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  1. In need of a bit of common sense. I have a very tricky 13 month old who was weaned off the bottle a month ago, since then she has been very reluctant to drink by herself. She usually has a tommee tippee sippy cup and drinks water out of it but not enough and the health visitor is concerned. She doesn't seem dehydrated but it is a constant challenge to get her to drink. I don't want to go down the route of "pink milk" or squash just yet but recently I made her a cup of diluted, decaf financed tea with full fat milk. She guzzled it down so I'm tempted to make it a regular thing but am wondering if she is too young for tea?
  2. I've had to make the hard decision to seek a new home for Henrietta, she was OK over the summer but recently (and especially since she's had to be confined) she's become very downcast and been pulling out her feathers due to boredom. She's 3 and a half now so probably hasn't got long left but if anyone has any ideas of a better home for her I'd be greatful.
  3. Sorry, I've been ill since Xmas day so forgot all about the swap! My present was 3 beautiful hand knitted Christmas trees with cinnamon sticks for fragrance. They truly are wonderful and must have taken someone a long time so thank you very much. There was also a hand made card. I will photograph them and send the pics to cats tails to post.
  4. Mine has arrived, it's stashed under the tree away from the baby!
  5. Well this is getting interesting, lots of smiling and head nodding! Hopefully some action next season. Bit gutted for Olivia, poor love. Can't believe Carl got off Scott free, Negan must have got distracted
  6. I swear to god if Negan hurts Judith I'm never watching TWD again! Ever!
  7. My old cat Ozzy is nearly 14, hardly has any teeth left and has been getting rather thin over the last year. Recently one of his eyes went bloodshot and we noticed he was not his usual self so whisked him down the vets. Vet did a blood test which ruled out a few things (thyroid and kidney problems), then said next step is an ultrasound to look for heart disease or cancer. Me and hubby were unsure so said we'd see how he gets on. we've increased his food (he can only eat soft food and is incredibly picky), He seems well in himself, a bit quiet but doesn't seem in pain, his eye is still bloodshot. I'm wondering if it's worth doing the ultrasound, if it is cancer there's nothing we can do anyway as he has a heart murmur and wouldn't survive surgery.
  8. That was a dull, filler episode. My husband was like "they're gonna kill her" the whole way through so rather predictable. Don't think these new guys will be taking part in the "uprising".
  9. This is brilliant, I love reading about renovations and your place looks fab! My aunt bought and renovated a French "chateau" just outside Paris and I loved going there as a kid (although sleeping overnight there scared me stupid). For anyone else who gets a kind ck out of this type of this check this website out http://www.chateaugudanes.com/the-project This is an Australian family renovating a French castle, very beautiful pictures!
  10. Glad Maggie is alive, was getting worried about her, especially when Rick said she was dead! Don't know what Carl and Jesus plan to do when that truck stops though
  11. If it had been Maggie I think I would have had to turn it off and never look back! I knew it wouldn't be Rick and hoped it wouldn't be Glenn. My husband guessed Abraham and Glenn cause he knows people who read the comics. Wonder what will happen this week, where's Carol when you need her?
  12. I don't know why I put myself through TWD all the time, it's just so horrible! Can't say I'm that gutted about Abraham but Glenn!
  13. Me and my OH have stayed at the hotel within portmerion twice, it's not cheap but it's beautiful and the food is amazing. The is also the "castle" you can stay at, I've never been in it, think it's just outside the resort. I have also heard the cottages in the resort can be rented but don't know how. I definitely recommend the hotel.
  14. I have a Fitbit zip (very basic) but I like to use the app that came with it, very happy with it so far.
  15. I think this is a great idea and plan to do this with mine, sadly their lists for dresses are closed at the moment but I will keep checking for when they reopen.
  16. Thanks for all the advice, I am leaning more towards a childminder, my little brother and sister were looked after by one and have fond memories.
  17. I had my baby on the 12th of Feb, a little girl called Juliet (and if i can ever get photoshop to work i could post some pics). i'm trying to find childcare for her when she is over a year old and am struggling to decide which to go for. we are very limited in our area for childcare, there is only one nursery within reach that will take a 1 year old, they were initially recommended to us by a work colleague but he has now withdrawn the recommendation saying he feels they are too interested in making money. we viewed the place but felt the £50 a day price tag wasn't really worth what you got. I've also looked on the local council list of childminders and found two nearby, one has an OFSTED outstanding rating but is very popular so already has a waiting list, the other has a good rating and has spaces for next year. i haven't met either of them yet, just made enquiries. i'm just wondering if anyone has any experience as to which is best? i want her to be well cared for but don't want to miss out on nursery education.
  18. we removed a cherry tree from the bottom of our drive last year and haven't regretted it. the next door neighbours detested it and asked us about it when we moved in but we forgot. then when we got windows fitted by the neighbour he bought it up again offering to pay for its removal and we felt really guilty so chopped it down ourselves the next day! the neighbour was chuffed to bits (even came to help when he saw what we were doing) and i can't say i miss the mess or how dark it made the house. i did feel bad about it but it had a good life and really was too big.
  19. i lost one of mine earlier this year, the remaining one has been absolutely fine on her own. she goes about her business as usual, eats well and doesn't seem distressed at all. depends on the chicken as this isn't always the case though.
  20. We buried ours! There's no way my husband would have allowed me to just put her in the bin. I can't see how it could spread disease though unless she got dug up.
  21. I don't think I'll get anymore just yet, I'll see how Henrietta gets on, if she's in obvious distress I might consider rehoming her. Right now she's confused but otherwise seems fine which is very sad My OH has taken it very badly, Ariadne was his chicken and he was very fond of her. We'll have to consider if we'll get anymore after Henrietta goes, might leave until baby is bigger and can help out.
  22. Thanks for all the advice, as it is she took matters into her own hands and died. My concern now is for our other chicken as shes now on her own for the first time ever.
  23. One of my girls has been sick with what I know believe was sterile peritonitis. We took her to the vet who gave antibiotics and it has seemed to have improved (the fluid around her abdomen has reduced a lot) however at the same time her crop bunged up. She brought up a pile of foul smelling brown sludge and I started treating with ACV and allowing small portions of food due to how thin she was, two days later the same happened again so we helped her bring it up. Now it's happened again, she's head bobbing, gurgling and not eating, I can't give her her antibiotics or any ACV as it would just sit there again. I don't know what else to do, we're still keeping her in but my baby is due in a couple of weeks and I can't keep her in then. I'm worried that if I put her back outside she'll just starve to death. Is it worth taking her back to the vet?

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