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  1. I'm near Biggleswade too, some of mine came from Thornes and I've hatched some of my own too! Welcome to the world of hens!
  2. I don't bother to shut my girls (and boy) in the coop at all, unless the temperature is lower than -3! Otherwise they put themselves to bed, either near the door in the summer or further in as it gets colder. They're out of the coop and in the rn by 5am, if Bertie's crowing is to be believed! I'm sure yours are just settling in, enjoy them, chickens are ace!
  3. I would agree about the cat being more scared of the chickens after a while, our cat goes into the eglu when no one's at home but he's terrified if the girls come near! A water pistol can be a good to discourgae cats, they don't seem to know where the water comes from!
  4. Before I kept my cockerel I went to all out neighbours and asked them to tell me if thier crowing disturbed me. Bertie crows about 3am but I only hear him if I'm awake anyway, if you're asleep he doesn't wake me.....but.....he's at the end of a 200 ft garden but we do sleep with our window open. The neighbours all say its a nice country sound and they don't mind a bit. He's such a character and well work keeping a cockerel if you have space.
  5. You really can't beat the flavour can you! Roast and dinner lived up to thier names!
  6. A friend of mine did certificates for all my girls at 250,500 etc eggs!, the only trouble was I caouln't identify the three Welsummer's eggs so they will have to be certificateless. My two new girls, Nutmeg and Vanilla will lay very brown and blue eggs respectivley so I should be able to identify them!
  7. I leave my cube door open all the time except when it is about minus5 or less, otherwise the huddle together in the cold and spead out in the warm. They're chcikens - they'll look after themselves!
  8. Don't worry about asking questions, we all have loads, especially at the start. I've just had two new girls, who wouldn't go into the house on the first night and then wouldn't come out the next morning!, they eat feathers too, so don't worry they're just being chickens, enjoy getting to know them! It's an addictive hobby....you have been warned!
  9. I'm sure he'll get himself sorted out soon. My Bertie was so much under the hen's control that he only has one wattle as he was pecked by the older girls, however now, at a year old, he is definately the boss, but won't eat until his girls have fed, and will show them where the food is. He also likes to make new bedding in the egg port 'smell' right before the girls are allowed to lay!
  10. It's very easy to move, I have an extention and can still move it on my own
  11. Hi everyone, If you've got a pecking problem and put the bumper bits on....how long do you have to leave them or is it a permanent thing? Do the girls stop and when do you remove the bumper bits? It's my cockeral who's being pecked as he gets a bit too enthusiastic and his wattles are bleeding.
  12. I should think they just need to settle in, their combs will get darker and then hey presto they'll be laying, just keep patient and it will happen.....
  13. I sell half a dozen for £1.50 each week which just about keeps the girls in food.
  14. That seems OK to me, you may want to give them some mixed grit, or old egg shells which have been heated in a very hot oven and then crushed to keep the eggshells hard when they come along. I let my girls out at about 7.30am and they just come and go for pellets etc all day. I get them in with a mixed handfull of corn and mixed grit, whcih seems to go fairly quickly. They love tomatoes, grapes and sultanas too!

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