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  1. Ursula123

    France stuff + questions

    Having lived here for two years I have not figured out the Bon soir question, you can be in the supermarket and the checkout person will say Bonsoir to the person in front of you so when it's your turn and you say Bonsoir they reply with bonjour. Our French neighbour says its when its dark but who knows. My favourite French saying is ' tomber dans les pommes' nothing to do with apples but means I have fainted.
  2. Ursula123

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    French focus on family and friends during Easter. There has been lots of lamb for sale this last week and smoked salmon, I am cooking a leg of lamb with a garlic, rosemary and lemon zest crust, OH loves lamb but not my favourite meat. There was a large flower/plant market alongside a vide grenier/ brocante in the local town this morning. These will be on in various villages and towns over the next few weeks and are a great source of plants as the garden centres here can be very expensive, we bought 2 copper beech trees this morning roughly 5ft and they were 15 euros each now to decide where to plant them.
  3. Ursula123

    Easter swap 2019

    Thank you so much to my secret Easter bunny, I have a lovely knitted bag filled with chocolate treats. There are also 3 sachets of which I believe are bath salts if Google translate is to be trusted It's great that we all take part in the swaps and there is a huge amount of crafty talent between us all, thank you Luvachicken for doing all the organising and thank you ladies for taking part and making it all possible. Bon Paque as they say in these parts.
  4. Ursula123

    Notre Dame

    Very sombre mood amongst the French here in my village today.
  5. Ursula123

    Easter swap 2019

    Sorry Luvachicken, meant to message you to say I posted last week. Been busy grass cutting, too many clients arriving for easter. I received my parcel today
  6. Ursula123


    Thank you AJM, yes Grandmashazzie is correct it is an abdominal hernia, the pain has been better today as I have been resting, also have my hold it all in knickers on
  7. Ursula123


    Beantree, My Carte Vitale was with me within 3 months of registering as a ME, I paid the Dr 25 euro on Monday evening and the 70% was back in the bank on Wednesday. Can not fault the system here, I could of had my scan next week had I not been away. We weighed up the pro's and con's and decided it was best to get, we pay 70Euro per month for us both and I got the first month free as I told them I was shopping around
  8. Ursula123


    Thanks Beantree, my doctor does speak some English and between us we managed, I have a scan booked for 5th April and will go from there. I never bothered with top up insurance as I am never poorly, visiting the doctor every three or so years and am happy to pay the top up proportion after the Carte Vitale is taken into account, the same with my migraine tablets on prescription which work out far cheaper than the UK 3 euro compared to the £8.50 prescription charge. However today I have taken out a mutuelle and this covers me from 1st March and can claim my top up on my recent doctors visit, I can only claim up to 100% for the first month but after that it is 150%.Hopefully it will stabalise and the pain will subside as it feels like someone is sticking a knife in me, I just feel so helpless as I am normally so active and I hate asking for help. Thank you I was changing the brakes on my car and my foot slipped of the wheel brace, and i think this is the cause. Just thought I had pulled a muscle and got on with it for a few days.
  9. Ursula123


    Wise ones if the Omlet forum I need some advise and who better to ask. Having had a nagging pain in my lower right abdomen for a couple of weeks, I finally bit the bullet and took myself off to the Doctor yesterday, not a big deal if I were in the UK but trying to explain myself and understand the reply in French was a challenge in itself. After a good poking and prodding the doctor declared I have a hernia and gave me a prescription for an ultrasound ( you book your follow on treatment yourself at the specialist of your choice ), I have an appointment for this on 5th April. I am due to go skiing next week and asked his advice, he shrugged and said my choice but it will hurt and the best thing to do was sit and drink hot wine, only a French doctor would prescribe wine. I am not silly enough to ski and do more damage. My question to you is, is there anything I can do to ease the pain and help the situation.
  10. Ursula123

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    They are really big, at first I thought they were Herons
  11. Ursula123

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I had two grues land in the garden yesterday, we seem to be in the migration flight path as thousands have passed over in the last few weeks, on the way to Holland I think.
  12. Ursula123

    Easter swap 2019

    Far to cute
  13. Ursula123

    Earache relief

    Thank you Plum, sorry to hear you have been poorly. It was one of the reasons we moved to France. Damp and windy weather seemed to trigger it, I can now get through winter without constant pain.
  14. Ursula123

    Sick Hen

    How did you get on at the vets? I think purple comb usually indicates a heart problem but not 100%.
  15. Ursula123

    Recommendations for France?

    Have a look at Eurostar, they go to Avignon in the summer.