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  1. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    One sugar please. Not looking forward to the weather, going to have to dig out some warm clothes, it is still vest top and shorts weather here.
  2. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    Valkyrie, I am home from France next week so will give you a wave as I pass on the A361 on my way to Barnstaple
  3. Old Sewing Machine

    Thanks Valkyrie I will take a look
  4. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    Lyme Regis is in Dorset
  5. Old Sewing Machine

    Sadly the wood is too far gone and damaged with woodworm, the guy selling admitted it worked when he got it but he mislaid some items mainly the cylindrical/bullet shaped bobbin. OH has suggested he could replace the wooden top and maybe use it as a table for the television.
  6. Old Sewing Machine

    Cheaper than a ton of treacle here in France, I paid the grand total of 25 euros
  7. Old Sewing Machine

    Thought Valkyrie and Plum may be interested to see my bargain purchase, apparently it is in full working order
  8. Charging for entrance to cathedrals

    I was always taught that Churches, cathedrals etc were a place of sanctuary and therefore anyone and everyone was welcomed, whether rich or poor, black or white and whichever religion. I feel that they should be free with the option to make a donation of you want.
  9. Snake in coop - dead chicken

    Daphne, it is a western whip snake they are quite harmless unless provoked when they will bite but not poisonous, apparently feels a bit like a bee sting.
  10. Snake in coop - dead chicken

    Several of these in my garden
  11. Chickens off lay - too warm?

    Late 30's here and getting 7 eggs a day from my 8 girls, they must like the heat. We had a massive thunder storm Saturday evening and the following day all 8 laid
  12. Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    We live in Lot et Garonne, within a few minutes I can be in the Dordogne or Gironde. My nearest big town is Bergerac or a little further in the other direction Bordeaux. I recommend Bordeaux if anyone is looking for a nice city break. I live about an hour away from Cinammon. We have been here just over a year and are enjoying life. I have 8 chickens, who roam around the garden all day which is just over 3 acres, my neighbour has chickens and runner ducks, last count was 21 runners which spend the day between mine and their garden.
  13. Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    Bienvenue en France, you will get used to laid back life, things at times can be a challenge but there is always someone to help. Are you on Facebook? there is a ladies in France group and chicken keepers in France page, may be of some interest. As Soapdragon says we now have a french contingency on the forum, You, Cinnamon, Beantree, Emmalou and Moi. A bientot
  14. Long time, no see / questions!

    Sorry Andyroo, been run off my feet for the last couple of days, when we moved to France we were going to take it easy and seem to be busier than ever. We live in the Southwest of France in Lot et Garonne. I am two fields away from being in the Gironde dept and 10 minutes from home I can cross into the Dordogne. I love living here, my French is passable but nowhere near fluent, everyone is so friendly.
  15. Long time, no see / questions!

    I was only thinking the other day that you had not been around for a while Andyroo. I have a light Sussex and she lays normal sized eggs and always has done. Also I live in France so if I can be any help with your future plans then please shout. Nice to see you back