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  1. Hello! Lovely to hear you’re going to get some hens soon. I love reading your Facebook updates, hope all goes well with the planned gites. My fil lives in France but has come home for a few months while he has some medical treatment. He lives two hours from Limoges.
  2. I just wanted to share my excitement that I’m collecting an eglu classic with extended run next week from an Omleteer!!! I’ve not had any chickens for a few years, personally I found it difficult to look after them when I had to go to work full time and so I sold up my cube and walk in run. However I’ve missed having them in my garden and their beautiful eggs and now I work part time again and can devote the necessary time to my girls! (Just to clarify-I’m not saying that you can’t have hens and work full time, just that I didn’t find it easy for me at the time with everything else that was going on) I won’t be getting any hens until next Spring though. I’m due to have quite a big operation in August and we have a family holiday booked as well so I won’t be able to give the chickens the care that they need, especially because I’ve decided that I’m going to get ex-batts. I can’t decide whether or not to get three or four, they will have plenty supervised free ranging time and Omlet still say that four hens can be kept in a classic. Their names will be Myrtle, Hermione and Luna. Hubby wants to name the “bonus” hen if we get her, and he has chosen Voldemort (don’t ask!) We still have a 7 1/2 year old Basset hound who I shall ensure is kept away from the hens when they are free-ranging. I don’t think our 8 year old cat will pose a problem, in my experience chickens will put cats firmly in their place. Of course I shall be very careful whilst the girls are healing from their caged life. Thank you for reading, it’s lovely to be able to share my excitement with people who will “get” how I’m feeling!
  3. There’s some lovely memories and blasts from the past on here, thank you for sharing. The forum was a great place to get advice and just have a natter. I’d forgotten about the 1 minute chocolate cake and the other recipes! I’ve migrated to FB where I am friends with many omleteers and keep in touch that way. I still have my secret Santa and other annual swops. My very first gift was a beautiful knitted robin made from the softest wool with a little brown gingham ribbon. He comes out every Christmas and hangs from my fireplace. If you made that present for me then I’d like you to know that I love it dearly. Another present I have is a framed embroidered chicken picture that I guessed that Penguinmad made me which is on my kitchen wall and it couldn’t match any better if I’d tried. I no longer have any ladies, a dog and a cat are enough for now. Eldest son is just about finishing his 4th and final year in uni and youngest is now in year 10. Life goes pretty fast and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Sorry to hear of the omleteers that are no longer with us :(
  4. Cathy I love going on cruise holidays, I think that half the fun is the dressing up in the evening and seeing all the holiday makers transformed in their smart clothes! What cruise line are they on? That can make a difference to the dress code. Most lines have a casual dress code during the day, normal "holiday wear" for the temperature. What they'd normally wear on a hot UK summers day would be fine. After 6pm the ship adheres to the evening dress code which can be formal (suit & tie for your dad, dressy dress or smart trousers & sparkly top for your mum) or smart casual which I like to think of as what you'd wear to go out to a nice restaurant. If your parents don't want to dress up at all one night then they can use the buffet or room service & wear their day time clothes. Med cruises tend to be a bit more casual just because of the heat. I have bought my formal dresses very cheaply from eBay, they can be sold on afterwards if your mum doesn't want to keep them. Lots of my other clothes come from charity shops .Depending on the cruise line there should be a self-service laundry room which are free to use, sometimes you have to buy powder, sometimes you can take your own. This can cut down on the amount of clothes needed to be packed, and also the suitcase weight if they are flying to the port. This information will be on the cruise line's website, as is more information on the dress code. it's really nothing to worry about. My favourite cruise so far was on a Cunard ship, it was so elegant & not at all s"Ooops, word censored!"by, just classy. I hope that they have a wonderful time & that they catch the cruising bug!
  5. That is so lovely & special what you have done, many congratulations x
  6. Jules.

    Sad news

    I remember them from the old days too. That's so so sad to hear, please would you pass on my sympathies x
  7. I'm glad that I've found this thread, I thought it was just me who would be feeling bereft after dropping alihodg off at Bangor last week for his first year. The house is quiet and his little brother is missing him, as we all are. My parents have even gone to visit him this weekend I take heart that we've done a good job getting him this far even though we climbed many a parental mountain and spent time in the parental valleys! I just want him to gave a great experience, he said he wants to end up with a first class degree in Spanish so I can't ask for any more from him than that. I'm already looking forward to his third year as he spends it in Spain. Guess where I'm planning on holidaying that year?!
  8. Thanks for this information, my eldest is off to uni this time
  9. Lily our Basset Hound has nails that grow like the clappers and she really dislikes having them clipped. We'd like to get her a nail file to give her lovely manicures but we've found that there are quite a few to choose from. If you use one on your dog what type do you use? We want one that's not too expensive, works really well and is easy to use. Thanks.
  10. I had this operation done on both hands two years ago, the ops were three months apart. First of all it is well worth having the op as my symptoms are now completely gone I would advise keeping the hand elevated for the first couple of days after surgery in a sling, and also to make full use of the painkillers that the hospital will provide. These will most probably be codeine based, so watch out for the constipation I had three weeks off work for each hand and found that to be sufficient for me, but of course everyone is different and do different jobs. I had a little go at driving a couple of days before I returned to work and found that my left hand ( my dominant hand) hurt a little whilst changing gears but I was in full control of the car. My left hand was the one that was operated on first and it's surprising how quickly I adapted to using my right hand. Once the stitches had been taken out I used bio oil to help with the scarring and dryness and now you wouldn't know by looking that I've had surgery. I think that I posted a thread on here asking for advice about my op, hopefully it will still be there. Does your friend have an underactive thyroid gland? That was the cause of my carpal tunnel.
  11. Well done Lewis, that's fantastic news
  12. You're not a rubbish driver. You're a considerate safe driver. It's very sad what happened, but it was an accident and it seems like nothing could have prevented it from happening. You did the right thing taking the cat to a vet ( which would have been a difficult thing to do ) and also leaving information for the cats owner to find out what had happened to his pet. When our cat Jake was run over and killed while we were out at work we had a struggle to find out quickly where he had been taken to, though we eventually found him.
  13. Thanks for the heads up from me too. Hubby is currently looking for flights to visit his dad who lives in France so I've passed the message onto him too.
  14. They so grow up soon, our youngest boy turned ten in January and he has been using deodorant for a year now. He's of average height too, so he's not anywhere near puberty yet. He just sweats a lot, bless him. I think his older brother was about eleven when he started using deodorant.
  15. Your friend sounds very much like my son he plays the guitar and bass guitar and we once bought him a recycled metal guitarist from the Manchester Christmas markets. If you google images of "recycled metal guitar" then I hope you can see the kind of thing that I mean. Son has his sat on his bedroom window ledge and it looks pretty
  16. Have you contacted Brabantia? The bins are guaranteed for 10 years if I remember correctly? We had a problem with the lid staying closed on our springy lid bin and we contacted Brabantia and they sent us a new catch straight away.
  17. They are so easy to make, this year I left them to cool overnight in my porch & this made them a doddle to mould into rustic shapes for dusting in the cocoa powder
  18. Just making some of these as I type, in between watching the Strictly final. I have my 9 year old in charge of the melting chocolate and I am enjoying drinking the Baileys
  19. Many many congratulations, that's fantastic news xxx
  20. I loved it too, I saw it through FB and I watched it on my iPad
  21. I have no advice to give sorry apart from if LMW is under 16 she shouldn't have asprin to gargle with even though it is very good for inflammation
  22. I find photobucket very hard to use. Flickr is much easier and user friendly.

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