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  1. Thanks Olly, the pieces of pipe are standing in two small plant pots, positioned so that the holes in the pots are covered They are a very tight fit though. Unfortunately, they don't sell caps to fit over the end of the pipes, they would have been ideal. Those slugs are a nightmare this year and massive - no idea how to keep them out the corn bin Chickabee! Some people put vaseline around the edge I think??
  2. I'm at war with giant slugs! I either have to carry all the grubs up to the house every night or get my trowel to chuck the slugs out in the morning and they leave slime all over the food My OH made up some DIY feeders yesterday he'd seen on the internet; the chooks seem to like them and it keeps the slimy beggars out. They're not the prettiest feeders (and we had to improvise with the picnic beakers ) but they appear to be working. Anyone else tried these?
  3. Some spells of warm sunshine with just a couple of cloudy spells and bits of drizzle today. I always start to feel fed up though when it starts getting darker earlier
  4. I must have a slow internet connection; just watched the video and it was so funny watching your girls pecking their broccoli in slow motion Lovely, lovely girls
  5. I agree, chickens do sense when we lose one. When we lost Fleur, Barbara looked for her every morning before she would eat and ran in and out of the house when it was time for bed for about a week. She wouldn't even acknowledge poor Daisy!
  6. Wish I was in Cornwall Mullethunter! Rain, rain and more rain here
  7. Gavclojak, your post brought a lump to my throat also but wow, you can definitely see that steely determination in Princess Layer's face in that photo! What a strong, beautiful girl and certainly a life to be celebrated
  8. It's a girl! Daisy laid her first egg this morning! Clever girl!
  9. I can't say I've heard mine making that noise but Barbara does wail when she wants to come out of the run Just to add, water pistols are also great for introductions. The aggressor soon learns to associate a nasty skirt of water with bad behaviour!
  10. Yes, I was gutted I remember thinking how lovely, small and shiny it was and while holding it I rubbed my thumb over it and that was it! It sort of popped straight out of my hand I couldn't possibly repeat what I said
  11. I've always been told on here that I would know when the time is right to let them go and I always have. It doesn't sound like princess layer is at that stage yet as she is still eating and coming for treats etc but you know your girl better than anyone. I hope she starts feeling more like her usual self soon x
  12. Ahh, they're lovely. One of mine does this on a garden chair, which is situated quite close to my neighbours hedge. I pray she never flies over!!
  13. These look like coral coloured urates to me. They usually do these overnight - completely normal
  14. Thank you Thankfully Barbara hasn't had any more trouble where her feather broke but I have to say she does seem slightly subdued and those new feathers coming through on her feet seem to be giving her some trouble. I've seen her holding her feet up, trying to avoid walking about, poor thing. I'll be glad when they've finished growing and she can get back to normal. Has anyone else had this with their girls and feathered feet? I've been quite fortunate with the vets. I know them so well (don't know if that's a good thing or not!), they rarely charge me a consultation fee anymore and I usually just pay for any medication
  15. So sorry to hear that Auntielizzie I lost my Fleur in July to impacted crop and possibly impacted gizzard and/or tumour in her digestive system; it's very sad. Retfords offer a very good service at reasonable prices if you were thinking of sending a sample to be tested. I hope Mrs Beaky is ok. Sleep tight Bertha xxx
  16. Thanks Luvachicken. Barbara came home safe and sound, full of beans and starving! And the vet relieved me of £46 She is the most adorable and friendly little chicken though and we love her to bits; definitely high maintenance Mullethunter
  17. Drama number one... I was away for five days last week while my mom took care of the chickens. She said she nearly had to call me home on Tuesday - Barbara the Barbu D'Uccle had flown out of the run (we don't clip wings), hit an old wooden chicken house in the garden, somersaulted in mid air and landed on the floor, on her front, wings and head out to the side with eyes closed My mom said as she rushed down the garden, she had all these thoughts running through her head of how she was going to explain to us what had happened... Barbara promptly stood up, shook herself and walked off Second drama today - she's had a partial molt and is growing the biggest pair of slippers ever. She has somehow managed to break one of the biggest pin feathers on her foot and we had to rush to the vets as it was bleeding. After removing the feather and several attempts by the vet to stop the bleeding we've had to leave her there to have a GA and cauterise the bleeding. I've just rang the vet and they've said she is recovering well from the anesthetic and I can collect her at 6pm tonight. I'll be on tender hooks now until I collect her later. I swear, that chicken is making me a nervous wreck! Drama queen or what??!!
  18. Hi gavclojak, how is Princess Layer doing after her implant?
  19. Just to put your mind at rest, we had a similar thing with Barbara shortly after we had her. She was sneezing and making the same noise you are hearing from your little hen. The noise was mainly from blocked nasal passages and you may see a discharge from the nostrils (that's why they flick their heads) but to be sure, just put your ear to her back and listen to her chest for any wheezing or rattling sounds. If you hear wheezing or rattling from the chest or bubbles in the corner of her eyes then she will need antibiotics prescribed by the vet. We did take Barbara to the vet and were told that it is fairly common in times of stress (such as moving to a new home) for them to have a minor flare up of the vaccinations they have received and it should clear on its own without antibiotics. If she is eating, drinking and generally doing chickeny things, then I'd see how she gets on for now, but if she starts to look poorly then just pop her to the vets.
  20. I'm swaying more towards a little boy at the moment too. I've noticed other things, like the tail feathers and quite visible comb and wattles, eek!! She hates being handled too and squarks her head off! What age do they usually start to crow? I'm guessing I should know either way sometime soon I also noticed that my OH is wearing his Batman onesie that the kids bought him for xmas!
  21. Oh Sentient, I'm so sorry to hear that I can assure you that it is nothing you have done. As others have said, chickens tend to hide illness very well. Hang in there - sending hugs your way x
  22. Oh eck!! It only really dawned on me the other day when I saw the other pictures on here of girl silkies and I posted about mine having a mohican rather than the full poofy head I feel quite in shock that I might have a boy Not sure what I will do if she starts to crow!
  23. Awww, they are adorable I'd love a silver laced wyandotte

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