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  1. New and old hens

    On my MIL advice ( farmers wife ) I put new girls straight in with the old ones, they soon sort themselves out and squabble for a morning, but once the pecking order is sorted all calms down.
  2. Would you.....?

    meant two third size, where has the edit button gone
  3. Word Association Game #28

  4. Would you.....?

    Soapy, I still have my silver cross dolls pram one third size.
  5. Easter Swap 2018, anyone up for it ?

    Is everyone happy to post to those of us outside the UK?
  6. Forum Updates February 2018

    Catails surely Duchess would be more appropriate
  7. Easter Swap 2018, anyone up for it ?

    Sorry to hear that your arm is still hurting Luvachicken, fingers crossed it gets sorted out very soon . What a good idea Plum, early May will give Luvachicken time to heal and more time for Catails to blackmail people into joining
  8. The Weather Thread #9

    Wednesday was bitterly cold here and the overnight temperatures were -9 on Monday and Tuesday. Since Thursday it has warmed up and been between 16 a 18 degrees. This was lunch today outside
  9. New Layout & Forum Software

    Thanks Catails
  10. New Layout & Forum Software

    Trying to get the hang of the new layout, what do the +numbers under some people's names mean
  11. I had 3 Pekin's in with 4 hybrids, they all got on well together. Since moving to France I miss the Pekins so I am looking to get 3 more here, they will mix in with my 9 big girls.
  12. New Layout & Forum Software

    Mine is the same as before Catails.
  13. Easter Swap 2018, anyone up for it ?

    Count me in