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  1. Beantree, do you have a supermarket with 'Drive' facility near by. I used this for the first time this week as I do not want to go into the supermarket. Order online and then go to the Drive, scan your order bar code and the shopping is put in your boot without need for you to get out of the car, boot handle disenfected and then off you go. Leclerc, Intermarche, Super U all do it.
  2. Soap dragon, can you post the recipe for malt loaf please
  3. Daphne have a look at this site, Chris Luck who runs the site is so knowledgeable, he is on a Facebook site for gardeners in France and knows all the wildlife. http://www.planetepassion.eu/
  4. My neighbour has been informed by the powers that be here in France that if his dog gets out again and attacks anything then the dog will be destroyed, apparently it has attacked another neighbours chooks but was seen off by their dog. It didn't help that the person is a member of the village council.
  5. Have a look at western whip snakes or couleuvre on google, feisty things but not poisonous more like a wasp sting if they get you. Tidying the garage whilst on lockdown I found a 4ft -5ft long skin, I know we have 2 resident snakes in the garage
  6. The post offices here are closed but believe they are still delivering and collecting from the post boxes, may just be a bit slower as flights have slowed/cancelled
  7. We can still use our gardens Patricia, however she is unable to walk the dog.Their garden like ours is over 3 acres so she can walk around the garden with the dog on a lead to exercise it. We are not allowed to mix with other people even the neighbours. The government are taking it very seriously indeed.
  8. Hi Beantree, the borders are closed for 30 days and we are restricted movement for 15 days with the attestation. The fine is €38 rising to €135 as per the interior ministers website. If you do go out remember to take identification. Take care and stay safe
  9. I agree, we are all better to stay safe. I would have had to pull out anyway as we have been told by Monsieur Macron we can only leave home for essential food shopping and to do this apparently we need to download a permit, without the permit there is a fine. Stay safe everyone.
  10. Hopefully you are talking about your husband Luvachicken
  11. Thank you for organising the swap Luvachicken, I have sent you my address. Happy crafting everyone
  12. Do we have anyone else joining the swap? Already started mine😄
  13. I used it on my lumpectomy scar, excellent results.
  14. I find the easiest way to clean a chicken is by using my mop bucket filled with warm water and a handful of Epsom salts, stand the chicken in the bucket and just massage as much of the dirt away and then cutting any feathers I can with scissors. Dry with a towel and then a blow dry with my hairdryer-which they love and sends them into a trance. After have a look at the vent area, not sure much can be done if it's a prolapse as infection may have set in with the dirty bottom. Bonne chance

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