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  1. It is not an age thing, horrible people are simply that. Young horrible people turn into old horrible people, thankfully the opposite is also true, and there are exceptions in both cases. (no I don't mean that old horrible people turn into young horrible people) Patsy, they really should hang their heads in shame for treating you so badly. Anyway, chin up, and load up on chillies for next time Kev.
  2. That tickled me somewhat! You seem to have more hair than me and are always eating Kev.
  3. Mine is Holly the computer from Red Dwarf. I have always been a big red dwarf fan. I think I might change him to the cat next Kev. Edit:- I meant big not bog!
  4. Thanks for the explanation Tasha, So now thats cleared up theres just the minor problem of a dealing with a single hen and four cockerals. I think the way to go is to grow them all on until the girly is about point of lay and then integrate her with some new POL's to create a new flock of the same age for the school plot, whilst hoping that the boys don't start crowing or fighting to the death before then. They can then be re-homed as planned/promised or 'dealt' with. I have an awful feeling it will be the latter and yours truly will have to do the deed. Kev.
  5. Out of curiousity what is the difference between auto-sexing breeds and sex-linked? Is it only certain breeds that have been developed to have this rather useful identifiability? Is there any chance it could be the other way round?, 4 hens and 1 cockeral would be a much better I realise there is a lot of straw clutching going on here Kev.
  6. I have just moved them into their new des res accommodation. So we will see if they prefer living as rabbits as opposed to fish Cathy seems to remember them being sex-linked chicks whereby the boys are yellow and grow resemble a light sussex and the girls are gold and develop to look like a standard battery hen. Here is a link to some before and after pics (my have they grown) and a little video clip. ***link to pics*** ***Chick Pic Flick*** the password is 'omlet' enjoy edited: to get the links to work hopefully! Kev.
  7. I am no expert, but if I was a betting man, my money would be on the 'quiet keep out of trouble' brown feathered chick being a girly, and the other four fowl mouthed aggressive white feathered 'come and have a go if you think you're hard enough' ones to be males. The main reason I say this is the white feathered ones only seem to be aggressive towards each other and do the jump in the air kung-fu kick thing rather than pecking. This behaviour is not frequent but amounts to that of a bunch of 12 year olds who have just watched Rocky III. They are all currently cuddled up together cute as you like. They have certainly outgrown the temporary aquarium brooder solution Kev.
  8. I am sure I read it somewhere but it was to do with survival rates of the different sexes rather than determining the sex itself. Like you say I am sure the poultry industry would have exploited that if it where true. I probably dreamt it Kev.
  9. I don't know the full story, It's not a case of hatch them with no regard of what to then do with them. But I think the planning could certainly have been better. The idea was for them to go to the school allotment which is fine once they are old enough to be left over night, I don't think the caring for them until then part was thought through or discussed properly. I wasn't aware they were going to be coming our way or like I say we would have been more prepared. Not to worry, if I can get the aquarium brooder up and running and organise an eglu for when the are ready to go out things will be ok. The other complication is that four of them are boys, the school has found a home for these with a nearby allotment holder but that only leaves 1 girly, so when the boys go off to their new home Cathy will have to get a few more of the same age to keep her company. Am I right in thinking that the temperature of the incubator affects the sex of the chick? because I think there is a lesson to be learned there too. Kev.
  10. Sony have had their Playstation 3 and Qriocity (whatever that is) servers compromised by what they describe as an 'external intrusion'. Personal details including usernames, names and addresses, dates of birth, passwords, security questions and credit card/bank details have been stolen. So if you use the same password for other online sites as the ps3 one, I would change them pronto. The PS3 networks are still down following the attack and it is not known when they will be restored. Marvellous, nice one Sony, never heard of encryption you muppets! Oh well, I guess I should cancel my bank card. Kev.
  11. Due to a hatching exercise at school Cathy has been lumbered with 5 chicks to rear (now they are past the cute and fluffy stage). So she is bringing them home tonight. They are in a cardboard box at the moment and have a heat lamp. I feel something a little more robust is in order, especially as we have a cat. Not sure how old they are but I am guessing about 5 weeks, they are about the size of a pigeon. I have an empty 3 ft aquarium that could be easily converted to a brooder in the short term and it has enough height to raise the lamp etc. Do you think this would be ok? At what age will they be old enough to venture outside, in say an eglu or rabbit hutch with no lamp? Will they still need to come indoors at night? Sorry for all the questions, obviously if we had planned to raise chicks I would have researched all this before hand Thanks again. Kev.
  12. I have tried all the supposed ways to avoid the dreaded fly and the only one that works here is to cover them completely with enviromesh from sowing to harvest. I am not convinced that carrot fly only fly at low level either as I have tried growing carrots in an oil drum three foot off the ground and they still got "Ooops, word censored!"bled. Kev.
  13. You don't need to be a parent to feel the pain in that song, it's beautiful and an amazing tribute. Pink Floyd - Wish you were here, and Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush - Don't Give Up are the two that get me most, for different reasons. Kev.
  14. we have a SURVIVOR, yay It looks like a few more are thinking about germinating too, so hopefully the variety will live on. Kev.
  15. I would recommend separating the area of into a number of individual beds with permanent paths between them. Our lottie is also huge and the prospect of digging over a humongous field was very daunting. Digging a bed at time helps as it breaks up the work, beds that you are not working can be covered. This way the beds rarely get walked on and are easier to dig, and you don't waste money adding manure to areas that become paths. As soon as you get an area dug over and cultivated get it planted up and attack the next. Probably the biggest mistake I make is I go down there to do a specific job and then see something more urgent and then whilst doing that I see something more urgent still and flap about doing everything but what I set out to do. Your best friend is your hoe, keep it sharp and massacre them weeds when they are still young. Most of all enjoy it. Kev.
  16. For a couple of years now I have been growing and saving seed from Irish Preans. This is a very rare variety of large pea. I acquired a couple of plants from a generous Saltburn allotment holder as I walked by his plot and grew them on for seed. Anyhow I saved the seed from these two plants and shared them with a friend who also grew them on for seed. The surplus from last years sowings I gave to another friend who has just took up gardening, knowing I had loads of more recent seed. Today I opened the box and to my horror all was not well. It looks like I didn't dry them well enough before storage. The seeds have developed a mouldy appearance and turned a brown colour. I spoke to my friend on the phone this morning and she too has had a Prean disaster and lost all hers to mice over the winter I have sowed some anyway in the hope that they may still germinate but I don't think they will. So I hope the surplus ones grow ok for my other friend and I can beg some back. I have had a few problems with damping off disease with my other seedlings too. Oh well such is life. Kev.
  17. All together now............... Hitler has only got one Hall..... Ok, sorry, I'll go Kev.
  18. Well i got a reply from E-On. I think they might just do it. They are a bit worried about false alarms from incorrect billing, however. "Hello and thank you for your email. I'm sorry that you had a gas leak and am glad that the Energy Tracker enabled you to identify it before any damage occurred to you or your property. Your suggestion to add a warning system to the Energy tracker is excellent. However, if an account is billed incorrectly, the Energy Tracker for that account would also be incorrect. Therefore it is possible that a warning email could be sent to a customer in error. We are in the process of improving the Energy Tracker and once we have completed this we can look into the possibility of adding a warning system Thanks again for your feedback and please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 301 5933 if you have any further queries." So we will have to wait and see. Kev.
  19. I would say that this is about a dozen eggs worth just going by the price. It is 0.03 cubic meters, about a large carrier bag full. http://www.coals2u.co.uk/real-wood-logs-net It depends how much they like super fresh eggs I suppose and unseasoned logs must be worth a little bit less. Kev.
  20. I would still keep an eye on the weather forecast though. If you are going to get a frost just light a large church candle in the greenhouse, it'll keep the temp above zero and they burn for yonks. You might need a couple if it's a big greenhouse. I am well late this year and have only just started sowing, but I started a bit early last year and lost a lot to frost when I forgot to light the candle . I got me a greenhouse heater for christmas so I should be ok this year as long I remember to light the thing Kev.
  21. We have one of the very early cubes. I had a look at a newer model at Gardeners World Live last year and there were some minor differences. From memory the back panel had been redesigned to improve water drainage. The catches to release the lid have been improved. I believe the undercarriage has been beefed up too. And of course plastic roosting bars. I am not sure if there was ever an official mark 2 or whether it is just a result of continuous improvement of the original. The most significant change is that of the back panel. The original design is prone to leaking water into the cube under a serious downpour. There were some retro fit stick on rubber things issued to improve the design. I am not sure how effective they were because I had already botched ours up with hose pipe before they came . The new back panel has resolved this issue I believe. There may well have been other improvements I am sure Omlet will advise if you ask them. Kev.
  22. Hey there Diane, I hope you and all yours are well (including the chucks and the big cat boys) Please, please don't beat yourself up for feeling alone, you're not the shambles you think you are,.... the girl you see in the mirror is actually a very nice person, easy on the eye, and not as stupid as you would think. I know I have met her, and I am a very good judge of character . I have never met the person you miss, but I know as you do, he is not good for you or anybody else, including himself. Forget him,............ no REALLY. Your confidence is low, it will improve. His will not, which is not your problem. It is better to be a full 'yourself', than be a half of a 'nothing'. Sorry if that sounds a bit too much like a fortune cookie, but more appropriate words are not allowed Take care love, Kev.
  23. Glad to hear you are ok Sheila, Just checked ours, it's still working. I bought a fire extinguisher too when we had the open fire put in. I am glad to say it has never been needed, but it is nice to know it is there in case of incidents such as yours. I hope you didn't have too much smoke damage. Kev.
  24. If it wasn't for the on-line energy tracker thing I probably would never have noticed as I pay by direct debit and don't pay as much attention to the bills as I should. Along these lines I have come up with an idea and have emailed E-On to suggest it. "Dear Sirs, I have a suggestion for your excellent on-line energy tracker service. I monitor my energy usage on-line although not as frequently as I should. I checked recently and found that my usage had gone up by 85% compared with the same period last year. As I knew that I hadn't changed habits and the weather wasn't drastically different from last year, I immediately suspected I had a gas leak. This proved to be the case. Although I couldn't smell the leak under the floorboards, a significant amount was escaping and it classed as 'Immediately Dangerous' by the Emergency Engineer. If it were not for the energy tracker I may never have known about about the situation under my floor until it was too late. Looking at the tracker it appears I have had a significant gas leak for a number of months and I feel lucky not to have had an explosion, especially as we also have an open fire (you can't get a better source of ignition than that!). Can I suggest that you add a warning system to your energy tracker which generates e-mails to customers in circumstances such as mine when gas usage dramatically increases? This would be an extremely useful tool from a saving energy/money point of view but more importantly I believe it would be an excellent safety measure. I would appreciate any feedback you may have regarding this suggestion. Kind Regards, Kev" Do you think they will go for it? Kev.
  25. The Engineer has just left. It was quite a large leak apparently in an old lead supply pipe to a gas fire we no longer have installed. It got a tick in the IMMEDIATELY DANGEROUS box He's capped the old supply off at the meter so we are all safe again and the gas is back on. I am glad he could quickly sort it out otherwise he would have blanked off the meter to make it safe and I would have had to call out another gas plumber to sort out the leak, probably at great expense. As it is, it cost me nowt other than the massive gas bills that is. So well done Northern Gas Networks, turned up in under an hour, and fixed it in ten minutes Looking at the on-line history thing it would appear that the pipe stared leaking around OCTOBER 2010 So we have been sitting on a time bomb for six months! Thank god for air-bricks, underfloor ventilation and old draughty houses otherwise the area from where I am now typing from could easily be a crater. Kev.

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