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  1. Well about an hour after I posted this she was gone. Poor girl
  2. Think she's beyond help. Not even sure she is conscious. Do they just slip away?
  3. thanks for all your replies. She is still going strong. She has been very perky actually. I took her to get drained again but I know soon that wont be possible anymore. Still at the moment she is comfortable and seems happy. Got another very ill chicken thou that went downhill over night. think her time has come
  4. Hi all, So yesterday I noticed one of the chickens was looking a bit odd. She was standing a little bit upright and had her head stuffed down inside her body. I gave her a look and she felt a bit light and had a slightly pooey bum. Then this morning she wont move, her eyes are closed and she wont open them. I cant get her to drink anything. shes totally out of it. I have put her in a cardboard box filled with clean straw and moved her inside the house. Its really not looking good. Anyone got any ideas? These are my first hens. we have had them for about 2 years. thanks
  5. It is a tumour vet drained a lot of fluid off and as she seems fine and is eating we can keep her till she goes downhill. I want to spoil her while shes here. What are good special treats? I have been giving them a baked potato warm on the very chilly mornings. Poor girl
  6. She does not feel hot. She seems normal except for the legs and big belly. Il take her to the vet tomorrow. I hope it's not that
  7. this sounds strange but I have noticed one chicken is standing with her legs quiet far apart. I've given her a feels and she feels quiet fat and squidgy. Is this something to worry about? She is not laying but seems fine otherwise. Has she just got a bit plump or could something be wrong? Thanks
  8. I have checked for worms and have been treating for it regularly. I have checked for red mite and no sign at all. They are on the same feed as always, just layers pellets, but I have bought some vitamin stuff for them. I also feed them left over veg and salad. Pretty sure its not egg eating no sign of that (unless I accidently drop and break an egg, then they eat it!) 2 of them are laying again. so maybe it was just a phase !
  9. Looks like they are not done yet. 2 eggs a day for the last few days. Was a bit worried they might be unwell but they seem fine. thanks for all the help
  10. I would never get rid of them. They are still so funny and entertaining. Even if our very noisy one gets us up at 5am everyday! We don't have space for more and they have their little group now so we will just let them free load haha. Might try and fing some other locals we could by eggs from thanks all
  11. I have giver them a feel but i'll give them another look. They must be coming up for 2 now. I hope at least one of them lays for a bit longer as we love having the yummy eggs also when everyone's hens stop laying as they get older, do you just keep them pottering around happily and go back to shop bought eggs?
  12. I have 3 rescue hens all of which have been brilliant layers since the they arrived. I have had them for 1 year and now suddenly i'm lucky to get one egg a day. One of them is moulting but the other 2 are the healthiest they have ever looked. Any ideas why? also before they stopped laying the eggs had gotten really big. could this be anything to do with it?
  13. That's an amazing set up! I just wish I had a garden big enough. What a nice big fun area for your ladies
  14. im really interested in the go up! the classic is great but its so long it only fits a few ways in the garden. think i might need to save up for it also constantly bending down to do anything with it on the floor. love to see more pics
  15. hi can i ask how you sound proofed your coop? my chickens are screaming at 5.40 at the moment. i am going to try the black out method too however they dont seem to care if its dark! naughty girls!

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