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  1. We had the same as you this morning Beantree and I forgot to put my Geraniums by the old house for shelter from the frost but they look OK. Our next door neighbours are Glaswegian and we have 4 Scottish friends in the village, I take delight when one of them says that it is raining or cold and have to remind them they are Scottish and are used to far worse. We also have 3 dutch friends, one is married to an American and the other couple are second marriages and they decided on a fresh start in a new country.
  2. Also I saw crochet wrist warmers, which are sort of like finger less gloves without the fingers, I suppose fingerless mittens
  3. Easier to google silk glove liners, loads come up
  4. Look at Silks they are thin gloves and incredibly warm, I wear them under my ski gloves whilst skiing. I will see if I can find a link
  5. Hello, I found a mallard duckling in poor condition at the beginning of the first confinement with health problems (I took him to the vet so I have to keep him he needs medication every day and he is in great shape now and has grown a beautiful male mallard the vet only gave him at best a few weeks ) and so I was looking for tame friends as much as he did and opted for the incubator solution. There was a minimum of fertilized eggs on order but the breeder assured me a success rate of 1/3 on average except that I was very lucky and a hatching rate of 100 percent! Worries because I do not make breeding these are my pets. I wanted to keep them but unfortunately I have just learned that I have a very heavy disease and I will not be able to manage the rhythm of the cages and pens to clean thoroughly every day etc. in my perspective if I have an animal I take care of 300% or otherwise I do not take any... Unfortunately despite my young age I triggered my genetic disease at the age of 30 and I have to part with great reluctance from several of my ducklings. I wanted to do it on the website but I was told that they would end up in the plate out of the question I am attached to it and I contacted all the pedagogical farms which joyfully sent me fart or not answered at all impossible to have infos a contact of a site or other serious for a donation against good care. They are 5 small Indian ducks runners a couple male + female wild color (4 months) and a trio they are too young for me to be sure of the sex a all grey a all black and a brown spotted white on the crop (2 months). I keep 4 of them but 9 will be impossible for me now with this unexpected super hard to part from them but I must think of their happiness before all. I keep 4 others of the Indian runners and 3 small mallards it is unfortunately my maximum. Someone could please help me I'm desperate and my health is deteriorating even if I force myself to do everything for them despite the pain my animals are the most important thing. Could someone please refer me to a serious website or contact me with an idea to get them adopted? I'm from 95 limit 60 (Chambly Chantilly) and I'm now handicapped, I can't easily move around and I don't know what to do to ensure them a good life in a good habitat. Thank you in advance to all of you @Lily PALMER Si vous avez Facebook, regardez "poulets éleveurs en France", ils ont une page dédiée à la vente ou au réélevage de volailles
  6. Yes she was approved a couple of weeks ago, she is a lovely lady with 4 girls who are spoilt.
  7. @Luvachicken she said she would like to join, user name us @gahoop
  8. May have a new victim sorry participant she is just waiting on approval to join the forum. She lives near me here in France and has 4 lovely girls. I mentioned the swap to her whilst out walking and she was interested.
  9. You also know if it has come from Catails or me as we are abroad, however for the last couple of years on the Christmas swap I have posted from the UK when visiting. Going to try something out of my comfort zone this year.
  10. Just to throw a spanner in the works, I have a major phobia of soap bars. Yes I know weird but I can't help it, it freaks me out. Sorry😆
  11. Count me in Luvachicken, was only thinking about a swap the other day. 😄
  12. Good news Beantree. I have just changed our home internet over to SOSH we were paying €36.99 to Orange a month but SOSH are €19.90 for the same service. Silly really as they are the same company. Like you waiting for this heat to break, have had enough now and looking forward to Autumn.
  13. Looks like we have another week forecast without rain Beantree and high temperatures. The garden really needs some rain, many of our established trees and shrubs are suffering.
  14. We have these in our garden, they are called 'Rainette verte' here. I usually find them in the watering can.

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