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  1. I would join in if it were a set fee but there is no telling what it could be as it just seems to be plucked out of thin air, I have read that some people are paying in excess of €35 for a parcel which has a declaration for a minimal value but others are paying less for something with a declared value of €100+. I will look forward to seeing everyone’s makes
  2. It’s a nightmare, as you say pot luck on who is checking items coming in. I had to take a delivery for a customer who had ordered an air conditioning unit from the UK and the driver wouldn’t pass it over until I’d paid €265 in customs and taxes. My customer ordered it from the UK as he didn’t speak French and it was easier not sure he’ll be doing that again any time soon.
  3. I would have loved to have joined but delivery companies and La Poste are still charging import duties even if parcels are marked gift or the value is low, it’s a bit hit and miss and not at all consistent. I recently asked Cinnamon where she ordered her wool and she told me to keep my order under a certain amount and you won’t get charged so I did but got hit with customs charges whereas she didn’t so I think it all depends on the delivery company's. Cant wait to look at everyone’s makes.
  4. Snap @Beantree, mine is still up in the tree.
  5. Salt cod is very popular here, not a fan myself. Fingers crossed Luvvie it’s just a cold. OH was chopping a bush and has been stung under his eye by an Asian Hornet, he looks like I’ve given him a right hook but honest gov I didn’t 😀
  6. Sorry I was out last night getting my fish and chip fix - not usual French cuisine however a small cafe does it once a month locally and we are like moths to a light. So this morning I opened my envelope, inside were 2 beautifully laminated recipes, someone has obviously been spying on me and knows that most of my recipe books also contain remnants of ingredients😂. I have a fruit loaf recipe and a chocolate orange scone one, I’m going to make the fruit loaf later as I have the ingredients however we can’t buy Terry’s chocolate oranges her so will have to look for an orange chocolate substitution which shouldn’t be difficult as the French love sweet foods. Thank you so much and I look forward to baking later.
  7. You’re the organiser so the choice is yours, however I think we are waiting to hear if Mullethunter has received hers.
  8. No bank holiday here but can struggle to get some UK ingredients.
  9. Are we all going to try and make them over the weekend and post pictures? Hopefully I can get all the ingredients needed 😄
  10. I had the rabbit vaccine mixamadoses, 1st Astra Zeneca and 2nd Pfizer 😅
  11. I beg to differ @Beantree. The total % vaccinated with all required doses 2 days ago was 37.1%. 34.71 million have received at least 1 dose of vaccine the population of france is 67.4 million so 51.5%
  12. @Beantree when our clients arrive we won’t see them for at least 10 days giving us a sort of quarantine period. Just had another storm, sadly I lost part of my greengage first year since we have been here 5hat it has had a decent amount of fruit last year I had 2 fruits, the tree is mature and about 6m tall. We will do a round and check clients gardens tomorrow and usually we find a tree down here or there and swimming pools full of leaves and twigs. Hopefully you are unscathed as they have been quite ferocious in the last 24 hours but we needed them to break the humidity.
  13. @Beantreeat the moment you can enter France from the Uk with a double vaccination and Pcr test no quarantine required. Quarantine only required if you enter without vaccine and this is only allowed for exceptional circumstances.

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