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  1. I know that deflated feeling when things just aren't working out but we can only do our best and keep hoping. Keeping everything crossed that Lady is a bit better in the morning x
  2. Thanks Mullethunter and Gavclojak. That sounds like a good plan Mullethunter. I think the ongoing problem is that it appears that the sour crop has gone but it doesn't take much to upset the balance in the crop again as the fungus may still be present. Poppy doesn't seem to have enough fluid in her to empty the crop, just a little at the bottom but the brown fluid that came from her beak the other day gave it away. She also perked up a bit after that and ate some food. In terms of the antifungal meds, they said that it is not licenced for poultry and is hard on their liver so won't administer it without the crop swab I guess all vets are different. I've sent you a PM Gavclojak. Hope it's worked!
  3. Thanks Beantree. Her poos are green and slimy, sometimes watery too. It all points to sour crop, I just wish I had trusted my instincts in the first place. The vet gave her the sweetcorn in the back room and then took me through to show that she was eating. I know they have done what they thought was right but I'm really starting to lose faith in vets I don't think I have an approved BHWT vet near to me. After searching, I took her to the nearest avian vet but it's still almost a 50 mile round trip.
  4. So, (deep breath) the vet has just rang me back, after everything, and told me to use ACV!!! I have Battles poultry cider vinegar but I don't think this is the live stuff is it?
  5. Apologies, I know I only seem to post when there's a problem. Just in need of some moral support I think Poppy is not right. After her last bout of sour crop she was really well again until my mom overdid it with corn while I was at work (even though I had asked her not to give any corn ). Since then Poppy has become lethargic, standing around puffed up (but not all the time) and although she doesn't have a massive squishy crop, I am suspicious that there is something fungal going on because there is always some fluid in her crop in the mornings and she brought up a little brown fluid from her beak the other day. I've been to my local vet twice and to an avian specialist twice. The local vet gave her anti inflammatory and antibiotic injections and tried to figure out if there was an underlying cause. She thought maybe the onset of peritonitis or an egg stuck somewhere and referred us to the avian specialist. The avian specialist ruled out peritonitis straight away (no fluid at all in the abdomen) and the egg theory. so no treatment other than feeding her some sweetcorn, which she ate at the vets. Back home Poppy was still not right so back we went two days later. She had fluids this time and the vet asked me to inject antibiotics into her breast muscle (terrifying ). In short, she's not responding to the antibiotics (she is no worse but equally no better) and the vets just won't seem to listen to me about the crop issue She has quoted me £215 for xrays and blood tests, which I just can't pay. I'm feeling desperate (can you tell?) I fully understand that this could be an internal issue, but in a last attempt, I rang again this morning to ask about antifungal meds, she said she can't administer those without a crop swab that takes 4-5 days to get the results. It's just too long and she is losing weight through lack of food. She obviously wants to eat but sometimes when she bends down I see her swallowing fluid back and she just turns away from the food So sorry for the long post but feel like I'm going mad here!!
  6. Aww, they are SO cute I'd never get any work done with little chicks around
  7. Just wanted to wish you all the best for Big Sister on Wednesday and I do hope the morning sickness gives you a break soon
  8. How is Bernadette doing Mullethunter? I hope she's feeling better and you haven't pulled your hair out with broody chooks!
  9. Thanks Lewis, that's very useful to know. I ordered some Avipro Avian in the end and mixed this with water and that went on her pellets. She had me worried for quite a while but I could definitely see when she was feeling better; she has since regained her appetite and laid me a few eggs too I had a sneaky peek at your blog too Lewis - I hope you don't mind. Sounds challenging and an amazing experience all at the same time! The conference looked very interesting too. I am also a (mature) post-grad student but my research is in the department of human behaviour
  10. Well done those girls! 5 out of 6 is great Daisy and Mo Mo seem to be taking it in turns in the broody cage recently I hope Penny doesn't join in any time soon... Don't do it Polly
  11. Ah thanks everyone; it's brought a tear to my eye reading through these comments. These hard working girls really have a way of stealing your heart. She was fine before this so I'm not really sure why this happened. I have been trying to just think of all the lovely things she got to do in the time she was with us.
  12. Mavis sadly had some sort of seizure/ stroke on Monday night. She spent the night inside and was able to stand yesterday but was very wobbly on her legs when trying to walk and seemed to have lost her sight. We planned to give her 24 hours to look for any improvement before making that horrible decision but she made the decision for us and sadly passed away last night while I was stroking her Although she was free for only 6 months she blossomed into a lovely, friendly girl, following us around the garden chatting away and pecking our pockets for treats. I only wish she could have been with us for longer. This is one of my favourite pictures of Mavis when she discovered the nest box. Fly high little one xxx
  13. My little Tilly has laid her first egg today I'm ridiculously happy She had the worst scaly legs I'd ever seen when I first got her and has sneezed her way through the winter looking rather sickly. Sounds silly but I'm so proud of her, she's grown into a lovely girl
  14. that's brilliant, she must be feeling much better! Poppy is still a bit quieter that usual but her crop hasn't gone sour again so I think she probably just needs some time and TLC to get back to her normal self. I treated her to soggy pellets with a boiled egg mixed in this morning and she ate that no problem Penny, my only pekin has squwarked her head off all day, finally layed her egg at 5.30 this evening and wouldn't shift off it. I hope she doesn't go broody my two silkies have been taking it in turns to be broody since late January it's always one of them
  15. Tomorrow is hatching day isn't it Mimi? Please, please keep us updated
  16. Did she lay you an egg Mullethunter?
  17. Thanks for asking Mimi Poppy seems a bit better but still a little quiet and seems to have gone off pellets. She did eat some soggy ones mixed with a boiled this morning though...my OH thinks she's playing me for a fool (he might have a point) Still, no squidgy crop, so that's got to be good and I don't mind spoiling her
  18. That's good that she looks a bit brighter If I'm honest, Poppy still looks a bit miserable Her crop wasn't too squashy or firm this morning but there was something in there She is pooing normally though so I guess that's good. Perhaps it takes some time for things to start moving through normally again? She seems to spend most of her time hiding from me, she thinks I'm coming to either a) massage her crop or b) syringe something horrible into her beak When I went in the house yesterday and the coast was clear, she started scratching around...mmm I'm using the Yeo valley live yogurt too. Fingers crossed we both see some improvement soon. I think you're doing all the right things keep us posted!
  19. What a long and happy retirement she had. RIP Agnes.
  20. I was just logging in to see how Bernie's doing too. Poo is good I've just syringed a concoction of ACV and live yogurt into Poppy and yes, I'm going to smell like vinegar all day after she flicked it everywhere
  21. Ah thanks. I have been giving her some soggy pellets little and often and mixing the yogurt into that but she won't touch it with yogurt in now but will eat the soggy pellets without it. Beantree has got a point because this started with her being a bit piggy with the corn that didn't digest overnight. Managed to clear that but it seems to have knocked her crop all out of balance. I managed to syringe some neat ACV into her beak this morning but I swear if a chicken could pull a face, she did. She was not impressed...
  22. Hope you are feeling better soon PixieDust. I started to feel ill last Monday and have had a raging temperature and shivering. Felt a bit better Thursday so went out to see the the chooks but shivering and burning up again by the nighttime and back in bed for the day on Friday got a terrible chesty cough too and thumping headache
  23. Sorry no advice re the prolapse but my first thought would be vent gleet too.

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