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  1. Hi everyone! Long time since my last post, but I'm happily able to sayI can have chickens again from August. I've got a new place with lots of room for a few chucks. Does anyone know of a local chicken (POL) supplier near Manchester? (M40 /M35 Area) Lee
  2. hey ya I've got my 3 marans back.. they are living in a go in my garden... not laying tho ! loll
  3. Yey ! I have my 3 marans back in an eglu go ! wooooopp! Question - Can I buy just the stand for the Eglu Go (Or just the run and stand?) to convert to a GO UP? Lee Rabbits are also loving the Eglu Pet!!
  4. Anyone know of any money or of discount codes for the Omlet website? I think it's really harsh to charge so much delivery on everything, looking at a cube and WIR and it's over 100 quid!
  5. Not quite, will be soon. That's a shame, I might have to look in to a way of making it work...
  6. Hello everyone, hope you are all well... It's getting close to my moving in date of my new house, exciting times! In preparation for this i'm trying to work out how I'm going to have my chickens.... I'm thinking 3x3 Walk in Run and Cube.... however... I'd like to know if I can connect the cube directly to the WIR, or do I have to use the 1M of run with the cube? Lee
  7. I borrowed it from leeweedon......I wonder how he is?? I'm fine thanks (o:
  8. Yeah... that's true... however the other million fixes learnt that the trap was to be avoided.
  9. Thanks everyone! So nice of you all!! I love my virtual chickens..... it makes morehens easy to deal with GNG GNG GNG
  10. Hello everyone! It's with a great deal of sadness I'm posting this but the time has come. I have separated from my partner and had to move out and due to financial constraints I have to move to a flat with no garden, so unfortunately that means no more chickens until I find a new permanent home. In the end I was left with 2 Eglu Go's and 3 marans, a friend has kindly homes the chickens and one of my eglus so at least I know they've gone to somewhere where they will be looked after properly and enjoyed. This leaves me with the task of selling up. I'll be posting in the sales pages later with what I have to go, which is loads of stuff, books, magazine, feeds, tonics and potions, toys, drinkers, feeders and even a massive bag of grit and 900 clear plastic egg boxes! I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful help and advice you have given me while keeping chickens, and most of all I'd like to thank you all for being friends, albeit in a virtual world, I class many of you as friends I can trust and rely on. If you're even in Nottingham drop me a message and I'll treat you to a drink sometime! So for now, it's a very sad goodbye, but I'll be back, morehens still has a firm grip on me! Much love. Lee.
  11. They all seem happy snuggled up. No eggs in the nest yet)-: hopefully tomorrow morning!
  12. Creating a larger, deeper nest area in an Eglu Go or Go UP. What you need: 1x Eglu GO or GO UP 1x 15l plastic tubtrug 1m 3mm bungee cord 1x 3 or 4 mm drill bit and drill 1x large heavy duty scissors 1x fine toothed file or wet&dry glass paper. Method: 1) Drill 4 holes in the bottom of the tubtrug roughly matching the hold in the base of the Eglu GO nesting area. 2) Using the bungee cord thread and tie the tubtrug to the Eglu go base. 3) Create an entry point for the chickens. 4) Cut off handles. 5) Using the wet/dry glass paper or file smooth down any rough edges on the tubtrug. 6) Fill with bedding and let the chickens have a look at your good work!
  13. Using chickmum6's idea I've sorted the problem (o: Writing a "how to" now, so will be back shortly...

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