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  1. Hi Clare i will pm you my contact details - I only have your old work number in my phone. Yes it's ok to collect this weekend - Saturday would be better as we are busy with our allotment open day on Sunday. Marc and I will give it a jet wash tonight for you. A x
  2. Hi yes it is still available - we just need to give it a good clean before collection x
  3. Green eglu classic with 2m run, feeders, drinkers, some Omlet netting, shades and water proof cover. Will also include 2 x 20g waterproof food stores for pellets and corn. £150 collection only
  4. Drop a few cubes of ice in with their water helps keep the water a little cooler. I drop grapes and sweet corn into a bowl with water and a few ice cubes - mine love dunking their heads in and cooling off!
  5. We are all good thanks!! Boys growing up fast and keeping me busy! I will try and get to a Saturday breakfast soon, the boys have swimming on a Saturday so I will get dropped off for a proper catch up How are you and Rosie? A xxxx
  6. Hello from an old Omleteer!! Not been on in years!, still have chooks but also two young children now so time to chat on here is limited! Keep in touch with a few on Facebook though Sad to hear about Poet she was a real star
  7. Hi everyone Sorry not been on in a while! One of my ex-bats, Bo, is having trouble straightening her neck. Her head goes from tilting to the side , to her neck bending down and up so her head is upside down. She has trouble getting in and out of the cube so has taken to sleeping in the eglu on her own. Once she is out in the run she is able to get about, eat, drink and is getting on with the other hens. I think she may have had a small stroke - has anyone else had anything similar or can offer any advice? I have booked an appointment at the vets for lunch-time today. Thanks in advance
  8. Brilliant news! I wish you every happiness in your new home!
  9. We always make a big fritata with any bits of mushrooms/pepers etc. If there is any left over we use it for snacks the next day or for taking in a picnic.
  10. Our fig tree tends to do better when we ignore it! They grow naturally in grounds with very little water and nutrients. Perhaps leave it for a few more days without water and see what happens.
  11. Thanks for all the advice folks! I'll post some progress pics as we go.
  12. TBH - I don't mind what breed they are. They are all gorgeous, have integrated with the rest of the flock and are a delight. They have given a new dimension to the group and Betty, one of my ex-bats, has taken on the role of auntie and helps Hilda (mum) take care of them! It's really lovely to see her being maternal - she gives them bits of corn and breaks up mealworms for them. They even run to her when Hilda is in laying her egg. In the cube the three chicks are all in a row with Betty and Hilda at each end - brings a tear to your eye! I just feel really lucky to have had this experience
  13. The soil underneath is not too bad. The allotment manager did turn it all over about 3 months ago so we'll do the same, pull out the majority and then cover with weed control fabric to kill anything off as we go along.
  14. Hilda, my speckled hen, went broody a while ago and I was lucky to be able to have six fertilized eggs. 3 eggs hatched. Here they are on Day 2 : And now here they are aged 6 weeks : The grey chick (Popcorn) and the gold one (Buttercup) we think are Barnvelders (Is that right Lesley?) and the black chick (Emu) came from a blue coloured egg (Sorry Lesley, I forgot the breed) I'm hoping all are female - what do you think?
  15. That's brilliant - we'll have to compare notes as we go along

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