have bought a snugglesafe (from amazon) which you heat in the microwave, it is supposed to stay warm for up to ten hours. I have read on here that some people use them to stand water on to stop it freezing, and others use them in the coop for the chooks to snuggle on for extra warmth. Not used mine yet. Hopefully someone more knowledgable will be along soon
  3. Glad its not just my kids! I thought i was alone in this domestic hell The loading of the sink drives me nuts, is it really that difficult to open the dishwasher door? i would even prefer them to leave the stuff on the side instead of filling the sink up!
  4. Have a fabulous time. what a treat to get a bit of time for yourselves. Hope you make the most of it Happy Anniversary.
  5. Oh and don't even get me started on the stroops and tantrums my daughter throws. You don't seem to get that with boys. Well not so far anyway(touches wood)
  6. i have boy/girl twins that are 17. My son is very tidy and knows how to use the washing machine, and dishwasher, keeps his room reasonably clean, usually hangs up the ironing withing 2 days of me putting it in his room. Can't cook for toffee and makes a terrible cup of tea. My daughter lives in a pig sty, bin overflowing, mugs, plates, rubbish, clothes (both dirty and clean) strewn everywhere so you can barely see the floor, bed never made, make up products decorating the desk/bed/floor/bathroom sink etc. But she can cook a variety of dishes and makes a wicked cup of tea! It will be interesting to see if that changes in either of them when they go to uni! YS is following in ED footsteps as far as i can tell, but without the tea talent! And hubby is always leaving mugs and glasses in the garage.
  7. We got the dolce gusto piccolo last january in the sales with some of our christmas money! I think we paid 39.99 or 49.99 for it in tesco on offer. We have tried various different pods and tend to use it mostly for lattes, cappaccino and mochas. Dolce Gusto have a far greater selection on thier website shop (lots of web exclusive flavours which you can't buy in the shops) And they are sligthly cheaper than the supermarkets. It's free delivery but you have to order minmum of 4 items. All the Dolce gusto fancy coffees like lattes/mochas etc are about £3.68 a box which is 8 drinks. Where as just plain coffee pods are same price per box but 16 drinks. If you are a member of makro then they are cheaper for them but don't offer much of a range! We love our piccolo and it is cheaper than going to costa or starbucks! But not cheaper than a jar of nescafe!
  8. it would be a book for me too, if given the choice. I also love nothing better than complete silence! It not often that i get that, i work in a school and also have 3 children, so sitting in silence is quite a novelty!
  9. we moved into a house with single glazed crittal windows and no heating in feb 2009. i can highly recommend delonghi dragon range of oil radiators. We had 3 delonghi ones and a couple of 'cheap ones' (which were rubbish). They got us through 2 winters before we got double glazing, a boiler and radiators! Whether it is more cost effective to do it that way i really couldn't say. But the delonghi ones give off alot of heat. one medium size one heated our 23feet x 13feet lounge with the doors shut. But i would say we were hardened to the cold! Our unheated hall and landing was about 9degrees! I am now shivering if the temp drops beow 18 degrees, yes i have gone soft with central heating!
  10. mine dont seem to mind the rain, and only take shelter under bushes if it is a downpour. I thought they would run for the coop when the heavens opened (how wrong could i be) they refuse to return to the coop unless it is time for bed or vast quantities of mealworms are involved.
  11. I have been pruning my christmas card list for the last couple of years. I just stopped sending them and i have noticed that other are obviously doing the same as i don't get as many cards now. I tend to text/phone/email or facebook most of them now instead, at least the contact is still kept and they know you are thinking of them.
  12. That is such wonderful uplifting news. Congratulations. You are so lucky, 6 months old is such a wonderful age and i am envious of the wonderful amazing things you will experience as your little man grows. Cherish every moment as they grow up so fast. I shed a tear too, my 17yr old son has been on holiday with his girlfriends family for the last week and i am missing him so much. Our house is so quiet without him, even though the other two are still here! I will be a jibbering wreck when the oldest 2 go to uni in 2 yrs.
  13. Hi all, I am looking for recommendation on a vet to use in the wickford/rayleigh/basildon area of essex. South Beech Vet Surgery in Wickford come up on a chicken website but has anyone used them? We have plenty of vets but are any good with chickens? I don't need one yet but want to be prepared in case i do! Just hope there are some fellow essex chook keepers on here that can help!
  14. Love the pictures. They are very lucky girls, and gorgeous too. I say you can't spoil them enough!

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