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  1. Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    Bienvenue en France, you will get used to laid back life, things at times can be a challenge but there is always someone to help. Are you on Facebook? there is a ladies in France group and chicken keepers in France page, may be of some interest. As Soapdragon says we now have a french contingency on the forum, You, Cinnamon, Beantree, Emmalou and Moi. A bientot
  2. Long time, no see / questions!

    Sorry Andyroo, been run off my feet for the last couple of days, when we moved to France we were going to take it easy and seem to be busier than ever. We live in the Southwest of France in Lot et Garonne. I am two fields away from being in the Gironde dept and 10 minutes from home I can cross into the Dordogne. I love living here, my French is passable but nowhere near fluent, everyone is so friendly.
  3. Long time, no see / questions!

    I was only thinking the other day that you had not been around for a while Andyroo. I have a light Sussex and she lays normal sized eggs and always has done. Also I live in France so if I can be any help with your future plans then please shout. Nice to see you back
  4. So how is the season so far?

    Roses are my favourite, but I had to leave so many behind when I left the uk. There are some beautiful established roses in the garden, all have come into bloom this week and I will take some photos if the rain stops. February was a busy month for me pruning the roses, not just mine but customers and friends. On another note where is SJP not seen him post on this topic for a while now, not since the forum changed.
  5. My parcel arrived yesterday ( not a bank holiday here ) but today and Thursday are holidays. I received a lovely cheery flower wreath. Thank you very much to my Swapee.
  6. What have you all been making...part two...

    Is he the chap that writes in SEW magazine?
  7. Anyone started yet may be a better question to ask me, better get my skates on
  8. The joys of being a 60 year old

    We share the same birthday, happy belated birthday x
  9. The Weather Thread #9

    We had Adders where I used to live in Devon, this is a western whip snake, totally harmless and if it does bite it is a bit like a bee sting. We do have vipers here in France but not seen one yet.
  10. The Weather Thread #9

    Warming up here, beautiful sunny day and this little fella was sunning itself..
  11. Injured girlie - fox attack?

    I would imagine one of the other girls has pecked her. Is she bottom of the pecking order? Once cleaned if you can see where the blood is coming from, I would spray or use a cotton bud with purple spray as the others will continue to peck, just be careful around her eyes
  12. Solway coops

    I also live in France, Lot et Garonne where the temperatures were 38 degrees last summer. I have the cube with 9 girls and it stayed cool for them, it is positioned under a tall tree but not lots of shade.
  13. Word Association Game #28