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  1. Actually I was pleasantly surprised. I too had the two eldest in a downstairs hutch with two of their offspring above, and with the addition of the dog everyone needed more space, and i'd wanted R&F to live on the ground, we used to have a conservatory but we don't anymore which is frustrating. They love it, and will put up pics for sure, especially now they have settled in. The best thing I have ever done for them. Now to teach their kids how to use a ramp. Chickens will all depend on how much room we have left once the rabbits have been put out there I think, although I do dearly want some.
  2. just by way of an update, and as several people have viewed the post, so I wonder if they too have the same query... I have bought a second hand Eglu classic (my lil rablu) from a lovely lady on here, it's now been set up, it looks awesome. I have moved my bunnies into it and at night because of the wet weather and the chilly breeze we have been covering it with a layer of tarp. More than anything to put off mr, mrs and all the baby foxes, also the neighbours cat. It works really well and we are very much in love with it. I now can't wait until summer when we move them onto the lawn and I make a judgement call on whether to invest in chickens as well or not.
  3. Hi all I'm trying to convince myself to upgrade one of my hutches to an eglu this year as I gave a two decker hutch which i'd love to have back as one for the youngsters and get a shiny new run/house set up for my parent bunnies. The Eglu looks safe enough and with them being on concrete the whole winter months the digging won't be an issue, i'm also pretty confident we can be clever to put off Mr Fox (not that any of the five that live close by ever come in, between our dog and the five or six that live on our side of the street... they seem quite content with the railway embankment). However my question of eglu owners... do you still cover the runs at night and let the buns leap about or do you shuffle them back into their homes? if you cover, what do you use? I'm the queen of ingenious uses of tarp so i'm not bothered but more intrigued what you all do. Thanks in advance Dizzi (and Fluffyfoot and Rippi who really want a new designer home)
  4. Urgh some of this annoys me. Actually most of it. In north london there have been huge problems with dog thefts, im always very careful where i let my schnauzer off. In one of the boroughs where we live have dog wardens that check in with owners, check tags and advise on chips. They have posters everywhere explaining their laws and rules. They are mostly for the less responsible members of society and those who keep dogs for status etc. they are great and nice for people to see around
  5. Hrmmmm ive been mixed with it. Both have been put in whilst ive been asleep, but im ummm narrow and its hard for it any other way (silly genetic anomalies). However mines in because i have endometriosis. The first started to fall out, ouch, got lodged, ouch, so another op, ouch. However, second op they found my odd problem so huzzah! Apart from the slighr water retention caused by progesterone, i love it. I feel great. Will be getting another. Maybe on day they will let me have a hysterectomy but im ten years too early at the moment grrrr
  6. Thanks for the welcome. Crikey! That picture makes your OH look like a very brave person!
  7. Wow this thread is so cool. Loving the idea of this, wish we had similar on my other forum. With the help of my schnauzer, i have been trying to get fit, we try for 3km a day and today we maxed out on a 8km wander around a local country park. Your stories are making me want to try more
  8. Oo the mochi mochi books are awesome. Im in the middles of hand sewing a patchwork quilt. Why i decided to do it by hand i will never know. Next ones by machine i think. I also need to finish my fleece cage liners for my hedgehogs vivarium and my purple taffeta cloak for my cosplay. Hrmmm think i may need to finish these off
  9. Best books ever, thanks to st Delia, i cooked when i first left home and now can cook! (Except fried eggs, one of natures mysteries that one). Well done for finding the internet versions! I hope you find your book again!
  10. We have tried many, for our wedding we had a proper machine but only the filter was really used. Then i went onto a grinder, i still use that when i just want filter coffee. However, we got a tassimo last year for christmas. We have macciato, hot chocolate, latte and straight black pods. We love the ease of having different drinks. The choice isnt great but they are available all over. My only problem is the price of pods, it can really add up. My friends have the other type and they often moan about the variety and cost too. I still love my tassimo machine. Best christmas present ever.
  11. Loved that video. I have a rabbit that steals loki's bed. Luckily, loki only gets to look on from the other side of the security gate.
  12. Hi all Am new to the forum and chickens but... Not to bunnies, having been a lifelong rabbit owner. Prompted by Shirley's answers in the Welcome section, I realised that the questionnaire is a bit chicken based so here's a rabbitty version for our rabbit owning friends.... 1.) Name? Im clare, the bunnies are fluffyfoot & rippipi (mum n dad) twonky, taffy and runtini (the babies) 2.) Hair colour? Mines beown, the bunnies are 3 x grey 2 x toffee lionheads. 3.) Pets other than rabbits? Ok i have a schnauzer called loki, three guinea pigs and an african pygmy hedgehog. 4.) Date that you got your rabbits? March 2011 then some more in september 2011. 5.) Hobbies? My pets, geocaching and writing. Oh and loads of walking. Annnnd online computer games. 6.) Likes? Coffee, puppy walks and good conversation. 7.) Dislikes? Cleaning out my hedgehog - oh you have no idea what one hog can do to a wheel over night! 8.) Favourite music? 80's and 90's 9.) Favourite TV show? Ohhhhhh too much, probably most good crime dramas. 10.) Favourite food? Coffee and japanese food... Most notably yasai tempura. 11.) Fears? Foxes, my vets closing down and my mother moving in. 12.) Dreams? To settle into my new job, achieve a work life balance. 13.) Anything else we should know about you? Ummmm im a little loopy. 14.) Favourite Film of all time? Tough, almost any of the marvel movies. 15.) Favourite Book of all time? Pride and prejudice, can read over and over again. 16.) What book are you reading now? Game of thrones book one... Still. 17.) Occupation? Programme management office co-ordinator / project manager in public health 18.) How would you describe your personality? Loopy, sunny, fun but factual, practical, laid back but super ocd about certain things like housework and timing. Well thats me. Clare
  13. Hi all Eeek another newbie. Thats me. Ive not yet bought chickens or homes for them, but... Im aiming to once things settle at home (we were just about to when i lost my job - silly contracting with public sector grrrrr, and then just as i started my new role i lost two of my prized perfect and loved guinea pigs). I am saving now for the perfect set up, aiming to build our own run for a omlet to be put in. So im here to chat chicken and learn heaps about them. I am also aiming to buy a omlet rabbit cage for one of my bunnies in the summer. I think im going to be broke haha. Anyhow hullo. Clare

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