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  1. According to someone on a chicken keepers page on Facebook, live yoghurt is far better to treat worms than flubenvet. I did point out that chickens are lactose intolerant and it won't kill worms and they will just get a mucky bottom.
  2. These are the figures for the last 24 hours Beantree, they publish everyday
  3. I have 3 Pekin Bantam's and it is a constant round of broody at the moment, as one leaves the sin bin another goes in.
  4. I have 7 hybrids and 3 Bantam's in my cube, there is a 4 meter omlet run attached, they have a large enclosed area if I want to fence them in however they usually free range in 3 acres. They need the outside run/ free range space and if I didn't have that then I would limit my numbers.
  5. Have a look at this guy for sourdough bread, after a couple of disasters I made the perfect loaf. He is entertaining.
  6. Look what arrived in the post today. Thank you to my Easter Swapee for the very kind and thoughtful card, human kindness goes along way.
  7. Sadly Beantree there are a lot of Brits here doing it and many would have come unstuck with Brexit as they have lived here for years under the radar and now want to apply for a residency card and the government are asking why they have never paid tax etc in France. I know the French gov has the ability to look into your social media, the law passed earlier this year. Another thing that gets my goat here are the number of expats with UK cars on UK plates and declared SORN therefore no MOT or insurance. I did read that M. Macron was taking the weekend to gather info from scientific advisers as to the best course of action to take. If totally honest I am enjoying the lockdown as I know many of my friends are, it is giving us all time to reflect on the world and our behaviour in it and toward it. We will come out the other side hopefully with greater respect for our surroundings and others.
  8. Talking to my brother on the phone earlier whilst sat in the garden and a 4ft whip snake just slithered past and it wasn't observing the current rules on distance, boy did it make me jump and apologies if anyone heard me swear
  9. Beantree, do you have a supermarket with 'Drive' facility near by. I used this for the first time this week as I do not want to go into the supermarket. Order online and then go to the Drive, scan your order bar code and the shopping is put in your boot without need for you to get out of the car, boot handle disenfected and then off you go. Leclerc, Intermarche, Super U all do it.
  10. Soap dragon, can you post the recipe for malt loaf please
  11. Daphne have a look at this site, Chris Luck who runs the site is so knowledgeable, he is on a Facebook site for gardeners in France and knows all the wildlife. http://www.planetepassion.eu/
  12. My neighbour has been informed by the powers that be here in France that if his dog gets out again and attacks anything then the dog will be destroyed, apparently it has attacked another neighbours chooks but was seen off by their dog. It didn't help that the person is a member of the village council.
  13. Have a look at western whip snakes or couleuvre on google, feisty things but not poisonous more like a wasp sting if they get you. Tidying the garage whilst on lockdown I found a 4ft -5ft long skin, I know we have 2 resident snakes in the garage
  14. The post offices here are closed but believe they are still delivering and collecting from the post boxes, may just be a bit slower as flights have slowed/cancelled

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