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  1. Welcome to the forum from me too Lovely pictures of your girls and eggs too! I always thought my neighbour was a bit of a busy body until she stopped me one day to say how disappointed she was that I was at work when her daughter visited because she wanted to show her the little black fluffy chicken! It is annoying that you get some people who feel the need to "investigate the matter" when it's totally unnecessary
  2. Ah Gavclojak, your words made me cry but helped a lot, so a big thank you x I love to hear how your girls are doing Can't wait to see them when they have grown all of their new feathers. My Gertie is like a hedgehog at the moment - I keep telling her it'll be worth it.
  3. Aww, it's really good news that she's doing well
  4. Thanks everyone; that's the great thing about this forum, you can say exactly how you feel and know that people will understand. It never seems to get any easier when we lose one and I felt like crying letting them out this morning without Barbara I certainly don't hesitate to go to the vets if I think it's something beyond my experience and in this case, it was the right thing. I take comfort in the fact that, as the smallest, we always looked out for Barbara the most and she knew it. She always had extra helpings of the mealworms and would often sneak into the house and help herself to corn! She was one of a kind.
  5. I feel so sad, I can't believe I'm writing this and what has happened today. Barbara started to look a bit unwell yesterday, standing about and slightly hunched. She was the same this morning, not like her at all. I did the usual checks crop, vent, felt her tummy and I found a lump which felt like an egg. She stayed at the vets this morning for xrays and at 2pm they told me she had recovered well from the anesthetic and the vet would be calling me to discuss the results. It wasn't an egg though, it was a large tumour on her bowel and we were advised to PTS I can't help thinking how long she must have covered it up and whether she was suffering. I feel guilty for not noticing the lump sooner. I'm so upset about this...I couldn't even hold back the tears in the vets. I'm going to miss her so much, she was very special to us - a favourite of ours, always the first to greet us and jump on our laps as soon as we sat in the garden. Just the most beautiful, friendliest girl. Sleep tight little Barb x
  6. I'd use baby wipes to clean it up a bit and then give it a wash when you're off work to allow time for it to dry. I seem to have loads of packets of baby wipes since I started keeping chickens; more than when my kids were little I'm sorry to hear you've been poorly luvachicken; I hope you are feeling much better now
  7. I was thinking of taking the kids (12 and 15). They're a bit old for the halloween kiddie discos but they do love Halloween (as do I ). I like the sound of the dungeon walks and going around the castle on Halloween. Has anyone been or could perhaps suggest any other good places for Halloween?
  8. I really do sympathise with you regarding sciatica. It's hoovering and mowing the grass that always gets me! I think it's the body position that does it - not quite standing up straight but not bending fully over (hope that makes sense); somewhere in the middle. I can't sit for long once it strikes, I have to keep moving about or I seize up even more with a numb bum and leg and limp badly from the back pain I used to be able to garden all day, I'd suffer terribly at night but could get up the next day and it would be fine. These days, it takes a fair few days to recover if I overdo it
  9. I agree, it's probably all that new yummy stuff. I tried mine on a whole cabbage head yesterday. After legging it, they tentatively came back to see what it was and then after a few pecks, they loved it! A couple of them have runny tums today - I think they overdid the cabbage My Bluebell occasionally lays a softie and it always sends her a bit wobbly.
  10. Lovely Looks like the colouring on my little Barbu D'Uccle but without the hassle of massive feathery feet
  11. That is a great age for a hybrid, she must have had a wonderful life with you. Still sad when they go though, so sorry
  12. A Tubtrug sounds like a really good idea, I think I'll get a few of those! Love the cube cover Beccauk!
  13. The new girls have had it tough the last week after being in quarantine and on antibiotics for very bubbly noses! I'm pleased they all seem so much better now and had a great time today in all the leaves that were blown off the trees yesterday. Sorry, going to bore you all with pictures now Gertrude Mavis and Betty get stuck in Ruby Mavis gets some private time and Gertrude decided to have a rest They've had a busy day! How's everyone elses girls coping with autumn (and the weather ) so far?
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll bear this in mind for the future. Unfortunately, I haven't taken this any further due to having a raging cough and head cold all week and other things going on with chooks and kids etc I did find that the TPS can't do anything about this as they deal with marketing calls and not companies conducting surveys and simply asking for opinions . Oh well, haven't heard from them since - I hope it stays that way!!
  15. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks Chickabee I thought that might be the case; I just feel terrible leaving her in there It's a bit like leaving your kids at nursery for the first time Good news Jesschicken! Glad they're back to their usual selves
  16. Good on you I've done some of my best work at 2am in the morning
  17. The crate is in the run at the moment but I was thinking it might distress her with a fox prowling around
  18. Ooo yes, very exciting! You must be very self-disciplined! Three essays in two days!! I'm a (mature) post-grad student but any spare time I have I'm usually out with the girls rather than getting work done
  19. How are you getting on Jesschicken? Reluctantly, I've put Daisy in a broody cage (upside down dog crate on planks of wood) for the last two days. She's been broody for 10 days now and despite closing the eglu door, she just nests in the grass or under the ladder in the run instead She's certainly determined and is actually getting quite nasty with the other girls. I've been letting her in the house at night though because I saw a fox in the garden yesterday which totally freaked me out. Will it still break her broody spell putting her in the crate only in the day? This is my first broody
  20. How would I go about tracing a withheld number? I don't think they should get away with this sort of thing. My nan called me last week after a cold caller rang her and said she was calling about a recent accident - my nan immediately thought one of us had been hurt in an accident and panicked.
  21. I know, I'm glad it wasn't me that took the call. I think I would have been quite upset, I don't like confrontation at all. It always comes up as 'caller withheld their number' but we have a feeling that the call was from overseas.
  22. Oh no, I wish I hadn't watched that video! I'm itching like mad. In fact, I was scratching just reading the news story. And the child's hair is short, that is horrendous. My daughter has had head lice and I'm another fan of the nitty gritty comb but I've never seen anything that bad

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