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  1. Thanks all, the hen house is an Eglu Classic with 2 m run but then a 5m x 4m run I have setup in addition. Looks like nothing to worry about - only if they are showing signs of distress, illness, etc. As to the laying Sonyascott no worries I'm not holding my breath for anything this year as winter rolls in - but would be nice to start getting something
  2. Hi I am new to keeping Chickens - I have 2 14 week old chicks. I currently fed them on Growers Pellets, left over veg and pasta and they have an area to roam in the garden so feed on grass etc. So think they are well fed and healthy. My question is that I have been adding shredded paper to the nesting box as their bedding but they always seem to either throw it out or eat it - is this harmful to them? should I use hay (or straw can't remember which one to use - would they eat that as well) instead or as they are not yet at the laying stage (?? thats 19 weeks or so) then don't put anything in there at all. Only reason I did add bedding to the nesting box was that they are defecating in there instead!!! Thanks Ruddocg

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