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  1. Thanks for your replies. Poppy looked much better yesterday morning after being starved for 36 hours and her crop was completely empty but she looked a bit unhappy again after she had eaten and I could here grumbling sounds from her crop. This morning I can feel just a little bit of fluid in there, nowhere near as much as before but she still looks unhappy so I know she's still not feeling great I'm going to try the neat ACV for the next few days and see how she gets on. She has completely gone off the yogurt and won't seem to touch it now
  2. I'm really struggling to get rid of sour crop in one of my hens, Poppy. We thought it had gone but today it seems it's back with a vengeance and she looks terrible. Her crop was about half full with brown liquid and bits of grass. I couldn't get in to my normal vets because they are closed until Wednesday so we booked in to see another vet. My OH took her as I seem to be coming down with an imminent chest infection . I asked OH to ask the vet for Nystatin but apparently they don't prescribe antifungals and I was really surprised when he came back with baytril! Apparently it's for any secondary infections but I'm a bit reluctant to give it to her for a sour crop to be honest. So, she is off food again today. I tried daktarin and pre/probiotic yogurt last week but I don't think it's clearing it completely. I remember reading something about neat ACV but can't seem to find the post now? Please help!
  3. I hope today is a better day Mullethunter I should have said, when I separated Daisy from Penny they were still in sight of each other and they still slept together at night. I just think Daisy felt threatened when Penny started to lay and they can be nasty so and so's when they want to be Nice to see you back on the forum by the way Mimi, you helped me a lot when I first joined
  4. They look great! plus you have grass and no poop on your slabs either!
  5. It's funny you should post that, I had something similar a few weeks ago when my pekin (Penny) came into lay for the first time. Daisy had apparently attacked Penny for no reason whatsoever. I came home to Penny in my living room with a bleeding comb and my mom almost having a breakdown because she didn't know what to do As others have suggested, I usually just clean it and apply some vaseline. I did separate Daisy for about a week because she went for her again a couple of days later. They're all back together now in harmony, so there is hope Penny has also started to screech really loud when she goes to lay and when she goes to bed, not a bok bok, a real screech, she even stretches her neck for added effect By the way, I've used Daktarin oral gel (not licenced for poultry) in the past for sour crop and it worked quite well. Keep us updated
  6. I'm relieved to say that they are much better today, thank you for thinking of them. I was absolutely dreading opening the cube this morning but both came out ok, although Ruby was a bit more cautious. Gertie seems back to her normal self; Ruby is still a bit quiet if I'm honest. I had to go into work today but I've been getting updates from home and while she is a bit quiet, she's not been sleeping and her vision seems much better today, so I think she's on the mend. Another lesson learned; needless to say, all the foxgloves are gone!
  7. Thank you for the link, the vets will be my next port of call. I'm just hoping that they are not any worse in the morning. They have been eating and drinking well and both have layed today, so I hope that's a positive sign.
  8. I went to close the girls in the cube last night to find Gertrude and Ruby standing in the run looking a bit dazed. I didn't think much of it at the time because they had moved into a new run the day before and I thought perhaps they wasn't sure where to go to bed. I popped them in the cube and thought nothing more of it. I let them out this morning and all the rest came out fine but Ruby staggered down two steps and went off the side of the ladder and Gertrude didn't come out at all. They are both closing their eyes and Ruby seems to be having particular trouble with her sight (judging height of the ladder etc.) and keeps rubbing her eyes on her neck. Both have terrible diarrhea and I'm convinced they've eaten something they shouldn't have. The only thing I can think of is some self-seeded foxgloves by their new run. I found one that has been stripped - just the roots left. Totally my fault They've been in the house today so I can keep an eye on them, they've drank LOTS of water (I've added poultry tonic) and I've allowed them a small portion of pellets. I'm pretty sure it's not a crop problem, can anyone offer advice please if it is foxgloves causing this?
  9. Ah, that's good news! Keep us updated
  10. Mine get warm pellet porridge on cold mornings and mixed corn before bed.
  11. I agree with Mollyripkim, it could be a crop problem. I had a girl that drank loads when her crop had a small impaction. Perhaps have a good feel of her crop before she comes out of the house in the morning? It's worth checking her poos too.
  12. Hi Leanne, they are both bearded. They are lovely girls, very easy to handle, just have this problem with their feet. Thanks for your help, much appreciated
  13. I'd forgotten I'd posted this! Thanks for your replies. That made me laugh about the blip in the spray paint department It was Betty and she is laying perfect little brown eggs now. 3 out of the 4 ex-commercial girls are laying some lovely eggs
  14. Do you think those lumps could be poop? I'm not sure what they are or if they are something I should be trying to tease off. Are these lumps something that can happen with scaly leg? I've just got this fear that she'll lose the end of her toe if I try to get the lumps off because the majority of the lumps are around the end of the toes. Can't imagine trying to do it on a canary daxigirl - must be a right fiddly job! Thanks for the tip about the sudocrem Egluntyne, I'm sure I've got some somewhere and that should give them some comfort. Like I said, the porcelain hen's feet are not too bad. I can only see one lump on one of her toes and her feet are not as pink.
  15. I'm a bit late reading this (and rubbish at choosing names) but many congratulations Pixie Dust on getting your new girls! All of your time will now be spent chicken watching Enjoy!
  16. Oh sorry Luvachicken, I'd totally forgotten that Queenie had had an xray before. I'm sure that would have shown up any problems then. It's only this year that some of my girls have had a proper moult and I hadn't realised just how much it affects them. I took Amber to the vets a couple of weeks ago because she was off colour and I couldn't see anything obvious - 2 days later the run and cube was full of feathers, so I think it must make them feel awful. Fingers crossed for Queenie and I hope it goes well at the vets tomorrow xx
  17. Can't wait to see pictures Pixiedust How exciting!
  18. I'd be tempted to try extra protein too. Live mealworms seem to have really helped my ex-commercial girls (if you can stomach them ). I feel awful saying and I hope it's not, but do you think she may have a blockage or impaction somewhere? They do tend to have persistent diarrhea and lose weight over time, although I'm no expert by a long shot, only my experience with my poor Fleur
  19. Thanks Leanne, that's reassuring. So, I just have to be patient. It was a shock for me; I've never seen anything like it. They don't seem to be too bothered about their feet at the moment, they're still scratching about and have had a long dust bath. I do feel like such a fool though. It's not my first time buying hens and I should have noticed but I just didn't see their feet until I got home and the breeder didn't mention it. I guess we live and learn
  20. My lovely OH has bought me 2 new girls; one porcelain and one mille fleur Barbu D'uccle. After bringing them home I've found that they have a major problem with their feet and legs. I should have taken them straight back, I know, but it's an hour drive and I don't feel it would be fair on the hens. I think it might be a very severe case of scaly leg but it is so severe I'm just not sure if it is scaly leg or something else. I don't think it's bumblefoot as there is no black spots on the base of the feet. I'm really not happy about this. I feel like sending a very strong worded message to the breeder This is the best picture I could get but doesn't really show the pinkness of the feet. The mille fleur hen's feet seem to be worse than the other one. Their toe nails seem to be grossly misshapen and I can't see any scales just pink, incredibly sore looking feet and legs with strange growths. It already looks like part of the toe at the back is missing. I've soaked their feet in warm water to remove any dirt (which they seemed to like) and applied Ivermectin based drops. Has anyone ever seen anything this severe? Is there anything else I can or should be doing? I'd really appreciate any advice.
  21. That is sad about Annie, flamin fireworks They have been going off here for at least the last week from around 5pm until late; its ridiculous. It's been pretty cold here but sunny mornings and mostly dry with the first proper frost yesterday. Winter coat at the ready.
  22. I've had this speckled egg today Not seen one like this before; do you think it's anything to worry about? I think it is Betty's first egg since she has been with us because she was making a nest and throwing bits of bedding on her back when I left for work this morning.

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