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  1. From the French ondulé which means wavy. Here a microwave is a micro onde but a wave at sea is a vague also a heatwave is vague de chaleur
  2. I compost the used wood pellet litter and surprisingly it rots down well and quickly.
  3. OH accidentally picked up the wrong sack of food in the shop instead of buying just pellets I got a mix of corn, seeds, pellets and oyster shell the girls only eat the nice bits so I have taken to making the pellets they leave into a warm porridge late afternoon. Sad to say this has been since last year as OH thinks it’s nice for the girls to have a treat and he is the one who usually buys the food as it’s a heavy 25kg
  4. Yes outside Girly, I find them all over usually in the water butt He is a little cutie, we have lots here. It’s a frog
  5. Look who Is having a sleep on my Cyclamen
  6. It is a couleuvre also know as a whip snake it is in the grass snake family, not poisonous but will bite if under pressure and apparently feels like a wasp sting. We have several in the garden and although I wasn’t keen when we first moved here.
  7. We have had so much rain here in the last week that towns and villages have flooded. Many houses have had to be pumped out by the pompiers. Hopefully we are now in for some dry weather for the next week or so. We decided to take the top of off the well to see how high the water was and it is the highest we have ever seen it, the well is 9 meters deep and the water level is over 7 meters however that wasn't the only surprise......... This was hibernating in the side wall inside.
  8. I am going to bow out this time as there is so much uncertainty about extra customs charges, even though Catails has said about the €22 and below, I know that someone ordered a book from the UK for £4.99 and had to pay an extra €15 in charges when it arrived. The delivery companies seem to be levying this charge whatever and until the French and their love of paperwork sort it out I will have to look from a distance at all your creations. I look forward to seeing all the makes and thank you to Luvachicken for all the organising past, present and future. Hopefully I will. E able to take part in the Christmas swap.
  9. I will look into the postage system here tomorrow, it seems with Brexit that the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing at the moment here. I know we can post anything up to 3cm thick as a letter and not a parcel but the delivery companies are charging import duties on the majority of parcels received here even if we order for example from M&S on the French site.
  10. I would love to take part and I’m sure Cattails will be hot on my heels but I am not sure about postage costs and customs taxes to send to us in Europe and vice versa which may be prohibitive.
  11. @Peter we also have to pay import and customs duty on parcels received from the UK all thanks to brexit. You may have to organise a European arm of the swap @Luvachicken.
  12. Don't keep us in suspense - PICTURE needed
  13. My mum used to make us rinse our hair after shampooing with a warm water and vinegar combo, this was when we reached puberty and I can't ever remember having greasy hair.
  14. @Beantree check out Doctolib website you can make a booking on here for the vaccine at the moment phase 1 & 2 places available and soon to release phase 3 in early spring. There is also talk of being able to register intent to get the vaccine and if vaccine centres have vaccine left toward the end of the day you will be called, this is to save waste as they can only store the vaccine for so long after being taken out of cold storage.
  15. Moss sounds interesting @Beantree we have some in the gardens we look after, I will have to get raking and drying

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