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  1. Valkyrie which planning department do you fall under?
  2. Quick update. I was advised by my French teacher to contact the mayor of our commune to log the problem, after speaking to the mayor he has written to my neighbours about it as apparently others have complained to him about the dogs behaviour. The dog has been kept indoors all week and she has added another walk to the day, to be fair to her she does walk it about 3 miles each time.
  3. Hopefully you have a new hip Soapdragon, wishing you a speedy recovery.
  4. Their cube and 4m run is situated within a fenced area but I do let them out to have full run of the garden. I will look at electrifying the enclosure.
  5. My garden circled in red, where the chickens live in white and where their dog lives in yellow. Sent from my iPad
  6. Thanks Soapy, just realised I didnt say they have a fence around the part of the garden the dog is left in, but it still gets out somehow. He tells me there is no way out but the dog ends up in our garden so there is, proven this morning by Staurt marching him back and they hadn't realised the dog was gone. I am fairly certain if it attacks one of our French neighbours animals then the mayor will order it to be put to sleep, I have told them I will speak to the mayor if it continues as here in rural France the mayor is all powerful. I am really at a loss as to what to do, the dog is the only thing she has in her life as her husband is an awful man and I don't want to be the bad guy but don't see why I should make changes to my garden and the way my chickens live. The only thing I can hope if it's muzzled that the girls have a chance and can get into the dense bushes in the garden
  7. Thank you for the reply Beantree. You are quite correct that the British take in all sorts of rescue dogs and I am sure that the one next door was a hunt dog. It is approx 4 years old and although they collected it from a private seller it was segregated from their other dogs which speaks volumes. I have never seen a stray dog around here but not saying that there aren't any, the hunters control their dogs very well and we are surrounded by livestock so not too close for the chase. I know there are risks with free ranging with foxes and badgers however I accept that as nature and the structure of the food chain. I suppose I object to my neighbours blasé attitude with regard to the dogs security and the consequences of its actions. The last dog they had used to visit my garden frequently and he told me it was my fault as the dog had found a bone in the rubbish bag I had put in the boot of my car but had not shut the boot as I was still loading the car and therefore the dog would continue to visit as I was supplying food.
  8. My neighbours dog got out and attacked my chickens on Tuesday, sadly we had to put one to sleep and the other one was minus a few feathers but no visible wounds and is fine. However the dog got out again this morning and headed straight for my garden and chickens, luckily I saw it in time. My neighbour (British) is very apologetic and upset and has said she doesn't know what to do. I have suggested when the dog is in their garden ( they leave it in the garden during the day) that it wears a muzzle. I don't want the to chain it up in the garden as I don't think that is fair on the dog. I know the dog can still chase the chickens but won't be able to bite and therefore I won't have the horrendous injury I faced earlier this week. I have plenty of dense bushes in the garden where the chickens could then hide. I welcome any other suggestions you may all have. I am also worried that if the dog gets into one of the other French neighbours and kills a lamb or chickens that they will insist the dog is put to sleep.
  9. Apologies to my secret Santa, I have just realised that I didn't post pictures of my gifts.
  10. Good luck for tomorrow and a speedy recovery Soapdragon. Thank you for the kind offer but it's all bars of soap including shop bought, I'm just weird as I can't cope with it.
  11. I love anything handmade but draw the line at soap, sorry Soapdragon. It's not just handmade soap bars but any soap bar as I have a huge phobia of it.
  12. Have a look at RED by SFR I get 50gb data for 12€ sin card only.We are thinking of getting rid of our orange livebox as can use mobile data.
  13. Beantree who do you use for internet?
  14. I seem to remember a post from Peter about giving his chickens ice cream. Makes me think that he posts to provoke a reaction.
  15. Beantree, our neighbours dog was rushed to the vet on Wednesday with the same symptoms, turns out she had eaten walnuts that were on the ground, according to the vet it is a very common problem especially at this time of year as the walnuts are degrading and are very toxic. Glad your dog has recovered.

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