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    Rag Rugs.

    we used to call the tool a proddy and the rugs were hence called proddy rugs. My Granddad, bless him, used to go around all the tailoring places in Leeds and blag their old fabric sample books from them. They were just the right width and we just sat and cut them into strips. He had some very smart rugs I can tell you
  2. Oops indeed, I am officially the only person to make my Secret Santa person cry She was happy with the present though and sort of saw the funny side
  3. Thought you'd see the funny side of this one. The rat was being knitted for a friend who has pet rats and I've looked after them when she was on holiday. It was for Secret Santa at work. Rat gets knitted and added to pile of wrapped pressies in the office. Half an hour before we are opening pressies friend walks up to me and says "oh thought you'd want to know my rat died last night"
  4. Just thought I'd join in here. I went to see a nutritionist back in May. She has me on various supplements, off wheat and dairy products and a detailed list of teh best foods for my type. Without trying I've lost 20lbs so far and not really missed anything. Occasionally I do cheat but now I've cleared my system I find I react badly to wheat and dairy and don't really want them that much. Cost me a fortune but it's good to know that so much of the excess weight I was carrying was down to foods my body didn't want and was struggling to deal with.
  5. oh yes that was definatley me. Currently knitting a rat and a guinea pig for Christmas presents and wondering if I can covert a knitted chicken into a pigeon
  6. Web of wool specialise in sock yarns and have some beautiful yarns
  7. americans do use some different terms to us but there are plenty of websites that explain the differences. Happy to help out if there are any buts that you find sticky,
  8. Hi Lesley, long time since I was on here, glad to see things are as ever with you glad the muck finally got moved
  9. I think it's some sort of mid life crisis, he had long hair when he was younger!
  10. Fruit juice maybe? We have a tub for s"Ooops, word censored!" to go in the bokashi bin and the fruit seems to attract the flies if we don't remeber to empty it straight away.
  11. Ouch poor ducklings, are ducks generally bad parents or do you have a couple of delinquents there Lesley?
  12. Hi folks not been around for ages mad busy as ever doing new Aromatherapy course. Anyway since darling Ruby passed on we bought a purple eglu and three lovely new girls Bunty, Babs and Ginger. We always moaned a little that our original girls never gave us a double yolker, well Bunty is making up for that. She came into lay about two weeks ago and so far ever egg has been a double yolker!!! She's laid about 12 so far. We keep telling her it'svery good but she mustn't wear herself out but she insists on popping them out bless her. Wonder how long she'll keep it up. Must get round to changing my signature
  13. erm I knit....... a lot!! I have to do at least a row every day and that feels like deprivation. I think I currently have 7 or 8 projects on the go. There's complicated knitting project, TV knitting, sock (always a sock or two on the go), lace knitting, chunky knitting, colour work knitting...... You can see where this is going oh and then there's the spinning
  14. Kale, spinach, swiss chard, buckler leaved sorrel, red veined sorrel, (all last years), baby mixed salad leaves, mint and lemon balm. Gorgeous salad for my tea
  15. Try soaking them over night in either water or apple juice. They soften up nicely and whilst I dislike them dried I love them once they are soaked
  16. and of course serve with lovely free range eggs:D
  17. try http://www.theknittingsite.com/how-to-knit-left-handed.htm I don't know if it's any good but they do have videos it says and it's often easier to watch someone else than from books etc
  18. Getting your scent onto the new cats may help, also you could try your vet for the plug in pheromene thingies (Feliway) [/url]http://www.feliway.com/gb I've never used them but a friend has and with good results, they made her cats really chill out so that they could get them in the same room. Once they started feeding near each other the problem seemed to be over. Cats do take time with changes though, stubborn so and soes Hope they accept each other soon
  19. had to go for on the top as there isn't a drowning in custard option
  20. The Tefal One Cup works perfectly well with out a filter in, we have a jug filter anyway so we fill it up from there. we've had one since just after they came out as I was sick to death of the boys reboiling kettle after kettle when they forgot they'd put the old one on. We tried a stove top on and I did really like it but again with teenagers they always filled it to the top for one cup and so wasted water and energy like crazy.
  21. Hi Lesley, just catching up with your thread and wondering if you ever fancy a boring week! Sad news about the lambs but as you say that's sheep for you, hope the ewe is recovering. Your new additions look lovely, good to see you haven't gone for demon calves this time!!
  22. I've never really had a problem with mine, occasionally a batch is a bit stronger smellying, more like an odd pickled smell really. One thing I was advised was not to wash the bin out too well after emptying it, a good rinse is all they need.

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