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  1. Two of mine are moulting too and we are not getting as many eggs, although two are persistent broodies, so tend to stop laying I thought it was too early to moult though.
  2. Had my first submission to a journal rejected yesterday Comments not nice either - ouch!
  3. Ah, thank you - it helps to share. Feeling ok today, was just a bit shocked and sad about it to be honest as she was only a young hen. I haven't been on the forum for a while. Gavclojak, you've had so much to deal with. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad but how lovely to get married with all of your family there - lovely memories. I hope things get brighter soon for you and your family. And you're right about the girls, sat out for a bit with them today and they soon make you smile, even if you don't feel like it. Redsunset, I'm always telling people about the lady on the chicken forum who lives in the Outer Hebrides, who has chickens that sleep outside, in the trees I was sorry to read about the chickens you lost recently. Must have been hard; I'm pleased to hear that things are now on the up. I hope you Mom's ok Mullethunter and your girls too Luvachicken
  4. Sorry to hear that gavclojak. I lost Poppy last Friday to peritonitis too. Sleep tight Flora & Pops xxx
  5. I had Poppy put to sleep last Friday due to peritonitis. I know it was the right thing to do but I still felt upset about it. Then today in some sort of freak accident, I lost one of my two sablepoots, Lemon (please ignore my signature, needs updating). I was at work but my DD was in the garden and OH was watching the chickens from the house. It seems that Penny jumped on her back and broke her neck - she died before they even got her into the house. I've never heard anything like this before, can't quite believe it's happened and that I've lost two girls so close together
  6. My decorations never quite made it to the loft. They've been sitting in a box in the corner of my bedroom since last year! oh well, no clambering about in the loft to retrieve them...bonus Sorry...went off topic there!
  7. Thanks ever so much, you've all helped to make my mind up and I'm going to accept the offer tomorrow I would say it is a self confidence thing and as I didn't really expect to get the post I originally applied for, I was taken by total surprise by the offer of a secondment. The job is going to stretch me far beyond my comfort zone and I'm a little anxious about it but it is a great opportunity and like you've all said, I've got nothing to lose and some good experience to gain! Aargh, I'm so nervous!
  8. Hi all, I haven't been on for a while so I hope everyone is well I'm in need of some omleteer advice! I interviewed for a job last week, still in the department where I work but for a full time (and better paid) position. I had a chat with my line manager yesterday (who is really supportive) and found out that someone else was slightly better qualified and had more experience than me, so I didn't get the position this time. Well that was absolutely fine with me, I hadn't had an interview for five years so it was worth applying, even to refresh my interview skills and I did think I was punching a bit above my weight to be honest. However, he has now offered me a secondment (with the same job spec) to cover maternity leave and I don't know what to do! I could stay in my part time (rather comfortable) position or accept the secondment with the risk that I would have to drop back down to my original position/ pay (which I think might be soul destroying). I'm also having a slight crisis of confidence now, wondering if I can actually DO the job after all Help!!
  9. I'd have a chat with your vet about incorporating Droncit (not licensed for poultry) into your regular worming routine.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about Betty Boo. It's never easy to say goodbye but how wonderful that she had two years of freedom. Sleep tight Betty Boo x
  11. So sorry to hear about poor Jasmine Sleep tight little one x
  12. Oh no! Here I was thinking that having 2 broodies was bad enough. We've constructed a double broody cage out of omlet mesh for our silkies who went broody on the same day, began laying after broodiness on the same day and have now gone broody again, yep, on the same day Plus they laid an egg in the cage just to make me feel guilty Sorry, no useful advice there I'll shut up now...
  13. Ah what a heartwarming story, must make it all worthwhile. How is she doing now?
  14. So sorry to read about Nimbus and Solo Sleep tight little girls x

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