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  1. Ursula123

    Easter swap 2019

    On the list so far Luvachicken Catails Ursula
  2. Ursula123

    Earache relief

    Earache is horrid ajm200, I suffer with trigeminal neuralgia which affects my right ear, I put a hot wheat bag around my neck not on my ear and also put a small amount of ibuprofen gel in my ear which helps. Obviously this isn't one of the uses for ibuprofen on the leaflet but it helps me and was something my doctor told me to try, but if you think it may be infected then insist on seeing a doctor, your health comes before anything else. Hope you feel better soon.
  3. Ursula123


    Daphne, we have quite a few Portuguese in this area mainly working in the vines. I overhear them in the vineyard behind our house and is a strange language mix of French and Portuguese.
  4. Ursula123


    I was born in Ashford hospital and lived just off the causeway in Staines until I was 5, my mum was born at Egham Hythe.
  5. Ursula123


    Patricia - my great Aunt had a green grocers shop in Englefield Green, I think from the 1950's - 1980's
  6. Ursula123

    TV narration

    Beantree, we only have an 80cm dish here in Lot et Garonne and the signal is fine, we too use a freesat box for UK television.
  7. Ursula123

    Strange egg contents

    About 20 months old. Having to crack all eggs in a bowl before using just in case. Will put it down to a blip in the system
  8. One of my chickens is laying odd eggs, when I crack them the contents look like beaten egg, the yolk and white mixed together. I have had three over the last ten days. Does anyone know why this happens. They were wormed with Flubenvet the week before Christmas.
  9. Ursula123

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Fireworks were not allowed here in Lot et Garonne last night, I think they were also banned in the Dordogne. Happy New year to you all
  10. Ursula123

    Christmas swap 2018

    Sorry been meaning to add a picture since Christmas day. Here is my wonderfully soft scarf, and yummy biscuits
  11. Ursula123

    Christmas swap 2018

    Thank you so much to my secret Santa, I have a lovely soft knitted scarf and some homemade biscuits, when I say I have some biscuits maybe it should read had. Merry christmas
  12. Ursula123

    Christmas swap 2018

    I have s squishy parcel 🤗
  13. Ursula123

    Christmas swap 2018

    Keeping my fingers crossed. Merry Christmas to all of you and I look forward to seeing all the creative magic that has gone on in the last couple of months.
  14. Ursula123

    Resurecting a Fruit Cake

    Only one bottle, I soak my fruit in one bottle and then inject another litre into the cake, I do provide a eat and drive disclaimer
  15. Ursula123

    Remembrance Day

    Here in France there were services held in most small villages, an invitation is sent out by post from the local Maire. Ours was very poignant as one gentleman's father lost his life along with two brothers and they are named on the war memorial in our village, when I got home I worked out the man must be over 100. on another note about memorials, there is a memorial along side the road about 3 miles from me, on it are four names and the date of 15th August 1944, the four men were resistance and the local priest gave them up to the Germans who chased them for about 6miles and captured them and hanged all four in the woods, needless to say the priest did not see the year out and was shot by locals, but every year on 15th August a service and a parade take place.