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  1. none of the pure breeds I have had have every laid in the winter Im afraid, only the hybrids
  2. was she laying up to this point? sounds like she could she be egg bound rather than broody...
  3. do the 2 go together ? ? I currently have a cube and my little mixed flock free range in my paddock of just over 1/2 acre every day. I have a maran, cochin, welsummers, CLB and a black rock. Ive seen some lovely pekin bantams and really fancy a couple but wondered if they would cope with the ladder?
  4. Does anyone have experience with the breed? I have one who is increasingly aggressive and has massive spurs. She is definitely a hen but Ive had to separate from the others as she is drawing blood! She is a bantam too, so the sight of her pinning my cochin down and battering the heck out of her was a sight to behold!

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