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  1. Resurecting a Fruit Cake

    Only one bottle, I soak my fruit in one bottle and then inject another litre into the cake, I do provide a eat and drive disclaimer
  2. Remembrance Day

    Here in France there were services held in most small villages, an invitation is sent out by post from the local Maire. Ours was very poignant as one gentleman's father lost his life along with two brothers and they are named on the war memorial in our village, when I got home I worked out the man must be over 100. on another note about memorials, there is a memorial along side the road about 3 miles from me, on it are four names and the date of 15th August 1944, the four men were resistance and the local priest gave them up to the Germans who chased them for about 6miles and captured them and hanged all four in the woods, needless to say the priest did not see the year out and was shot by locals, but every year on 15th August a service and a parade take place.
  3. Christmas swap 2018

    Thanks for the message, now to think what to make
  4. Christmas swap 2018

    1. Cats 2. Not a fan of yellow 3. Either no preference 4. I grew up by the sea, but love skiing in the mountains 5. No preference 6. Anything 7. Anything, I love all the previous swap gifts. Not sure what to make yet, I will wait and see who I get. I would rather not know who has made my gift as it spoils the secret Santa.
  5. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    The weather was dry for once in Devon! Home now in a much warmer France
  6. Christmas swap 2018

    Great minds think alike, just yesterday I wondered if there would be a swap this Christmas On the list so far: Luvachicken Catails Ursula
  7. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    One sugar please. Not looking forward to the weather, going to have to dig out some warm clothes, it is still vest top and shorts weather here.
  8. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    Valkyrie, I am home from France next week so will give you a wave as I pass on the A361 on my way to Barnstaple
  9. Old Sewing Machine

    Thanks Valkyrie I will take a look
  10. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    Lyme Regis is in Dorset
  11. Old Sewing Machine

    Sadly the wood is too far gone and damaged with woodworm, the guy selling admitted it worked when he got it but he mislaid some items mainly the cylindrical/bullet shaped bobbin. OH has suggested he could replace the wooden top and maybe use it as a table for the television.
  12. Old Sewing Machine

    Cheaper than a ton of treacle here in France, I paid the grand total of 25 euros
  13. Old Sewing Machine

    Thought Valkyrie and Plum may be interested to see my bargain purchase, apparently it is in full working order
  14. Charging for entrance to cathedrals

    I was always taught that Churches, cathedrals etc were a place of sanctuary and therefore anyone and everyone was welcomed, whether rich or poor, black or white and whichever religion. I feel that they should be free with the option to make a donation of you want.
  15. Snake in coop - dead chicken

    Daphne, it is a western whip snake they are quite harmless unless provoked when they will bite but not poisonous, apparently feels a bit like a bee sting.