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  1. she is beautiful. 

    We lost Piper-kit at the beginning of the year, I keep wanting a new cat, but I know I can't replace her. I also know that we really should wait until Abigail is a little older, just incase she gets a bit forceful with her snuggling ability.



  2. 16 minutes ago, Patricia W said:

    It’s interesting that you’re thinking of moving away from chooks for your daughter.   I always regretted not having chickens when my children were small.  So much more interesting and responsive than the Guineas. Rabbits, gerbils, fish etc etc that we had!  

    We are keeping the chooks. We have 8. she finds them fascinating and the first thing she does on a Saturday morning is run down stairs, go outside (usually in pyjamas and wellies) and go and feed them dandelions or the grain if she can get into the feed store.

    It's totally her job to get the eggs (or check for them) and collect them to load onto the egg skelter.

    Thank you for your responses. still food for thought I think.



  3. Morning.

    I'm thinking about getting some guinea pigs for my 4 year old daughter (read that as...I want guinea pigs and I'm using her as an excuse!!) (brown guinea)

    so, I have a classic eglu, can I convert it to a guinea pig house?(pink eglu)

    Would it be better to get a eglu go for guinea pigs instead? !gogreen!

    Can they stay out all year? or would I need an indoor hutch thingy too?

    I assume I need more than one so they don't get lonely, would 3 be better?

    I don't like the idea of a pet for Christmas so it would be an autumn thing.

    Thank you for your anticipated answers :D




  4. oh my word. I don't know what to say. Yay that the doctor thinks its beatable.


    Sending a whole stack of positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, and anything else positive I can fling in your direction.


    Don't do too much. let people run around after you.


    Lots of love



  5. Has anyone ever been on a cruise?


    My parents are going on a cruise around the Med and they are a bit unsure what to wear (and where to get it from)


    Thank you






  6. By going both sugar a largely carb free my OH has lost 3st since November & I have lost 1.5 stone. Well worth it :D

    Keep up the good work :D



    good grief - thats amazing!!!! :clap::clap::clap:


    i'm keeping on it. (definitely now!!)


    week one and 2 you cut down, week 3 you go onto no sugar mode full steam ahead. :shock::D:D




  7. Morning.

    Being a new year / new you sort of thing, I was considering going back to Slimming World as I have put a bit of weight on recently. But I've been looking into quitting sugar.


    There is an 8 week plan where you reduce sugar in your diet then start to cook using non processed foods.


    Has anyone else ever followed it before, its a bit like the Paleo style diet I think.


    I will post some recipes as we come across good ones.


    Todays breakfast is:


    Bacon and egg muffins.

    line a muffin tray with a piece of bacon (back seems to work better than streaky, but use what you like)

    crack an egg into the bacon cup.

    crumble a bit of cheese on the top (feta works best, but we used chedder today)


    15 minutes in the oven at 200deg.


    eat (better when not totally set :D:drool: )


    these are really handy for break time snacks




  8. If Prague puts you off cos of Stag and Hen nights, have you considered Brno? their 2nd (3rd?) city?


    We have been, its very good for historic stuff, with new shopping centres pretty close too. We travelled from Stansted to Brno, then got the bus from the airport to the hotel - took 20 minutes!


    It was cheap too. All the bars are underground, but in the summer they all have tables and chairs outside :D:D


    We loved it.




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