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  1. Yaaaaaay! I love the snow. Our holly bush is full of berries too. The last week has been freezing here with the cars needing s"Ooops, word censored!"ing every morning. I'm gonna dig up some of my parsnips and swedes this afternoon as they've now had a good "frosting" to see what they are like. Frosty the Snowman tra la la la la la la dum de dum dum dum dum dum de dum and his eyes made out of coal xx
  2. Yep, Hot Air Balloons and Helicopters set my lot off. FuffKnicks never needs an excuse to SQAAARK loudly - mostly coz she wants her treats (Wheetabix mainly) - and the others look at her as if she's quite mad. She does tend to make more noise just before laying tho. The others are quiet in comparison to her.
  3. My girls took to it straight away, but they now seem to prefer drinking from a terracotta saucer that I put down for them. I still have the glug in the run so they have water in the mornings before I let them out, but always make sure their saucer is filled. I have to say I don't find the glug a good design. It's a bit better now I'm hanging it above the door - easier to bring out - but you still need muscles of steel. xx
  4. Good song title: Well, you can poo me a rainbow!!
  5. Olly!! I laughed out loud when I read your comment - then I felt a bit sick. Mind you, my cats are the same if they get to it first. Quite revolting. xx
  6. First eggs are so exciting - it doesn't change either - I still get a thrill when I open the egg port and there are 3 or 4 perfect little eggs sitting there. Our first egg was 47g and over the last couple of weeks, they've got larger each time. Our biggest (that i weighed) was 59g, but I'm sure we've had one bigger. I dropped one today - soooo upset! What a waste - clumsy old me! Enjoy your hens! KeymerKim xx
  7. I have had a quick look, but no sign of the tail yet! All girlies seem perfectly happy, so it obviously hasn't done them any harm. I have a feeling that the cats caught a mouse and let it go near the run and the poor little thing thought it was running for shelter - only to be chased around by four flapping feathered creatures! At least they didn't play with it like the cats do - I'm sure it was quick! I will eat the eggs coz as mentioned before they eat slugs and snails which are even more revolting. Slugs and snails and little mouse tails - that's what my chickens are made of!!!!
  8. Heard a bit of a commotion from the girl's run this afternoon so went to investigate and saw the girls hurtling round chasing each other. Thought it was just another mini fight over a slug or snail, but no........ It was a mouse!!!! They had obviously had a bit of a tussle over a poor mickey that had ventured into their run and let's just say that two of them had a bit each!!!!! It was revolting - they wolfed the lot!! Now I've read other omleteers stories of frogs and mice on here, but never thought I would witness it with my beautiful, angelic girlies - how wrong I was. Poor Fuffknicks was so out of breath and hot after the chase, she was panting and holding her wings away from her body - she had obviously joined in the chase vigorously. My only concern now is how their little bodies will cope with all the bits that make up a whole mouse! Will it just be processed like everything else? I'll just have to keep an eye on them I guess. Horrified of Keymer!! x
  9. Sorry Egluntine - Christian is correct - Joy of Forum - Evils of Alcohol - and my mad 2 minutes! I didn't have that much - honest officer!
  10. Take aspirin with large cuppa tea! la la la Explain to men in white coats that I am fine (honest!) la la la Go to work - Vow not to drink wine whilst on Forum! KeymerKim x
  11. I love this Forum la la la la la repeat until bored Drink Wine repeat again KeymerKim xxx
  12. WOO HOO - how beautiful are they!! Well done you - I felt sooooo sorry for you coz I know what it's like when you want to home a lovely animal, but can't for whatever reason. Changing the subject a little (well alright alot), I want piggies, but don't have the room for them currently - but I WILL get them eventually. Good for you - I'm so pleased. Please keep us updated on the pup's progress - I like Dandelion by the way. Love KeymerKim xx
  13. I have induction and ditto to all the comments about only being able to use certain pans. With the right ones, it is great and very quick, but I have a beautiful set of copper bottomed pans that are just about useless on it. If I had the choice, I would go for gas, but we don't get gas in the village so I'm stuck! As far as cleaning induction hobs, I use Hob Brite that I believe you can still get from Lakeland - it is great and cleans very quickly. I would certainly NEVER EVER spend hours cleaning my cooker!! KeymerKim x
  14. Didn't an acorn fall on Chicken Little's head and make him think the sky was falling in!!! I don't think it killed him tho

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