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  1. Thanks will have to try fitting again - feels like I'm going round in circles
  2. Poor Jessie is getting balder every day, her feathers just can't get a chance to grow back . I have decided it might be best to separate her until she is re-feathered, but not sure how to go about this. Should I put her (hopefully borrowed soon) house and run inside the big run with the others, or outside where she can see them, or completely away? And if I do end up separating, how do I go about reintroducing her to the others later? Thanks
  3. Thanks I have decided I may have to separate bullied girl instead - I will do a new post asking about this
  4. It's already been mentioned but mine go through phases of laying soft eggs and these are generally eaten with relish - sometimes to the point of not being able to tell a broken egg has been there at all, however wouldn't be for this length of time. Have you checked they don't have a difficult to detect underlying problem that could have put them off lay? Like scaly leg mite or lice? Or have they been very hot/dehydrated?
  5. Thank you yes I thought this is probably the only answer only problem is that after having it on so long already her beak is quite overgrown so when we tried to refit the bumpa bit last night it wouldn't go in properly? I assume she will wear her beak down again but its just a matter of waiting?
  6. I have currently 1 feathery Hilda, 1 bald bum Hetty and 1 bare, scraggly, almost ex-batt looking Jessie due to pecking. Feathery girl is main culprit but other 2 also pecking at each other. Have tried foul anti-peck spray with no success so decided to resort to bumpa bits. Had these on for 2 weeks, initially seemed to work but after few days of taking them off pecking had started again, so straight back on and have now had them on for 7 weeks. This morning we took them off due to going on holiday in a few days...just this afternoon Hilda is ripping breast feathers out of Jessie! I just don't know what to do as affected chicken doesn't seem to mind, she just stands there whilst being plucked raw, and pecking chicken is bottom of pile usually. They have a large run with dust bathing areas, are fed high quality organic feed, have grit available and get greens most days.
  7. Sounds very thorough. In my Go I change the paper in the poo tray twice a week, poo pick the run once a week, and only pressure wash it every 4-5 weeks.
  8. Well my 3 have eaten tonnes of the stuff and are thriving! They pick all the leaves off, so killing it, then scratch up all the long roots - once we realised this we fenced them under the bushes now and then and they have completely cleared it. Result!
  9. My chickens are currently having a bit of a pecking problem but I seem to have solved it by putting out grit. You may already do this but I never had before. They ignore the flint and pick out all the shell, shell runs out = start pecking again. Also have found that a few sprays of Net-Tex anti-peck stops them for a day or so, but it is really disgusting and smells horrible.
  10. My three chickens are becoming really difficult about the nest box. First layer Jessie is fine, lays reliably everyday. Second layer Hetty laid on the bars (eglu go) for ages, but then seemed to get the hang of it. When third layer Hilda started, everything was ok for a while, generally three clean eggs all together. Recently however, it seems that if Hilda lays first, eggs are fine, but if she lays second or third, then I get one clean Hilda egg in the nest, and one or two filthy/broken eggs that seem to have been 'turfed out' and rolled around the bars. I have never actually witnessed this though, and sometimes it seems like one of the others must have done this. Do chickens get overprotective/want the box to themselves? The weirdest thing though, was yesterday morning I went out to find Jessie in the nest box, with two broken eggs on the bars, and Hilda standing on her back, literally pinning her down! She wouldn't get off and I had to lift her, and I later noticed she had pecked a load of feathers out one side of Jessies neck. This morning I go out to find another broken egg on the bars, this time with Hetty being pinned down by Hilda. Hilda seems to be bottom of the pile usually, so why is she doing this? Sorry for the long post, but its the strangest behaviour I have ever seen from a chicken. What do I do?
  11. Try searching 'foxwatch' into the eglu search, there are lots of other posts about them
  12. ok, will try with a golf ball...hope it works!
  13. Hi, have had my 3 chickens in their eglu go for 4 months now and, as of yesterday, all are now laying! One lays everyday in the nest box = clean eggs, but the other lays straight onto the bars and the first little egg yesterday was also on the bars = filthy eggs. How can I make all 3 of them use the nest box? It is always full of clean shavings and I collect the eggs regularly, thanks

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