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  1. I feel old now, I am old enough to be your mum😕
  2. How about white t shirt which you could write on with fabric pens, slogan like Choose life if you remember Wham!, bit Pepsi and Shirley. Can you tell I am an eighties girl at heart😂
  3. I would have loved to join but just checked out the postage and customs situation and for me to send a package under 500g is €16 which includes duty but it is still all up in the air for charges receiving a parcel from outside the EU and the delivery companies are on the majority still perusing a €25 import price even if items have the custom forms stating value and gift. Just seems to be a way for them to make money.
  4. I had one yesterday from my old girls a little fairy egg
  5. Bonjour et bienvenue sur le forum. Vos poules pourraient-elles manger leurs propres œufs après la ponte ? Il est également possible que quelque chose entre dans votre poulailler et mange les œufs, comme un rat, une pie ou une fouine.
  6. Not a headstone but music at the cremation would be “In the air tonight” by Phil Collins
  7. Thanks Mullethunter, I did have a quick look earlier and it seems you are much more likely to get a blood clot if you have Covid. I found the following article/report. https://www.hri.org.au/health/your-health/lifestyle/people-with-coronavirus-are-at-risk-of-blood-clots-and-strokes
  8. Just looked and they are still open and sell Marais @AndyRoo https://moonridgefarm.co.uk/shop/poultry/point-of-lay-chickens/quick-buy-chickens/
  9. I wonder what the statistics are for blood clots in people who have Covid, is it higher than the rate of those from the vaccine. My second vaccine is booked for 1st July at the same pharmacy @Beantree.
  10. From memory @AndyRoo there was a place just outside Crediton but I am talking 6-7 years ago.
  11. @Beantree many of the local centres are open for the over 55 after the health minister announcement and are booking on doctolib or keldoc. I had my first jab at the pharmacy yesterday it was the AstraZeneca and my second is booked for 1st July, I turned 51 this week with no comorbidities and the pharmacist was happy to give me the vaccine and basically said that the medication I take for my migraines has far worse side effects. He also pointed out that many people who worry about the vaccine never worry when the drink alcohol, maybe taken banned drugs in the past or even taking other prescription medication as these can also cause reactions and effects.
  12. Ursula123

    Fewer eggs

    This was last summer @Girly however the temperatures were mid 20’s last week but raining today.
  13. Ursula123

    Fewer eggs

    A friend asked “why do you keep your eggs in the flower beds” I had wondered why my egg count was down but blamed the hot weather, 17 eggs from more than one chicken😩
  14. I couldn’t believe the amount of work that happens in the vines it’s a non stop process from pruning, fertilising, pest control, trimming and harvesting. They work in the vines daily, all that work for a bottle of wine. When I was last home in the UK I went to the supermarket and purchased a bottle of wine that is produced about a mile from my house here in France and was shocked that it was over £10 when we pay €3.
  15. Yes, the buds are just breaking through. A whole years wine can be lost in a night to frost. We are forecast another cold night so more candles and fires. This will continue until mid May when the “ice saints” have passed.

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