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  1. We have Pekins, at one point we had 9 and although we've now dwindled to 4 due to old age and a couple of unexplained sudden losses over the years the noise issue is minimal compared to dogs and other domestic noise like lawnmowers etc. I'd echo everything everyone else has said re rats, smell etc and maybe if you registered your birds at the vet, that strengthens the fact that they are pets and not livestock … we currently have 3 newcomers, full sized monsters in comparison (blacktail, skye rock and black chestnut rock) in isolation so it will be interesting to see if they're more vocal than the Pekins but I really hope you fulfil your dream and in time, the neighbour won't even notice they're around
  2. Hi all I posted last year after we finally got our walk in run up and running (no pun intended!) about the possibility of adding some more girls to our flock with the extra room but only having one Cube. At the time we had 5 Pekins but sadly lost Lilly, our lavender, about a month after the run went up. A few helpful peeps here helped me see that my aspiration to another 3 or 4 birds, taking a total to 9 was puny in comparison to the 12, 13 and 16 hybrids that seem happy to cram themselves in a Cube so I was heartily reassured by that! So, I found a lovely lady who breeds blue Pekins (a long time want of mine) along with black and whites so I reserved one of each from her and they arrived last Thursday, the black just around POL, the white laying as was a November hatch and the blues still cheeping so a few weeks behind ... along with another blue and a lavender! She explained (after I picked myself up off the floor once the courier had left and I called to say they'd arrived safely) that she had lavenders coming out of her ears so thought I'd appreciate one and that the other blue chick was going to be left alone so she wanted it to go with it's mates ... Whilst eternally grateful for such beautiful birds as they are bred from show stock, I immediately eyed the temporary run we'd erected with cheap wooden coop for the quarantine period and knew it was not going to be big enough ... cue wheedling call to hubby (after posting him the photo to see if he could make out 5 not 3 birds before arriving home) who was a bit grumbly and didn't believe I hadn't planned the whole thing but he's a good sport and he spent Friday evening and Saturday morning after a hasty trip to Wickes making a 2m extension for the wooden coop to give them more room before they're put into the walk in and Cube in about 3 weeks time ... The moral of the story is that one good deed leads to requiring several more from your long suffering hubby who loves the girls but made me promise last October once the walk in was built that this was it ... no more changes, extensions etc (I'd extended the original Cube run about 4 times before this!) so I can't wait to see his face when the extra 1m extension for the walk in that I've just ordered arrives ... he's going to be soooooo ... umm ... happy??!! Me, a day off and a rainy day savings pot with internet access is a dangerous thing!!!
  3. Hi all Have a Cube and a 4x3x2m walk in run and 5 lovely little Pekins. Had them for 2 years but since we gained more space with the run I'd like to add to the flock. Realistically, would I fit another 3 or 4 Pekins in comfortably? Sizewise I would say yes but what I'm really trying to do is even up the numbers of newbies so that introductions aren't too one sided. Any ideas?
  4. It was pricey in the sense that a lot of outlay but the material and eyelets are quality and very heavy so evening this gale force wind, nothing so far has ripped or shown signs of pulling. Will PM you :- however, that said we've had to take it off as the whole blinking run has moved with the force of the wind blowing against it!!! Photos will come but weather been too bad to take pics when I get back form work as it's either dark or pouring down!!!
  5. Will get some up hopefully tomorrow once I get them transferred from mobile
  6. I'm sure many of you have got your own suppliers or favoured products but just thought I'd share a success story we've had recently. We upgraded our Cube from a 4m run attachment to a 4x3x2m walk in run which has been a treat in itself but the coverage situation was one that needed addressing quite quickly with the weather being as bad as its been and will apparently get. I looked everywhere to try and find quality clear tarpaulins in the right size, accepting that I'd probably have to get a couple or more to make adequate coverage but in the end I managed to find a chap on eBay who sells thick covers in various sizes. None were right in terms of size for us but we messaged him and he made us a 3.6x6.5m glass clear cover to go from one side to the other over the roof with rust proof eyelets and hemmed all the way round. Its thick weatherproof PVC, won't freeze, crack or rip with the wind and its made such a difference. We get a strong wind coming across the garden so this way the girls get complete shelter from side to side and no more rain getting in the Cube as its inside the run. If anyone wants details please pm me but it certainly solved the dilemma of finding something good quality that was made to measure that doesn't offend the neighbours as its a very tidy piece of work. Will try and upload some pics at some point too
  7. Have to say ... in wet weather there's always water underneath the poop trays ... the ventilation gaps are where it's coming in I guess but not ideal. Just built our walk in run yesterday (poor hubs, he just knew it would happen eventually!) and the Cube is now housed inside so with the roof covered this should help the situation but it's taken a lot of vigilance to ensure no puddles in there ... shame as it's a great product otherwise
  8. Looks great! We just built ours yesterday and so far the girls are a bit disorientated but a handful of corn soon made it a more desirable place to be! The things we do for these feathery fiends!
  9. Told myself I've got just enough room to add one more at this price ... I mean, who needs to get in and out of the shed or through the back gate anyway??!!
  10. Fantastic! You never get over the eggcitement (sorry) of finding them ... we got our first ever one on 12th March last year and this year, one of the girls has had an early start and another has now joined in and I'm as doolally about it now as I was last year! Enjoy
  11. Got the Cube and the extension originally so just under 3m at the time, added another whilst we were still able to move it taking us to 4m but since relocating to permanent home on concrete and woodchip we added another so just short of 5m in total. I agree that if you're going to move it you need to consider that and to get it off grass to concrete prior to the last extension I had to get inside it and heft one of the supporting frames on my shoulders so that I looked like a demented tortoise trying to ferry it to its final resting place ... no wonder the neighbours avoid me!
  12. Our Pekins pile themselves at the back door where there's a bit of a sun trap in the corner ... lots of wing stretching, legs out to the side, climbing over each other for the best spot ... lovely to watch
  13. Hi there! Welcome Agree with lovely Cat tails ... give them a step up to the ladder and consider putting mesh or something over it as they may not get the hang of it easily, also, their legs can be a bit weak to begin with so not jumping up or off heights will be good for them whilst they regain their strength Food - top up their grubs and give grit separately, good quality layers pellets have lots of what they need in and they will take what grit they need themselves, even better if they get some free range time once settled in Easichick or Aubiose are great, and they will get the hang of roosting ... main thing is good ventilation but free from direct draughts and they will be fine. Condensation is worse than cold for them ... we leave coop door open all year round, they find a way to keep warm even when moulting And leave the food out of the coop ... as long as they've had free access during the day they won't starve and as long as they can get down the next morning, they'll soon find their way. So exciting and keep us posted!

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