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  1. Anyone started yet may be a better question to ask me, better get my skates on
  2. The joys of being a 60 year old

    We share the same birthday, happy belated birthday x
  3. The Weather Thread #9

    We had Adders where I used to live in Devon, this is a western whip snake, totally harmless and if it does bite it is a bit like a bee sting. We do have vipers here in France but not seen one yet.
  4. The Weather Thread #9

    Warming up here, beautiful sunny day and this little fella was sunning itself..
  5. Injured girlie - fox attack?

    I would imagine one of the other girls has pecked her. Is she bottom of the pecking order? Once cleaned if you can see where the blood is coming from, I would spray or use a cotton bud with purple spray as the others will continue to peck, just be careful around her eyes
  6. Solway coops

    I also live in France, Lot et Garonne where the temperatures were 38 degrees last summer. I have the cube with 9 girls and it stayed cool for them, it is positioned under a tall tree but not lots of shade.
  7. Word Association Game #28

  8. No problem with me, now what to make
  9. Word Association Game #28

  10. New and old hens

    On my MIL advice ( farmers wife ) I put new girls straight in with the old ones, they soon sort themselves out and squabble for a morning, but once the pecking order is sorted all calms down.
  11. Word Association Game #28

  12. Would you.....?

    meant two third size, where has the edit button gone
  13. Word Association Game #28