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  1. Ursula123

    Maurice the coq wins his case

    French are more concerned about noise at lunch times and Sunday afternoons here. My neighbour is cutting his lawn as I type with a ride on and the French neighbour the other side has just had words with him - I think he cuts the lawn on purpose just to provoke.
  2. Ursula123

    Clotted Cream

    Thanks for asking MH Attempt 1 slow cooker on 'warm' setting - thin crust on top of milk with a little cream. Attempt 2 slow cooker on 'low ' setting - no cream or crust, I think it was too warm My next attempt will be in the oven when the outside temps drop a bit. I am determined to make it but I think it is going to be trial and error.
  3. I am originally from Devon and had no problem sourcing hens. BHWT is based just outside South Molton, there are some breeders in Crediton and many local farms sell POL.
  4. Ursula123

    Clotted Cream

    Thanks Cat tails, I have used that mixture here in the past but it doesn't hit the spot. Took s look at it just now and the fat globules are forming on the top, it's looking hopeful
  5. Ursula123

    Clotted Cream

    Living in France , I can't buy it anywhere and being from Devon it is one of the things I miss. So with this in mind I am having a go at making my own in the slow cooker, I have sourced raw milk and it is set to cook for 12 hours on low. My MIL told me to cook it on low in the oven overnight but the temps here are still in the late 20's so didn't want to add to the warmth in the house. If you have any tips or tricks I would be most grateful but most of all keep your fingers crossed that by this time tomorrow I will be enjoying a scone and cream ( cream first then jam ) I am from Devon after all
  6. Ursula123

    The Weather Thread #9

    It's raining....... YAY temp was mid 40's yesterday a cool 28 with rain today
  7. Ursula123

    Chickens in the heat

    Hot hot hot here, the car was reading 43 at 8pm last night. The chickens are under a big tree and I have sprayed the run with the hose several times but don't tell anyone as we are restricted water and to use grey or rainwater in the garden
  8. Ursula123

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    Well done Lewis as Daphne says fabulous news and will raise a congratulatory glass to you later
  9. You could use an L shaped bracket and then screw a straight bracket on the diagonal
  10. Ursula123

    Yucky roosting bars

    Possibly as I do use anticalcaire in the kettle, I also remember reading a tip about bicarb and vinegar on the Yukky bits and letting it foam and leaving for about half an hour then rinse off.
  11. Ursula123

    Yucky roosting bars

    I soak my roosting bars in a wheelie bin with an anti calcium liquid (anti limescale) and they come up a dream. Not sure if you can buy this in the UK as coming from Devon we had soft water and no limescale problems so I never needed it but readily available here in France.
  12. Ursula123

    France stuff + questions

    If you have a sore throat - chat dans la gorge ( cat in your throat ).
  13. Ursula123

    France stuff + questions

    Having lived here for two years I have not figured out the Bon soir question, you can be in the supermarket and the checkout person will say Bonsoir to the person in front of you so when it's your turn and you say Bonsoir they reply with bonjour. Our French neighbour says its when its dark but who knows. My favourite French saying is ' tomber dans les pommes' nothing to do with apples but means I have fainted.
  14. Ursula123

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    French focus on family and friends during Easter. There has been lots of lamb for sale this last week and smoked salmon, I am cooking a leg of lamb with a garlic, rosemary and lemon zest crust, OH loves lamb but not my favourite meat. There was a large flower/plant market alongside a vide grenier/ brocante in the local town this morning. These will be on in various villages and towns over the next few weeks and are a great source of plants as the garden centres here can be very expensive, we bought 2 copper beech trees this morning roughly 5ft and they were 15 euros each now to decide where to plant them.
  15. Ursula123

    Easter swap 2019

    Thank you so much to my secret Easter bunny, I have a lovely knitted bag filled with chocolate treats. There are also 3 sachets of which I believe are bath salts if Google translate is to be trusted It's great that we all take part in the swaps and there is a huge amount of crafty talent between us all, thank you Luvachicken for doing all the organising and thank you ladies for taking part and making it all possible. Bon Paque as they say in these parts.