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  1. Lovely broody area, any hen lucky enough to go in there should be very happy. All my hens are in a big fruit cage run, but 1 went broody about a month ago, and my old Eglu and run were dragged out of the corner (and my friend's guinea pigs lost their run space as they'd borrowed it) and plonked on the arid lawn for her. My other friend is a chick hatching fiend, but had a turkey egg/chick egg face off and the turkeys won the incubator space, I won the right to stuff the chick eggs under my girl. Out of 6 cream legbar eggs, 2 live chicks - both girls I think, 2 that half made it out of the eggs but died, and 2 complete non-starter eggs. Susan and Titty are beautiful little things, and the proud Mama is very happy. They are all cosy in the eglu and run, I had to take the roosting bars out and fill it all up with Aubiose, but it seems to be working really well for them. Good luck with egging, I am definitely going to try again if we get another broody.
  2. Er..... I did my WIR last year, and never got round to posting any pics. So if you want to what a fruitcage /chicken deluxe run looks like, trot over here for a view
  3. Major egg drought here. I have 3 layers from last year, and 3 newish POL pullets - 1 leghorn, 2 amber stars. I've seen less eggs over the past 8 weeks than I did all winter with 5 hens. I am lucky to get 2 or 3 per day, most days it's one, or none. The new girls seem like they can't be "Ooops, word censored!"d to do any eggs - we had a couple off each of them about 4 weeks ago, and nothing since. My girls are in a fruit cage WIR and I have moved them out of an Omlet and into a slightly bigger wooden house with 2 nest boxes. Up until April the production was ok, I had enough to supply me, my Mum and Dad, and have a couple of half-dozen boxes to sell as well. Lately it takes a week to get anywhere close to a half dozen and I'm really fed up. Their food is layers pellets and kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s, with corn for treats. My Mum gives them all her veg peelings and cabbage leaves, and they get my fresh spinach most days too. I am not letting them out to free range at the moment, but that is normal for them and they have sun, shade and space enough. What is going on?
  4. My cunning plan is a walk in fruit cage! I know it sounds mad but there is a local company http://www.knowlenets.co.uk/garden/walkin_fruitcages.htm who do walk in cages, which they can supply with poultry netting. I costed mine out - for a 3m 2m run (height is about 6'6") with one full size door, about £170. With all fixings, roof netting and what have you, delivery is £6 - included in the above. I have been saving up my child benefit money - I figure the toddlers benefit muchly from the play value, being pecked occasionally (life experierence!) and lots and lots of very fresh eggs - and can now afford to buy this, and give our sadly pooped on lawn a much deserved rest. We live by the sea, and have LOTS of wind here, so open sides are the best option for us. I will probably try a corrugated roof, just to keep the worst of the rain off, and there is a substantial hedge/bay tree one side and a huge house wall (neighbours) at the back of the proposed run site, so I think that will be enough shelter. For shade I will hook the winter Omlet shade from the current small run onto whichever side gets too hot. I'm so excited, I've been planning to move them for months, but didn't have the money - now all we have to do is move the shed that's in the way. Easy! I'll post pics as soon as I get going, we are ordering the thing tomorrow, but won't be putting it up for a few weeks yet I think. All LS cross Mavis (ready for the pot) Millie Gertie Gussie Soon to be joined by 2 more LS cross - if I can get Mavis traded off first!
  5. Thank you Sheila and Lesley I will check the notes and see if I can get anywhere with them. Chickenmummy
  6. Well thank you all for the helpful comments. Of course, today there has been no egg at all (Sundays off maybe?) so I am hoping to see one in the nesting box tomorrow when I let the girls out. About time Megg got going and then I wouldn't mind so much. At least there'd be a chance of one a day! I'll keep you posted
  7. Help - I am having the same problem. Any advice please??? Chickenmummy
  8. Henrietta started to lay this week, but she doesn't do her egg until tea-time. Is this normal? Will it change? Can anyone advise on this very important matter - I want eggs for breakfast (and so does the baby). Where am I going wrong? ********* Hello there Just thought I'd let you all know how we're getting on here. Henrietta proceeded to do her eggs later and later every day, missed a day and started early again. This went on till last Thursday when Megg did her first egg after 8 weeks & 2 days (threats of the Pot if she didn't perform before Easter I think did the trick) and now Henrietta seems to do hers sometime in the morning anywhere between 10 and 12 and hasn't missed any days yet. Megg does hers about 10 - I've just been to get todays beauty out. They both hang around in the Eglu whilst the other performs. Megg is sensible and does hers in the nesting box, Henrietta seems to be struggling with the concept and mostly does them at the back of the perch, sometimes dropping into the poop tray. Maybe Megg will show her the proper way to do it. Anyway, now that egg production has doubled, we're all very happy and have plenty of eggs at breakfast time.

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